Inspriation For A Kitchen Redo

I want to thank everyone for all their kind words and concerns about my wobbly neck. It's is better now. I just need to be careful. I think being on the computer so much has a lot to do with it. Along with evil Jillian and painting all that trim. I tend so sit oddly at my desk and lean to the left. I catch myself doing it and then I notice the tension in my neck. Not good. 

I will be on a bit of a road trip the next few days. Taking a drive up to Atlanta to return #3 son's friend and visit with son #2. Then we go south to my sister's condo near St. Augustine. We will meet up with son #1 and lots of other family member. Spend some time with my new great nephew and all my other great nieces and nephews. Wish I had more time to hang around Atlanta and shop but I want to get to visit with everyone. Shopping will have to wait for another time. Can you believe I just said that? 

I will leave you with some kitchen inspiration. Well, it's inspiration for me actually but I thought I'd share the lovely photos. I hope to get to work on painting the cabinets soon after I get back. My new half bath seems to be going no where as we haven't found a contractor that has his....stuff together. I find when I'm looking for inspiration for a project that you really must take bits and pieces of photos and form your own style. I like the bead board and lighting of some of these kitchens and glass doors and hardware in others. Aren't those blue check pendants cute? I may not even like the overall style of a kitchen but then there will be that one element that sticks out that I love. Did you notice the brass hardware? Just as everyone got rid of it! 

I will look at pictures in a magazine or online several times looking at different elements. Sometimes I will be focused on the cabinets and then look at them again and be focused on the lighting. This is why I have a hard time getting rid of magazines!

KBISep03_Green Kitchen Island With Sink

Vintage White Kitchen
Photos above: BHG.com

Bright blue backsplash

Kitchen with yellow and white backsplash tiles.
Coastal Living

The Clark's kitchen
Cottage Living


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I will see you all next week. I'm sure my reader will be bursting with posts from you all. I'm not sure what to do when I get back as this is my first trip away since starting my blog. Do I dare hit 'mark all as read'? What if I miss something? Can someone keep notes for me?

inspired room


  1. Anita have a SAFE trip....NO doubt your reader will be CHOCKABLOCK when you get back....Best dealt with with a glass of wine....or TWO....hahahahahaha....!

    LOVELY kitchens for sure....Even if you LOATHED cooking you couldn't help but want to spend time there cookin' up a storm....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. Know what's weird? I have the last two pictures in my Inspiration File! The 5th pictures cabinet color was what I went for in my cafe'!!!
    Methinks you like a white kitchen like I do!
    Have a wonderful and safe trip--ah how I miss St. Augustine sometimes--beautiful city!
    Are you going to the fort or Ripley's?
    Blessings to you and i hope you find a contractor that has his act together!
    P.S. I read the post before this one--and WOW what a difference white trim makes, huh?
    Your rooms look brand new!

  3. I'm dreaming of a white . . . kitchen
    You and me both! Mine is certainly small enough, it should'nt take that long to paint the cabinets. I just have too many other warm weather things I want to get done. Those photos are certainly full of eye candy and great ideas. And you are right, shiny brass? I'm still not ready to go back to that.
    Can't wait to see your before & afters.

  4. I have to redo my kitchen too and these pics are great. I have been going nuts trying to design it.
    I jus found your blog and really enjoy it


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