Facebook, Etsy and Blogs, oh my!

You know you are behind in blog posts when your husband ask when you will post again.

So, while I chat with you all I thought I’d show you some shots I took when we went walking with some friends at Blackwater Creek State Park.


I have been busy trying to get my etsy shop set up and a facebook page for Skyland Drive.
I have the facebook page set up so now I just need to be active on it. I have to get on there and do some liking. Also, I should do some moving around. Those of you who have FB pages for your blogs which I am following, are done so under my personal profile. So, what I may do is like you all again under my FB Skyland Drive page.

tree trunk_edited-1

light in pines_edited-1

Does that make sense? Because I see no other way of doing this. After I go through all of that I will just hide you under my personal profile so your blog updates don’t show up twice in my feed. 
Or will I have to delete you? That sounds so harsh.



And I keep forgetting to link up my items to facebook when I list a new item on etsy. Even though it asks me after I publish it! I see no way of doing it at any other time.


I am learning as I go here. Bear with me.
 I kept trying to share some of my etsy items already published and it will not let me!

no jumping

blackwater river2_edited-1

I had to color my hair yesterday because I gained a bazillion more gray hairs from all of this.
Tomorrow it’s getting cut.

I hope you will stop by and see me on facebook. You can find me here.
Some friendly faces would be great.
There isn’t a lot on there right now but it will get better!


pine trees_edited-1

Oh and one more of this little guy. It was the cutest mushroom I ever saw.
I guess it’s really a toadstool.


I may lose internet for a bit. We are canceling Cox TV so we have to get our own modem for the internet.
And because nothing is easy around here I'm suspecting there will be problems.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Lovely photos. I get a haircut and color next weekend! You will get it all figured out. You are good like that.

  2. Hi Anita...great to see you. What fabulous shots, that mushroom is super cool. Looks like Alice in Wonderland. I just liked your facebook page. I have one too, and still getting to know it as well. It is a great place though to social network and get your business going.

  3. i like you now!
    and i love that little toadstool! you know how i feel about those... :)

  4. Oh Anita, your photos are so beautiful! That little toad stool is the cutest thing. Just wondering how come you didn't set up a FB page for your blog instead of your etsy shop? I've been thinking of making one for my blog, but then wonder what the heck I'll write about. Do you set the FB page up through your personal page? I'm not sure what to do about the that.

  5. Your pictures look like something from National Geographic!!!
    That little toad stool is the cutest thing ever.
    Have fun with all your new adventures Anita.

  6. That's a huge stinkbug. I'll be stopping by your fb page to check it out.

  7. Is that what's causing all my gray hairs? the etsy thing? good to know.
    I get mine covered up on Sat with a fresh new cut too.
    When you get that etsy/FB thing all figured out, can you do a tutorial or something? Because it just makes my head explode.
    Great photos btw. I LOVE the flare one.

  8. Hi Anita, awesome shots! we had a shroom like that in our yard this summer. complete with odd growths.

    oh boy do i need a dye job too. it's scary at this point.

    as far as facebook for etsy shop, woohoo! welcome.

    you should be able to share new items in your shop on your facebook after you post (not as easy as remembering that button though). on your facebook page, you can share a link......copy your etsy item link and paste to facebook page in a comment (you can choose to share it as a link in a comment). Does that make sense?

    let me know how you make out. enjoy your weekend.

  9. First of all your pictures are gorgeous and I couldn't stop looking at that adorable mushroom/toadstool!! I have never seen on like that before, other than tv.

    I liked you on Facebook! Good luck with the new modem, I hate doing that stuff, I am completely dumb when it comes to all that and I hope the problems are next to none for you.

  10. I'm going through some of the same stuff with facebook. Once you figure it all out, I'll just let you tell me what to do :). Love the photos. We used to go to that park when I was growing up! I especially love the photo of the trees with the reflection in the water. Very nice!

  11. Anita, I love all the photos you have posted here!! They are gorgeous! That mushroom is amazing!

    Welcome to Facebook and Etsy. I am on both!

  12. These photos are gorgeous - I love the mushroom and the water with the reflection of the trees. Beautiful! I'm heading over to facebook to "like" you right now!

  13. I didn't know real toadstools could look like that! Good luck with the new modem.

  14. Great photos!
    As a new Etsy seller, I can totally relate to how hectic things can be. :) I've liked you on Facebook and did some commenting so your posts will actually show up in feeds. (learned that one the hard way) Hang in there Girlie, you're doing fine!


  15. I've liked you on facebook but it's under my personal page. You'll figure it out! lol.

  16. That mushroom is the cutest thing..., right out of a fairy tale forest!

  17. I love the toadstool - beautiful capture, Anita. You'll get the hang of Facebook and all that stuff. Before you know it, it will be like second nature.

    Have a good week.


  18. So much to learn out there, right?! It seems that when you get one down pat then another social media shows up that's all the rage! Never ending, I tell ya!

    Off to like you on FB.

  19. There are some gorgeous images here! What a beautiful day for a walk. Thanks for sharing and for the TT visit.

  20. you are totally cracking me up! Love the mushroom/toadstool - what ever it is. Thought about coloring my hair this morning, but thought maybe platinum will be a good look for me? Cannot decide on cutting it or not. Haven't cut it in nearly a year, so now it's just super long sort of blonde hair.

    Have a great week!


  21. PS Marie and I are pretty savvy when it comes to social media, let me know if you need any help. I don't know anything about etsy, but I know about a lot of other stuff!

  22. Oh, I identify with you and all your quandaries about blogging, Facebook pages, etc... I've been going through the same! Anyway, I've hopped on over here from Primitive and Proper and I love your blog...beautiful pictures and beautiful ideas. Thank you.

  23. INDEED....Everything's supposed to be easy 'cause it's at your fingertips but sometimes I think it just makes it seem that much harder....!!!!!

    One things for sure though....Your photography is BRILLIANT....!!!

    Tamarah :o)


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