Why I Love Target

I do, I love Target. I wish it was closer. Living in this tiny town I admit that sometimes I have to run into that blue store when I don’t have time to drive the 20 or so minutes across the bridge to my beloved Target. The blue store in my town is new and small so it’s not horrid as some of the other blue ones are. Yes, some are horrid.

What is it that draws me to Target instead of the other place you ask?
(I’ll tell you anyway)

Exhibit A:
Pajama People

I have never seen pajama people at Target. I’m sure there must be some. But lucky for me I have not seen them.  Don’t get me wrong. I love, LOVE my pj’s. I have been known to lay around all day in my pajamas. I have lots of them. I may even admit to driving my kids to school in pajamas. With my cup of coffee and my huge sunglasses, praying the whole time that I do not get pulled over or that someone doesn’t rear end me. It's a risky game I played but as my kids could tell you, and I'm sure they'd love to, I was always running late.

However, I would never go into a store in my pj’s.

And if you are someone who shops in your pj’s, I’m sorry.
But stop it. 

Exhibit B:
The Noise Leval

photo via dailycaller.com

Target is not loud and obnoxious. It’s calm and soothing. Like a spa, without a massage. 
They should look into that.

I can easily wile away a good couple of hours in Target. Checking the clearance racks, seeing what’s new. Grabbing a Starbucks and sipping as I shop. Not at that other place. Everyone seems so frantic. As soon as I walk in my heart starts racing, I get this twitch in my left eye and I just want out. Maybe it’s so frantic because everyone else wants out too.

By the way, I can so relate to how she feels. My hair looks like that every morning.

One more reason.
Exhibit C:
C  for Clearance!

Those little red clearance stickers still make me giddy.

I found the photo above at this blog called Thrifty and Thriving and she has this page which is all about shopping in Target. Maybe you’ve been there but I thought I’d share in case you haven’t. Not that you need a manual or anything. Click below to read about how Target does their markdowns.

Target has not compensated me in any way to write this. 
Although, they can contact me anytime if feel the need to do so.

Have a great weekend!


  1. i loooove me some target, too! and love their clearances! i always shop the end caps because they are the sale areas!
    oh, and your package arrived and it is all fabulous! thank you sooooo much! and thank you for the lavender heart- i LOVE it! my mail lady drove to the door to bring the package and she asked me if that was what was smelling so good in her mail truck all day. i sniffed it, and confirmed. :)

  2. I am guessing you mean Walmart for the blue store? We don't have that here, but I have seen the 'special' people of Walmart online..funny to believe people like that exist! There is a saying and please don't take offence... 'only in America' which seems to apply to the special Walmart people. Not that there aren't weirdos everywhere, there are...we just like to pretend that they must be all in America, hehe.

    We have Target here in Australia but I am not sure if they are linked or not. Anyway, I like Target :)

    xx Karen

  3. I'm am SOOO With you! LOVE Target & (while we too have a semi clean walmart right next to Target) I'd way go to T before having to jump into WM! You made me LAUGH OUT LOUD with your insights - & they are SOOO true!


  4. awesome picture! hilarious - target in pj's! I agree with the comments above.....i've seen this at walmart, but not at Target. I've seen pajamma pants ppl at CVS. great stuff - happy weekend ox

  5. Anita,
    Mr.CC is going to love your post...he really hates going to Wal-mart. I do LOVE Target, but I don't like their return policy. I spend way to mch money there. Checking out this site.


  6. Anita, your much too funny! I loved the Target Lady during the Holidays and wish they would use her more...
    the Blue One.. I have a super blue one and it's huge with a grocery side and really quite nice for a blue one...lol
    Great post!

  7. Such true words!! :)

    Browsing clearance with Starbucks in hand? Pure bliss!!

  8. I'm with you girlfriend! They should outlaw pajamas in public! I went to Target today. Any excuse will do. Why is it that I get to the register and ALWAYS my total comes to $100 give or take (usually give) 15?

  9. yes, Target is clearly superior to the blue place. :) The picture of that little girl pretty much says it all!

  10. Oh, this was so funny and I so agree with you on everything. That Blue Store is only 5 minutes from our house and I have to drive 20 to get to a Target but I don't care.

    I start to get that twitch in my eye and the nervous pit in my stomach as soon as I pull into the parking lot though. It's always such a madhouse!

  11. Yes, yes, yes! I LOVE Tarjaay, too!
    and TJMax, and Kohls, and Home Goods, and Pier One, and Hobby Lobby, and......

  12. Anita~ It is because of bloggers like you I am glad I am getting back into the swing of things...
    You make me smile!

  13. I haven't been in a Target for over three years, not because I don't love it but the closest one is 4 hours away! I have actually witnessed those PJ clad shoppers - unbelievable ;o)


  14. I agree, I've seen college age girls out and about in PJ's which I find acceptable, but above that age justs seems like you have given up on caring at all ;)

  15. Well crack me up....Now see *I* like going to the big blue store because I feel thin. As a size 18, that's sayin' somethin'.

    But I'd choose Target any ding dang day. Though I go for a frozen coke and popcorn. But never in jammies. Pinky promise.

  16. I love Target too! I just bought a glass bottom lamp there and the manager was so nice, showing me where to go for a shorter line at check out and also returning my buggy for me. Your right that it is quiet there, when I do go to Walmart there is always a kid crying somewhere in the store:)

  17. The blue place makes me cringe too and I do not like going into ours! I agree with everything you have to say except and I hope this doesn't hurt our friendship...but....I am a jammy person! LOL!! I will go in my jammy pants but not all the time. :)


  18. The blue place makes me cringe too and I do not like going into ours! I agree with everything you have to say except and I hope this doesn't hurt our friendship...but....I am a jammy person! LOL!! I will go in my jammy pants but not all the time. :)


  19. This post made me laugh! Thanks for letting us know about the 20 Days of Training Blog.

  20. That PJ picture cracked me up! I have often wanted to take a pic someone dressed like that but didn't have the nerve! On Black Friday I saw TONS of people standing in line and shopping in their PJ's, so not cool. I'm with you, I prefer Target, but WalMart is a lot closer, and occasionally I get something great there. Thanks for the laughs this morning!

  21. Heard about this on the news this morning and thought of you :)




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