A Mom Has Rights

Time for a little bragging.

I can do that.

I’m a mom.

It’s in the rulebook.

Justin Hadley and Rickelle Gurell are two talented Marietta photographers who have recently gotten engaged.

I think I mentioned that my oldest son got engaged. Well, they were both interviewed by a friend for the Marietta Daily Journal Online. It’s a very cute article about the two of them both being photographers and how they make it all work. I’m so proud of them both. They work so hard and they are so very talented. I know their time will come when they will be famous. The little Tom Sawyer in the slide show is Rickelle’s son. He’s a cutie, and loves to model for them. 
Okay, well maybe not love, but he is a trooper!

I also want to thank Cassie from Primitive and Proper.

She was my very first customer at my Esty shop, Skyland Drive!
Cassie bought my rice grain sacks which she plans on making into some pillows. I can’t wait to see them. They recently bought a new house and she is redoing it to fit their style.  If you haven’t seen her amazing furniture transformations you need to stop by and and take a peak.

Oh and I even made one more sale since then. So, yay me!

I know it will take awhile to get going. I will keep plugging along and adding things. I hope the sun will be out tomorrow so I can take some photos.

henderson beach fence sunset_edited-1

I snapped this the other day. I wanted to try out my new lens on some birds. 
But it was so windy they were all hiding.

And thanks for all your input on my new/old birdcage. I think I will be leaving it as is. 
I fear you all would come after me with pitchforks if I didn’t! ;)


  1. that is so cute and so neat that they were featured! what an adorable couple!
    and thanks for the shout out- i am so happy to have been the first happy customer! :)

  2. I'll bet they were really excited to be featured...how fun! That's great that the Etsy shop is working out, Anita. I still keep thinking about starting one of my own. I keep wondering though, are you suppose to set it up as a business in your state? Your sunset photo looks gorgeous. It looks like that lens suits you well :)

  3. No Anita, I won't chase you down with a pitch fork, no matter what you do it turns to gold!
    Congrats to your kids,, yes, we moms brag a lot!
    I just got word my girl in Guam will be moving back to the states in a few months and that makes me smile! Seems all my kids are in moving mode this past few months,, sad thing, their all going in different directions...
    So glad your shop is working. I've been thinking of opening one myself but have been a little backwards about the whole thing.. I may ask you for guidance soon!

  4. a mom does have rights. your kids are totally coool. get down, anita!


  5. Must be nice having a photographer (besides yourself) in the family and now adding a new one! You have a right to brag for sure!

  6. love the fishbowl shot AND your sunshot. lovely!

    yay on sales!!!!

  7. Congrats to them on the feature and yes, you do have rights to brag. :) His photography is gorgeous, I love the self portraits, I see he even got mom involved. :) Beautiful.

  8. I love that beautiful photo and your old birdcage! Enjoy your week! ♥

  9. good luck with the etsy shop, sounds like you are off to a great start!

  10. That was a lovely article with great pictures! You should be proud. Congrats on the Etsy launch sales. I've no doubt you will be a success! And now that I know your son is a photographer, I guess it's safe to say it's all in the family. You are talented yourself. Hugs.

  11. What a great article! I'm impressed with them both. I love that photo of the dancer, but your shot of the beach and the fence is spectacular, too.
    Congratulations! You're adding more estrogen to your family. YAY!

  12. I read that the other days. You have EVERY right to be proud. So brag and post away, my friend! They're amazing. I wish I had just a little of their talent.

  13. That is a fabulous article, they are both so cute and talented! I say go ahead and brag, brag, brag. And totally Yay you!

  14. Hi Anita, I wanted to let you know you are the winner in the Ramsign giveaway! Will you forward your mailing address to me?

  15. Congrats to your son and his fiance. What kind of lens did you get? The photo is really pretty.

  16. Yay you! :-))) What a wonderful post, Anita! And such beautiful photos! Now I'll hop over to read that article! :-) Have a great week!

  17. DEFINITE bragging rights, I'd say!!! And what a lovely idea for an article. I bet they have their photos all over the place!!

    Well done on your first sales!!!


  18. Wonderful job with the post. Thank you so much for sharing!!.....
    Woodstock Photographer


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