Pendant Lights

We had a nice dinner. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, it was pretty good.
Son #3 put the dishes in the dishwasher while I washed out a pot.

Then this happened.


I think it was the potato peels.  What good is a disposal if there are more things that you can’t put in it then what you can? Potato peels seemed like a pretty easy thing to chop up.

So anyway, while I was being the flashlight holder I thought I would take a really crappy shot of my new lights. We put them in awhile ago but I sort of forgot about them.
Well, I didn't forget. I was not wanting to show you my kitchen.

pendant lights

Why yes, those are paint chips still adorning my unpainted cabinets. I got completely off track in this room. I still haven’t painted the walls either and those darn dreary cabinets keep screaming at me….


Back to the lights. They are these easy to install pendants from Lowes.
Zoomed: Portfolio Recessed Can Conversion Pendant Light with Glass Shade
They just screw into the light socket wherever you have a recessed light.
You can find them without shades as well but these accept a higher watt bulb. I can always change out the shades down the road. I like the brush nickel finish and the white shade give a nice clean look. They give me more direct light and it’s such an easy solution if you are in the mood for a quick change.

I guess I will do a little online browsing for some new cabinet hardware.
Maybe that will give me the kick in the pants I need to get moving.

Do you have any projects that are staring you in the face?
Wish you had a magic wand to wave too?


  1. Oh, that's neat! I didn't know they made those. Yep, I have few projects staring me in the face too...my bathroom for one. I've wanted to paint it for about four years now. I don't even have a shower curtain up in there...it looks so ugly.

  2. Oh, lordy, potato peels! I learned the hard way one Thanksgiving day from the EXPENSIVE EMERGENCY PLUMBER I had to call that they are one of the WORST things you can put down the disposal, along with egg shells and tea bags. Apparently, you really aren't supposed to put anything down the drain other than liquids. Which sort of defeats the purpose of the disposal, no?

  3. If you find the wand...you must share. Like the lights, but hate your sink is stopped up.

  4. I personally think garbage disposals are such a hassle since everything seems to plug them up?!?!? Love your lights though....very pretty!

  5. Anita~ THANK YOU!!! I have this gaudy gold and glass hanging thingy in my new place...and have been looking for a cute pendant lamp!
    I love RH..but am in financial lockdown right now! So we shall see!

  6. We don't use our disposal either- doesn't work and clogs up the septic. I like your new lights and yes- have lots of projects waiting to get done too :)

  7. i love that you snapped these while holding the flashlight-= you are officially a blogger. :) and i love them- they are so classic!

  8. Ah, the potato peel problem. Happened to me, once, right before a dinner party. Imagine... guests on their way, everything pulled out from the cupboard under the sink, bucket in place, unscrewing the pvc piping to clear out the gummy mass of potato-ness. It was a mess. If your writing this enlightens one person who will remember and not make this error your potato pain in the drain will have been worth it.

    I use my disposal ALL the time. Potato peels are the only thing that has ever clogged it. One or two are fine, any more than that I grind in batches or put them in the trash.

  9. Only a blogger would stop in the middle of a stopped-up sink crisis to snap a picture. (Something my hubby has become accustomed to) At Lowe's check the cabinet area where the custom cabinets vendors have their displays of cabinet hardware. If you don't mind the longer wait there are some nicer choices that you find in the diy aisle in hardware. Also always walk the back aisle in cabinets. Returned special orders get re-sold at a fraction of it's original price and are usually scatted on that back aisle or ask a cabinet associate. Guess who I used to work for ;)

  10. Just hate it when the sink stops up! UGH!! But the lights are lookin' good!

  11. I peel the potatoes into the sink, then scoop them out and throw them away. One day hubby started shoving them into the disposal, as I argued with him that they weren't supposed to go in there. A few minutes later, he was having to dismantle the pipes to unclog the mess!

    Our four-legged disposals take care of most of the stuff we would have put through it anyway.

  12. We found out potato peels and garbage disposals don't mix one Thanksgiving. So much fun.
    I've lost count of all the projects staring me in the face!!!!! One step at a time...

  13. We found out about potato peels and the disposal one evening when we had company. What a mess! My husband couldn't clear it so we ended up having to call a plumber. He gave me a list of other things that shouldn't go down either and I couldn't believe it. I like your pendants, Anita! Very clean and classic! I need that magic wand! I have a list of projects I keep avoiding.

  14. Love the lights! I would really like to have recessed lighting in my kitchen. Right now I have a big ugly fluorescent light, ick! We had to get rid of our disposal because of the same issue, I got really tired of being under the sink. :)

  15. Oh boy, do I have projects to do. And I also need a kick in the pants to get moving. You have a start with the hanging lights (right nice) and paint chips. I don't envy you painting cabinets, I did that once and once was enough. If you find that magic wand, send it my way, please!

  16. throw the potato peels in the trash...never works! of course you already know that!

    LOVE those lights and that you shared how easy they are to install! I keep wanting new lights and the thought of wires and electricity make me NOT do it!!!! Yours look wonderful!

    And my kitchen cupboards stare me in the face.....every......single.......day! I so want to paint them. I'm scared I'll mess them up!


  17. What a cool solution to the lights. Yep, I've had the same experience with the potato peels, it seems logical that it would work, but alas, it doesn't.
    Any projects waiting to be finished? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH don't even go there.

  18. I've had that exact thing happen with potato peels - it was on New Year's Eve with 20 guest arriving lol!!

    The lights are awesome and I didn't even know they made pendants lights that screwed in like that...very nice :O)


  19. Love the pendants. Can't wait to see the rest of your kitchen minus the potato peel!

  20. That's what always gums up my mom's disposal. Potato peels. They aren't that tough, so I don't get it.
    I have a TON of projects screaming at me from the sidlines. You are SO not alone!

  21. Potato peels does it to my garbage disposal every time. Yuck!

    What neat pendants! I don't think I knew about them.

  22. Fabulous Pendant Lights! Nice work! Thanks for doing this blog. I absolutely love it!


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