Fear Not

Have you noticed the blog changes? I've been obsessed with learning HTML and changing up my blog. I'm learning. Slowly. Google is my friend. Coding is not. I have spent many late hours with thoughts of this going through my head.

Some of those codes are starting to make sense and things are starting to work. I am also trying to learn photoshop so designing my button and header was the first part of my hair pulling experience. Son #3 helped a bit. Layers, transparency,.gif vs .jpg, these are all important things when trying to figure it all out. Always helpful to have a snarky teenage son around to go to for guidance.

Son #1 designed my original page. He took the photo of the seagulls that were in my header and with son #3 they put together the header. He also took the photo of the fabric which is my background. I still like it but might try changing the color a bit. I just wanted to learn how to do it so when I got bored with looking at something I could change it myself.

I am learning not to fear the edit html page like I once did. Just save the template first! Just in case you go off the deep end and hit save when you meant to hit preview. 
woman with beer

There are little things like spacing that can drive a woman to drink. Finding the correct spot to put the code to move things just slightly without wacking out everything else is hard to do. Take the date of my post for instance. I can't get it to move to the left without moving the whole body over with it.
I am amazed at how fast time flies by when you are so engrossed in trying to figure something out. You look at the clock and you scream 1:30?? What happened to 11:30 or 12:30?  Did I just go through some sort of time warp? But I will not quit. I will keep going and see how much more I can learn. But when my butt starts feeling numb that's a good sign to step away from the computer and do something else. Dinner might be a good idea.


I am linking up with Donna for her Gitter Done challenge. It might not be done but I'm gitten there.


  1. A brave woman you are! I really have no clue about half of what you were saying which, to me- makes YOU smarter!!!! =0)

    Good luck in figuring it all out. Heck- I don't even know how to "Grab" a button on someone's page. I console myself with the fact that I have friends my age who barely know how to check their email. Maybe one day I'll be able to tackle it. Maybe when I have a snarky child to hlpe me!

    Be blessed,

  2. Anita, bravo! It is scary changing things on the computer. I am always afraid I'll blow it up-LOL!!! Atleast our children can help us out (sometimes). It always amazes me how effortless it is for them! Good luck!

  3. It looks great so far!!! I love the first picture! That is how I feel sometimes. ;) Good luck!!

  4. See, just another reason I am in awe of you! Now you're figuring out HTML code? Whew! And for the record, Google and Blogger are not MY friends. I find them both to be big assholes when it comes to support. And I'm not talking about this behind their back, I tell them all the time in my blog.

    Your blog looks fabulous!

    Thank you for all your wishes. I am coming back, baby. I have partial vision! Whoo-hoo! And my eye muscle disorder opthamologist, (I have acquired many a specialist in this past week), says my eye is finally, finally following the pencil. It seems I yelled at my neurologist for no reason. His cocktail of meds did the trick. And from what all my docs have surmised, a blood pressure surge caused one of the vessels in my eyes to swell and become inflamed. I am on the mend and so overjoyed to be back in the land of the seeing.

  5. Good for you! It's looking really good. I like your header and your fabric background. I admire you! I can't even figure out starting the blog. Not sure why but my brain isn't processing the whole thing.

  6. it looks fantastic! i need to learn all that too :) keep it up!!!

  7. Good for you! Soo far past my understanding! I'm stickin with the free template until someone is able to hold my hand through the whole learning process. Coding = not my friend. :) Good luck! It's looking great!

  8. Could I borrow said snarky teenage sons? I really fight technology, so I relate.

  9. Wanna know what I did? I asked Donna how to design my blog.


    The girl took the time to help me. In great detail and length. I have the email to prove it. She also did a post about blog design.

    Then some other blogger friends helped out and now I have a pretty nice blog. It's a weeblog. But it's the way I want it for now.

    Until I NEED help changing it AGAIN!

    I'm trying to get a website. You know (dot) com thing soon.

    But I might wait. Cuz the numb bum can be a problem for me, too!!!


  10. BTW, LOVE all your photos...the topper and the ones in the post! Hilarious!!

  11. Love the changes and I envy you for sticking to it and trying to figure it all out. It just intimidates the heck out of me so I haven't even tried to figure any of it out. Pictures in this post are hilarious.

  12. Oh my gosh...I totally know what your are saying. Sometimes it does seem like I'm in a time warp when I'm sitting in front of this computer and a lot of the time I feel like I want to smash it and delete my blog. I know...a little harsh. Love your blog, I'm now following you :)

  13. I'm sitting here chuckling to myself over that first image...how many times have I felt like that? Thrilled to have found your blog this evening - it's wonderful!

  14. You are WAY ahead of me on the html thing. I have blogging about a year and I still haven't had time to learn how to do all of that. Thank God for blog friends that do know how to do it all:)

  15. I love tinkering with html--my next post is another tip. I don't have Photoshop, so I gimp along with Picasa. My son's really good at all this, he's away at school for graphic design, but is not a willing helper when he's around. I'm usually available any time you'd like to brainstorm :).

  16. Anita I LOVE your header....I SO want to change things around on my blog too....I just don't have the time I NEED though to sit & work everything out.... ** sigh ** Just 6 more hours in each & EVERY day would be a BIG help....That's not being GREEDY is it....??

    I admire your perseverence....!!

    Cheers from OZ,
    Tamarah :o)

  17. BRAVE GIRL!!! Nothing is worse than HTML codes... but your header is gorgeous, so you sure are a fast learner!!!

  18. Just wanted to say thx for YOUR comment too! & tell you- YAY- I grabbed your button!!! I didn't know how the heck to switch to HTML, but I went to formatting & saw where I could add a gadget and I did- & now I have your button! I don't know if it's in the right spot but it's there anyway. Thx for your help! =0)

  19. Wow! I am an idiot when it comes to computer stuff! You are doing good sista!
    Like all the changes you've made...everything looks wonderful!

  20. I think I just experienced a year time warp with my nose stuck in this computer. YIKES! Love this post... good luck and good job.

  21. Girl, I hear ya!! I've played around with the HTML codes on my blogs and all I got were headaches! I'm suprised I didn't just delete my entire sites ;-) But keep at it, you'll be a pro here before you know it!

    Oh and sweetie, did you stop by LOCATION CENTRAL yet and input your city info? It's the blog where you can see who else blogs in your area.

  22. Wow Anita! You go! I have learned self hacking here and there but not true coding to where I understand what I'm doing! YOur blog looks great... love this post... made me laugh! Oh... love your fall mantel!


  23. I just changed up my blog too! So much work but you definitely feel the accomplishment! Especially since I had no idea what I was doing. :) Spacing stuff drives me nuts too. All of a sudden my text is all over the place & I can't ever figure it out. Congrats on the new look.

  24. You funny chick!
    I, too, have become quite familiar with html, layering, Photoshop, etc...
    I just added the "share" buttons below my posts and managed to not screw up anything-MIRACLE!!
    Oh, great! Now you are probably gonna be up till 3:30 trying to figure that out!
    Sorry I mentioned it!
    I like the new look- and the change of pictures.
    Thank goodness God had the foresight to give you Sons #1 and #3. He knew you'd need them someday for your blog ;)
    Gotta love Maxine!

  25. I'm thoroughly impressed! It took me months to figure out that most blogs have a "home" button so I don't have to reenter the http at the top if I wanted to read more of the blog's posts! I can't wait to see what new and interesting bloggy things will come to your blog!
    PS: Just read the comment you left at my blog, and "trash stach" is officially part of my vocabulary! I will be introducing it to my 14 year old this afternoon!

  26. Go for it girl! It's looking good so far! I'm always sooo nervous every time I mess with the html codes, but I seem to be figuring out a few things as I go, too. :) LOVE the funny pictures... halarious... LOL!!!
    ~ Jo :)

  27. I think I'm gonna hire someone. You available?

  28. Hi Anita,
    Well, you are way ahead of me! I am clueless when it comes to this stuff! I don't know how many times I've tried to change my header, and it won't work! Maybe the Geek Squad will hire you!!

  29. Way to go! I feel just like your picture sometimes! I have threatened to throw my "puter out of the window numerous times.
    Love your new header and your button. Annette

  30. LOL, I have to have people to do that kind of stuff for me. I've nearly blown up the internet trying things myself. You are AMAZING!!!

  31. Going a little...crazy! Yep...spacing can make or break me! And your comment on your linenpress, hahahaha. Smells are also key for me extreme likes and dislikes. I use a tinted wax on my signs most people hate the smell...like gasoline a bit, love it. Maybe it is the work, how I use it like ow your press was worked? Tx for coming by!

  32. Anita, after you get it all figured out, can you come and teach me all you know. I have had sooooo many long frustrating nights trying to figure out what should be the simplest of things. RRRRrrrrr! Good for you and I like the new look.

  33. You did a great job Anita. I love the photos in your header and I'm totally in love with your new blog button!
    You Go Girl!!!
    and the photos you chose to go with this post? priceless.
    ♥ maureen


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