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I am joining Margo over at Margo's Junkin Journal. She's having an industrial chic party. I would really love to have more. I would love to have a old metal medical cabinet. I am constantly on the look out for one. I just don't come across much of it around here.

My shoe forms (or are they stretchers) that my son got me as a Christmas gift last year. I love that he took the time to go out and find something different for me. The old wooden level is from my father's garage. I recently grabbed when I went to visit my mom.

I have 3 metal trays which I love to use to layer things. The green round one is my favorite but I love the two white ones too. I think they look good mixed in with the silver.

I found this metal cage light at a thrift store. I don't have anything to wire it up with yet so I used it on top of a candle stick for now.

Do you love the look of industrial junk in your home? It blends in quite well with a lot of decor. You should stop by and get some great ideas.

Margo's Junkin Journal

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  1. Love the way you use industrial!!! I have some of the shoe forms in my Etsy shop with a little added bling! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Love your shoe forms! Well, all of your stuff really. I love the look but I can't pull it off in my home. You do it very well tho. My decorating style is modern romper room playskool with a Mattel flair =0)

  3. Great projects, I love what you did with the light cage. Thank you for coming to my party and linking up.

  4. Love those shoe forms Anita!! Really cute! The cage is neat how you have used it with the candle! Great idea. :)

  5. What a sweetie your son is. I really like those shoe forms.

  6. I love silver too!! what fun displays you have!

  7. Love what you did with the light cage! Those berry/beads are awesome too!

  8. I love that wire cage thingy! And how you repurposed it!

  9. Hi Anita, I do love decorating with industrial items and I'll have to check out the party. Your vignettes look wonderful and I especially like the light cage.

    I bought the olive jar at an antique shop in Seaside. If you know Seaside then you also know how expensive everything is. I was shocked to see this marked $25.00. Thanks for visiting and your sweet comment.
    Take care,

  10. You have some wonderful industrial chic pieces. I have always loved the look of the wood shoe forms and I think it is so sweet that your son bought them for you. The wood level is a cool piece too. I hung a couple of those in one of my bedrooms and am using them as shelves.

  11. Morning Anita....!

    I hope you've had a FABULOUS week Lovey....! Your industrial touches are GORGEOUS & I have to say I almost CHOKED on my coffee just now when I scrolled down to your cage light....That is one SERIOUSLY SEXY piece of junkin' eye candy....Love love love love L-O-V-E that....Wanna do 'swaps'....hahahahaha....!!

    Cheers for now from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  12. I just learned what this was - industrial chic. I don't believe to have an industrial bone in my body. at present. however, the tides could be changing and I'm not just saying that because you go coastal or anything...I kinda like it and I have to copy EVERYONE because I don't have a clue 'bout nothin'!!!

    I DO like the metal cage thing. I don't know why YET. And I really love the shoe things....like there's a story on them or something.."whose were they? did they belong to a cobbler? how old are they?" etc...

  13. Hi Anita,
    I love the look, even though I didn't know it was referred to as Industrial Chic! Love your silver pieces, and the fern in the ironstone mug is so sweet! How thoughtful of your son to give you the shoe forms for Christmas! Now, that's thinking outside the (shoe) box! :)

  14. Love that old cage light...I like how you repurposed it. That old level is pretty nice too. We have some neat old tools, I should look for a level...that would be a nice addition to my little collection. Best wishes :)

  15. I love the light cage it caught my eye right away--looks like I am going to have to beat Tamarah to it!! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. I adore your silver filled with fall leaves. Great finds! Can I just say that the post about html made me laugh out loud and the image of the lady at the computer is hysterical.


  17. Hi there
    Oh my gosh, I love the look of industrial junk in a house. Love those little rocks with white swirls too.
    I really adore your blog by the way. I discovered it a few weeks ago

  18. I love these looks that you have put together, especially the silver pieces on the white tray!! So chic! Who says industrial can't be pretty? Smiles, Julie ~ junkinjulie.blogspot.com

  19. You have some nice industrial pieces, Anita! Love the metal light fixture cage!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)

  20. Oooh,,,I'm on the lookout for some shoe lasts. I've seen them as doorstops and also kitchen paper holders, which were pretty cool.

    Thanks so much for the tip about clicking on the orange B in your blogging tips post. I didn't know that.

    I'm SO with you on the word verification thing. I feel as though I waste half my time typing those darn words in.


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