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Humor is something I think we all need more of in life. So, I would like to share a little with you. I follow a blog called Catalog Living. It's written by a very funny lady named Molly Erdman. You may have seen her in the hilarious Sonic commercials. It's a tongue in cheek blog about the lives of Gary and Elaine who live in the pages of your catalogs. Admit it, you get just a teensy bit excited when a new one arrives in your mail box. But as you flip through all of the glossy pages don't you ever pause sometimes and go, Huh? Here are a couple of examples of her witty look into the lives of Gary and Elaine. The video cracked me up because I have been doing the same thing, putting away the starfish (well some) and bringing out the gourds. :) I have a list of a few blogs that I go to for some pee your pants laughing. They are listed over there on my sidebar. A new to me blog that I'm adding is Absolutely Narcissism. Sandra is just so to the point. I love that about her. She tells it like it is, and cracks you up whiling doing so. Just make sure you go potty first.

Gary always resented the bird for being the least useful of the living room wildlife.

Sorry, Gary can’t come to the phone right now. He’s working on another “masterpiece.”

Gary and Elaine have put away the starfish and set out their latest seasonal display. Music by The Film Society; follow them on Facebook or download the album at thefilmsociety.bandcamp.com!


  1. Those are great!!! She is so funny and always brings a smile to my face! Thanks for posting!!

  2. Your blog looks awesome. Wow...you did so good. I am very very impressed.

  3. So funny! I am going to have to check out your humor list! I love a good laugh!! :)

  4. i follow them already, but it's always just as funny the second time around! one of my favorites was at the end of the summer where they were sending all the summer pillows away to sea.

  5. OH my! Anita...I have been roaring....I've never heard of Catalog Living!!

    This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

  6. i love me some funny blogs. just what i need new blogs to try to keep up with. thanks for the links. enjoy the gourd season. :)
    ♥ maureen

  7. Love your new header! Photos are great! I will have to check out this blog. Sounds so funny!!

  8. OMG I am so flattered and honoured that you gave me a shout out! Thank you! I had a really bad day (what with not having enough wives and all!) and now you just completely cheered me!


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