Junk Do-Over

Okay, this was bugging me as soon as I had posted about it. The candles were wonky and I had to do something. I would never light them in fear that they would just fall off. So, change it I did.

First, I cut off those little metal points that never really held a candle well. I never could find the right size either. I used these old cutters that I found in the garage. I was going to use the dremel tool but low and behold it was not in the dremel case. I haven't a clue where it is.

I had these small votive cups and used this glue that worked super fast but still gives you enough time to move it around.
This is what I ended up with. I just popped those votive candles out of their tin cups.  I can put them back in when I light them.

The hook goes to the black lantern that you will see a few pictures down. I gave it a coat of some spray paint so that it blended better. Stuck the hook in the old crusty box and then filled the box with gourds, some twiggy garland and some small indian corn.

Then I redid the sofa table a bit. It needed a less is more approach. I am realizing I need to put stuff away and not try to use it all. This house is smaller then my old house and I have to decorate lightly or it becomes rather cluttered looking. I should just get rid of some of it. The lantern may get a redo too. I'd like to get some clear glass and give it a coat of paint. Has anyone used the hammered silver spray paint? I'd like to get it to look like galvanized metal.

 I'll show you where the candlier ended up next. Which is not hard to guess. 

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  1. I like the votives on it. It really changed it. I still think it is a cool piece no matter what. I keep picturing it hanigng above an outdoor table. Think the candles would melt in Florida? :) I also like that box you have all the fun fall stuff in.

  2. Love the look of the chandelier. It is wonderful. Your table vignette is fabulous too. Pretty decorations. Hugs, Marty

  3. I think it looks great. You put it all together so nicely.

  4. Love the redo. Love the display in that old box.

  5. I love what you did... the votive glass with candles looks great and your table vignette is so nice!


    P.S. LOVE the word "wonky." I am going to remember that one. :)

  6. I like how the stand looks old and rustic and then the glass is brand new. It is a wonderful look.

  7. Love the little cups you put on there- great fix! Putting it above the box is perfect too! Have a great weekend!! :)

  8. Hey! That looks great! It never occurred to me to actually GLUE the votive cups down. duh. Great idea. Have a terrific weekend.


  9. I love what you did with the candles! Great idea. It looks really good in the box with the gourds. I'm really liking your vignette on the sofa table too. That lantern would look good in a galvanized metal finish. I have a lantern exactly like that and you've inspired me to try the hammered metal finish.

    Have a great weekend!


  10. That looks great! I love the way it hangs above the gourds. The glass looks really pretty, very clever!! I really like the little metal wire candle holder too. Your mirror in the background is beautiful!

  11. love the re-do Anita! What a clever girl you are!!

    And handy too! How in the world did you cut those pointy things off of there?!?! You go girl!!


  12. The candle chandelier is just wonderful..., and I love, love how you hung it!!

  13. i tried to leave a comment last night, but blogger ate it. :(
    love that chandelier, really love it, all that rusty goodness. what a cool idea for displaying it too.
    come style my house would you?

  14. It's the little things isn't it Anita? Your arrangement looks just right and I hope that you are liking it better now.

  15. What a beautiful re-do. Your blog is great - would be lovely if you stopped by mine sometime.

    Andrea X

  16. Sorry for the absence. You should go over the http://craftylifeandstyle.blogspot.com - you would make a great guest!! Tell her Tammy sent you. She is my cousin.

  17. I love that piece! Great job re-inventing it with the glass votives. Love the whole box vignette :)

    Tks for your nice comments.

  18. Hi Anita,
    I love your candelier. What a great idea to add the glass votive cups! And I really like your coffee table decor,too. I need to get busy and add some fall decor to my house. I've used hammered spray paint before (Rustoleum), never the silver, but oil rubbed bronze. It works great! I've used it on light fixtures and it's really durable. You don't even have to prime first-bonus!

  19. I love your candle ideas. I am visiting from Amy's candle party (WhisperWood Cottage).

    I signed up to follow you.

    Come by for a visit and I would love to have you follow along both blogs.

    Cheri from ItsSoVeryCheri and TheDIYClub.com

  20. Very pretty! Love that old chandelier.
    Visiting from Whisperwood Cottage.

  21. Love the ideas, Anita! Thanks so much for linking up!! I can't wait to feature you! :)



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