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Okay, so what's up with the weather? I think someone needs to wake up Mother Nature and inform her that it is FALL and not summer. Remember this old commercial? Well what about us? It's not nice to fool with us either. I had a taste of Fall for about a week. A week. I got to wear jeans twice. I'm back in shorts. It's hard to feel Fall-ish when you are in shorts. I hear that it's going to cool off. We will see.

The humidity is unreal for October. My hair now looks like this. I'm going Friday for a hair cut. I hope it helps. My face is oily again too. I don't think the hair cut will help with that.

Although frizzy, I would love to have this much hair.

see you later,


  1. Too funny... I just came back from the shore.. and it has been raining.. I was a hot mess after scouring the beaches today.. and my hair..? I don't think you could even call it that!


  2. It is crazy, but cold weather will be back in the morning here. In the 70's this morning and low 40's tomorrow. Wishy washy weather!

  3. Yes we were a high of 72 yesterday(80 day before that) and supposed to be a high of 57 today, agh! Let's pick one and stick to it! I have oily skin too, and know what you mean, which way are we going??

  4. You are too funny Anita!! When we lived in Minnesota- I hated the humidity (& the winter) I can only imagine how your humidity in Florida must be! Hope your haircut helps! Cooler weather will be here soon! :)

  5. Do you think that's all her hair? It's HUMONGOUS!!

    You make me laugh today. As I sit here in the sunny low 50's of Idaho. hehehe.

  6. Anita you make me smile!!! You can combine the humidity of Florida and the high winds of Michigan right now and we would look gorgeous!!! :) I hope it cools off for you soon!

  7. If you want cold weather, you are welcome to come to Michigan! Today is about 20 degrees colder than yesterday, brrrr! To think I was wearing shorts the other day, too:)

  8. LOL! great post - I DO remember those "don't fool Mother Nature" commercials.

  9. I'll trade with you in a heart beat. And I just bet, when we are all scraping ice off windshields you'll be glad to live where you do. Can I come visit? For all of January???
    We have had a total indian summer, 70s & 80s and I loved it. I do not want to get my sweaters out. :(

  10. I'm with you. I am so ready for cooler weather. It is still very warm here during the day. I really have no idea what to wear most days. Girl, my hair used to look like that. I have major thick hair, always used to keep it long, and loved a big perm in it. I think I thought it was sexy hair. Those days are long gone.

  11. Ha! Yes, I can relate to Rosanna Danna when it comes to humid days and hair, ugh. And finding the right clothes to wear is a huge not much fun either.


  12. Gosh I remember that commercial! too funny :)

    I am at the coast also....warm, but rainy!

    come visit:

    I have a surprise for you:)


  13. I remember those commercials. I guess that means I'm showing my age :-) We had rain for several days last week, not too common in the high desert. We have finally gotten some Fall weather though, and we're enjoying it.
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my blog :-)

  14. OMG Anita that picture of the girl with the frizzy hair is hilarious! And I have to admit that as much as I loved Florida humidity (we were there in August) my hair looked like that the entire time we were there. I actually broke my hair straightener. It cracked in half! A warning to me to stay far away from the state!

  15. I always figure if fall gets here sooner, that means winter gets here sooner, and I don't like winter. So, if summer wants to stick around I'm all for it.

  16. Okay now, I don't want to hear your complaints about the weather...last night it got to 28 degrees here :( It just about makes me want to cry. What's up with that frizzy hair photo...lol.

  17. That was a fun post...

    The hair looks real horrible, at least for me, I can't imagine myself rocking that kind of do.

  18. I know. What is up? It was about 3 days here and then back to broil. Although, this morning there is a hint of coolness in the air. I can only hope it stays. Noon soccer games in Florida can be brutal.

    And like you, what I would give for all that hair. I would wear it like that, just to say, "Hey, look at all the hair I've got, suckas!" My Julia has that much hair. Last year she was a zombie bride for Halloween. I teased her hair straight up on her head and she looked rock star awesome! I can only wish. I'd look like a balding troll if I tried to do that.

  19. That was too funny...
    cute post!

    Deborah :)

  20. lol, you crack me up! I find it hard to understand living in a climate where you want it to cool down and behave like 'fall', but then I can relate to the humidity and bad hair days after my little Rarotonga trip...every day was a bad hair day and now I am home, my hair is good again (yay!)...plus having a shower then feeling like you need another one as soon as you are dressed, I would quickly get sick of that...I guess there are some bonuses to living in a cold climate?!

    xx Karen

  21. lol, just went to someone's blog showing snow, now yours. I love the shutters from previous post. Lezlee


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