Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween everyone! Thought I'd share a few of our Halloween pasts. Lot's of fun making the costumes and going trick or treating. Scaring the bejesus out of people. A lot of the costumes got past around. The little devil, Superman and the Ninja Turtle were all big hits. Wish you could see the turtle shell. My kids still talk about that one. Time goes so fast. Enjoy them while they are little.

#2 and #1
#1 and #2

#2, #3 and #1
(did I not have windex??)

#2 and #3
The scarecrows have a history around our house. Every since #1 was little we would put up a scarecrow in the yard. Same clothes, just restuffed every year. Then when #2 was about 8 he dressed up as a scarecrow for a party. The following year my husband dressed as the scarecrow and he would sit in the place of the fake stuffed scarecrow that had been sitting outside our house for the past week or so. I would sit outside to give out candy and put the bowl in the lap of the scarecrow, my husband. They would assume it was the fake one that had been outside. Then, I would tell them to help themselves. They were so excited to grab what they wanted. Then my husband would jump and say, Don't take too much! Oh the screams! Mostly from the parents. Fun times. We would not do this for the little ones. We are not that cruel.

#2 and #3 again a few years later.
And the torch of the live scarecrow gets past down to the kids. The chainsaw was added, without the chain, when the kids were older. Nothing freaks people out more then the sound of a chainsaw. It was hilarious. Some times we would have both scarecrows out and the live one would tie fishing line to the fake one to make that one move. Then people would really be confused.

Here is me and hubby two years ago. Can you guess what we were dressed as? Let's see if someone can guess. I'll let you know tomorrow.
Have a frightfully fun night!

see you later,

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  1. Very cute photos. You look like a cute devil. I can not guess what your husband was dressed as.

  2. I love this post. I love the kids' costume & the scarecrow story. As far as your costume, the hubs is a pig? You're a little devil. But the yellow circle on the tummy makes me think that there's more to it.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh how fun that was to read and see. I love the smudged t.v. and the "Did I not have Windex?" Happy Halloween my friend.

  4. so you were little Red Riding Hood..
    and Hubs was the Big Bad Wolf?
    happy Halloween to you also!

  5. I lol'd at the smudged tv and 'did I not have windex' line too...you were obviously too busy enjoying your children to clean your tv...good on you! I loved that you said 'enjoy them while they are little', luckily for me, mine still are, and I do remind myself often of how quickly time flies :)
    xx Karen

  6. My guess is pig in a blanket and a deviled egg! Cute!

  7. oh, I loved our girl's costumes when they were little!!!! Pumpkins, fairies, kitties....sigh.
    I thought little red riding hood at first, but you have me stumped!!!

  8. What great pictures! They all look so cute and scary!! I was going to say bacon and eggs but I bet that Erin@likegrandmas is right! :) Very cute!!!!

  9. Anita, this was such a fun read. Your right, time passes so quickly.I'm agreeing with Erin that you were a deviled egg and pig in a blanket??

  10. Creative analysis . I learned a lot from the information ! Does someone know where I can get ahold of a blank CA FL-310 form to edit ?


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