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I was asked a few weeks ago by EasyCanvasPrints.com if I was interested in doing a review for them. Yes please! I was so excited. I have always loved the look of photos on canvas but I had yet to try it myself.

Now to narrow down my choice of which picture to use. I get a bit of anxiety sometimes when it comes to choosing. I knew I wanted something to go in my bedroom. I am trying to introduce some softer elements and so I chose this shot that my son (JustinHadleyPhotography) took while he was in Washington DC last spring. He was there when the cherry blossoms were beginning to bloom. I like that it has some soft pink color and yet it also has some strong sculptural lines from the branches. Let me just say that it is hard to get a good photo of a photo!


 EasyCanvasPrints.com has a super easy to use web site. The photos load easy and fast right to their site. I was having some issues with getting the pink to show up in the preview. Once I converted it from a .tif file to a .jpg file the colors did show up. They do accept .tif files but this one was having issues for some reason.


So you first choose your canvas size and wrap thickness. Your canvas size options go from 8x8 up to 30x40. That’s pretty darn big. The standard wrap is .75” thick and the gallery wrap is 1.5” thick. This is a 16x20 gallery wrap. You then upload the photo and it will tell you if the quality is poor, fair or good for the size of print you want. So you won’t end up with a huge grainy picture.


The border style is next and you can choose from  mirror image, border wrap or a solid color wrap. I liked the border wrap and how it continues around the edge of the canvas.


There are some color finishing and image retouching options you can choose if you’d like. But that is it. The hardest part will be choosing a photo that you want on canvas. Trust me on that.


I was happy with the way the photo came out overall. The one thing that bothered me somewhat was that the branches came out over saturated. The soft pinks, light greens and even bits of blue all came out pretty true to the photo. It is the dark brown of the branches that are a bit too dark.

One other thing, and this did not bother me so much, but the hanger they put on the back is actually on the bottom of the photo. See the photo below? That is how the shot was taken. Looking up into the cherry tree. But with this type of shot you really have no wrong way to hang it. And flipping it around is not a big deal. I like it both ways.


I would use EasyCanvasPrints.com again. The image was nicely printed. Clean and clear. It was stretched on the frame well and it feels solid. It was packed well too and arrived faster then expected.

It’s a great time to try them out for yourself because they are offering 25% off and free shipping right now. This would be such a great idea for wedding pictures, family shots or vacation memories. Or get creative and print out one of your close up shots.

I’d like to find a pretty frame that is larger than the canvas to hang around it. I don’t want the canvas itself framed. I think that it would look good just around it. Can you picture that? Something white and antiqued a bit. So have you printed anything out on canvas yet? There are so many of you with lots of beautiful photos that would look so great printed out!

see ya,



  1. Hi Anita! Your print turned out wonderful. I love the cherry blossoms. I have one of these coming too. I agree it is really hard to choose something to print. I went with a print from Graphic Fairy.

  2. That's very pretty, Anita! I like the border wrap as well. I may have to give it a try.

  3. Heya GORGEOUS....I see you've been SUPER busy which means I have some CATCHING UP to do.... :o) !!!!!

    I LOVE this canvas print....The quality is AMAZING & I ADORE the blossom pic you chose....!!

    ....hahahahaha....I can SO RELATE to the anxiety 'issue'....If it was just a choice between A or B life would be SO MUCH EASIER dontcha think....??!

    I hope you're having a STELLER week my Friend....!

    Cheers for now from Oz (again....**sigh**),
    Tamarah xx

  4. That picture is fabulous. I have some black and whites of my daughter I'd like to have done. I should check them out, but I'll be thinking they don't ship overseas. Must go find out.......


  5. That looks great, Anita! I think a frame hung around it would be really pretty.
    I didn't realize it was upside down until you showed us, but it makes sense that the photo would have been shot that way. It does look good either way.

  6. Anita,
    Yours is very pretty...love the look of it!!!


  7. Beautiful choice for a canvas print. I keep thinking of doing one but can't decide on the picture.

  8. It looks super fabulous..., really, just gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  9. I think it looks super! Love the pretty pink colors in the blooms. Sounds like a good site to check out.

  10. That is really neat Anita. I love cherry blossoms and now mine are all gone already, they don't bloom long enough.

  11. What a great picture! It's perfect for spring. I love pictures printed on canvas. I've never done one of my own though.

  12. Wow, your cherry blossom picture looks gorgeous on that canvas! This is a great idea and solves the problem of finding the perfect frame :)

    Thank you for your kind comment about my chandelier :)


  13. That photo is gorgeous! It looks absolutely amazing on the canvas - the canvas looks like a very nice quality.

  14. Your son is so talented...the new artwork is magnificent. I will check them out. We have some shots of the mountains that would be good in our ski condo. Great post.

  15. Anita,
    This is great. I need to replace a wreath that my husband just does NOT like on a wall. He has tried to, really. But it would be cool to put something like this up.
    p.s. Your dishtowels are to die for!!


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