Happy Easter!

First, I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful comments about my old peeling mirror. I was blown away by how much you all liked it. I was unsure about it in the beginning but you guys really made me feel great. I have the best followers ever!

I tried to get just a few Easter things out because I wanted to join Tricia @ A Rosy Note for her Photo Feature Friday. Then I had to go get candy because well, I can’t take a picture of a candy dish with no candy. I didn’t have great light in the house by the time I got back so I just got a couple of shots off. And now I’m late for the party. What else is new huh?

candy-dish levels adjustment, –20 saturation, Sweettart texture (Kim Klassen) soft light, 63%

Then I had to run outside to get some shots of my amaryllis that recently bloomed. Not an Easter lily but darn close. Let’s just pretend.

amarylis2straight out of camera, just slight sharpen

amarylis yellow saturation –20, ran high pass filter
high pass is something new to me, I’m still learning.

amarylis3cropped, levels and brightened

This one I wasn’t too sure about when I first saw it.
But I think it came out pretty good.
Hover your mouse over the picture to see the before.
cropped, brightness +74 contrast +8, high I know but then I masked out the whole picture with black so that it was like it was not there. Next I took a soft white brush and brought back the brightness on just the flowers and stem.  Lowered the opacity to 50% and then softened the edges.
Then I increased the saturation +15.
Can you see the difference? I couldn’t really see the flowers all that well in the before.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday.
candy-dish2 levels adjustment, Sweets texture (The Coffeeshop Blog),
#3 Texture (SKC Photography)

see ya,


  1. Beautiful photos, Anita! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Happy Easter to you too. You sure are becoming a photoshop pro. Pretty pics.

  3. Easter eggs and flowers...
    they really do make me feel good even just by looking at them. Your pics are amazing.

    So glad to have found your blog...
    I'm your newest follower ♥

  4. Have a wonderful Easter!!!! I think I need to get a white chocolate bunny for myself!!

  5. I love what have you done the apple tree picture (or what ever tree is that).
    How you do that before and after effect in same picture just mouse over the picture to see the before?!?!
    Have a GREAT weekend and thank's for sharing:)

  6. Happy Easter to you too! These photos are so pretty and just what I needed today. I looked out my window this morning to discover snow on the ground!

  7. Happy Easter Anita to you too! Love your photos.

  8. Great photos Anita! I love how you told us about all of your adjustments too. That last flower picture is quite the transformation, the flower is so much brighter. I'm going to have to look into the whole mouse over thing and the high pass filter...I've seen other people mention that, but I'm clueless.

    Thanks for sharing your post at my party! I hope you have a wonderful Easter :)


  9. Beautiful picture...thanks for the photo tips. I just got Element 9 but I still have to learn how to use it. You did a wonderful job. Have a great day!

  10. Love the color saturations you are doing, Anita. Spring has sprung!
    Happy Easter!!

  11. They are gorgeous pictures. You have such a good eye. I'm glad you like your mirror frame better now. I just love that one. I think that's my favorite refurbish of yours that I've seen thus far. Happy Easter.

  12. OH I love that little dish. So pretty. Beautiful shots.

  13. Happy Easter! Beautiful photos! LOVE seeing the flowers!!!

  14. Wow you are a photo pro, beautiful pics! I need to learn how you do all that!

  15. Lovely photos and I appreciate your 'recipe' for each one. It will be a month before we see flowers as pretty as yours.

    Have a blessed Easter!

  16. Oh, my! I have a bunny bowl like that. Not exactly but very close. When Mama died in 2009 it was one of the few things I brought with me. Easter blessings.

  17. Such beautiful photographs!!

    Have a blessed Easter!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  18. Girl, pretty soon you're going to have start Photoshop edit tutorials! I love the last shot best. I couldn't figure out why you didn't like it then I read all you did to adjust it. I'm on the iPhone do I can't see the before but it sounds like you did a lot of work to get it to look as beautiful as it does. Good job!!

    Happe Easter to you and yours!

  19. Happy Easter to you and your family. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  20. Great job on the photos!
    Happy Easter, Anita!!!

  21. Happy Easter!

    Great touch-up on your photos. loved seeing the before and after on the white.

    P.S. I'm going to send you a pic of my bamboo chairs next week, I love them so!

  22. Your photos are beautiful! Happy Easter, Anita.

  23. The last photo turned out fantastic!! Happy Easter you & yours, Anita :O)

  24. These are gorgeous Anita!! I love how the last photo turned out.
    I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter!!

  25. Lovely pictures...hope you had a wonderful Easter.


  26. Beautiful photos, Anita! I will know who to turn to when I get a new camera! I bet the bunny dish is missing a little candy after today! Hope you had a nice Easter!

  27. Oh how I love that little candy dish, totally adorable. And great job on the photos. Look at you going all 'high pass filter' on me. Really, great job with them.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  28. Wonderful post for Easter weekend! The candy is yumm, and the flower is beautiful.

  29. It's really fun to see what you do with your photos! I love the white blossoms.

    Sure, an amaryllis is close enough to an Easter lily. I'll pretend with you.

  30. Beautiful amaryllis. And I like your white blossom too:)

  31. Wonderful pictures. It is fun to learn isn't it. My pictures are getting better SOOT, but I still have a lot to learn about the post processing. You seem to be getting the hang of it!

  32. Oh Anita... I so want a new camera, like yours!
    your photos are sharp! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Potting Table.. all you need is some scrap wood and a hammer..lol (you may not have noticed but mine is crooked...lol)
    Thanks again


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