Or more commonly known as the coneflower. At least I think that is what it is. The tag is in the garage and I don’t go in the garage at night because that is when the monstrous palmetto bugs come out. So lets just go with coneflowers okay. I love the bright red and yellows. Apparently so do the bees. Well, I think they are actually wasps. The little buggers did sting me a bunch the other day. I never felt the sting. I thought it was just mosquito bites when they started to itch. Until the next day when it got really red and hot. 
I ended up with a big ole welt on my thigh.

Can this post be any buggier?

One wasp….

one bee_crystal clear

Two- 2 Wasps…ah ha ha ha

two-bees-textured_edited-1 For Texture Tuesday. I used Yesteryear, overlay 38%; Yesteryear, soft light 41%; Photo filter in violet 19% density. I also tried something I learned from Kim Klassen recently. I added a blank layer, brushed with black over part of the large flower and set it on soft light at 48%. It deepened the color.

Three! 3 Wasp….ah ha ha ha…


okay, I’ll stop
I have no more wasps.

I really find the seed heads of flowers so beautiful in their own special way.
So I had to include one. 

For this one I did a levels adjustment, Magenta Filter 28% density, Pour Vous, multiply 53%;
Pour Vous, screen 43%;  Yesteryear, soft light 82%

Lots of different looks from the same bunch of flowers.

And I have veggies ready to be picked too. I think tomorrow might be the day. Waiting for that first tomato to be as red as the flowers.

What’s growing in your garden?

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  1. love your photos and the last quote! thanks for stopping by my blog!
    cheryl x

  2. Your photos look great Anita! I love that last one. Aren't you getting handy with the textures :) I'm pretty boring I usually just put everything on soft light. I started a post too...suppose I should go finish that :)


  3. Gorgeous image with text! (All are nice, of course)

  4. Are you channeling the Count? ah ha ha ah
    Woman, these are gorgeous, great composition on them (not easy to do with nasty wasps.
    And your texture work is really great. I agree, I really like that sead head, and the processing is perfect for it.
    And you can just shut up about your garden. You realize there are people who still don't have a garden in yet?

  5. Wow! Love this post! The pictures are fantastic and adding a wasp at a time, so cute! Lovely!

  6. These photos are outstanding! Brilliant colors. The last image is so special with its simplicity of design and color.

  7. They are all lovely, but I really like the last one with the text Great work with it.
    Those wasps must have been a challenge!

  8. you did these lovely flowers justice, wonderful photos.

  9. those bees are great on the color flowers. good job on the texturing too.

  10. Wonderful colours and details, love the seed head and the great texture work.

  11. A wonderful visit to your blog!

  12. love love love the flowers and the seed head fantastic great texture work with it

  13. I thought that last shot was a postcard! Awesome!

    As far as my garden, my neighbors actually "yard crashed" it when we left over the weekend. We came home to a totally redone front yard!

  14. Anita, great shots, but I think they are honey bees and not wasps. Wasps eat other bugs that they hide in their nests not nectar. Wasps bodies are longer, too.

  15. Lovely flowers, awesome pictures! The TT one is very nice!

  16. Beautiful photos Anita and I am so sorry that you got stung, ouch! I love the photo with the seed head, very pretty.
    My garden is trying really hard to grow the flowers that I planted along with the weeds that are starting to take over. :) I need to get back out there if only it would stop raining! Ugh!

  17. Gorgeous shots despite the fact that I HATE BEES. But being an avid flower gardener and outdoorsy type, I've had to accept them for who they are! ha! I really like your quote on the last photo too. Happy Texture Tuesday! Xo

  18. Love the photos, especially the one with the seedhead, wow. And ouch on the bees stings. I've gotten stung a few times and I'm surprised you didn't realize what it was! Those things are brutal. Hope the swelling has gone down.

  19. Anita..
    Simply awesome !!
    I too love these gorgeous flowers..
    warmest sandy hugs!!

  20. Beautiful. Love the last one.

  21. oh my... just so lovely anita!

    thank you for linking up to Texture Tuesday...xxo, kim

  22. stunning...each and every one of them!

  23. I love all your photos - wonderful colours, details and also texture processing! Poor you - I hate wasp stings are really bad!

  24. Love all the pictures! My favorite has to be the last one--it is a beaut!

  25. Great job with the textures, your photos look fabulous.

    As for the wasps, I think they may be bees. I only say that because last year I was trimming in the backyard and reached into a bush where there was a wasp nest. The stings felt like tiny, not knives going into my flesh! Oh, it was awful. But then again, maybe just a different kind than got me.

    Enjoy those tomatoes, my absolutely favorite veggie from the garden!

  26. Lovely editing! Your beautiful images make me want to go out and start snapping...except that it is raining buckets! Guess there is always tommorow! Great job! =)

  27. Well, Count Dracula, I have dandelions growing in my garden. That's it. The weather hasn't been good enough for anything else to grow.

    I love that last picture of the seed head. It reminds me of an allium. The picture of the wasps~the three of them? Awesome!

  28. You are quite the photographer Anita. Those images look professional to me.

    Palmetto bugs come out here in the summer too - yuck.

  29. You have tomatoes almost ready to pick?!! I'm so jealous! We are months behind you here in Denver!

  30. Your photos are incredible.
    The biggest hindrance in my gardening comes from my fear of those scary bees/wasps. I realize we need them to pollinate, but do they have to come with stingers?
    I've never heard of Palmetto bugs though.

  31. Lovely! Your last photo would make a great print!

  32. Really beautiful processing, bugs and all!

  33. So many nice photos. The coneflowers with the bees are so brilliant.

  34. That is indeed a glorious red.
    I like the way you brought some of it forward again with an extra layer.
    Was that a mask or just a normal layer?

  35. So beautiful!! Love them all! :)

  36. You are so talented! I love your pictures. The color is so vibrant, the picture just a work of art.

    My baby just got stung by wasps the other day. 6 stings. I'm putting the wasps in with the gators as creatures of the earth I could do without.

    I've got nothing but basil in my garden, because, well, I'm pretty much a loser when it comes to growing things. I'll just admire yours.

  37. so....i'm thinking stick to squirrels????
    as for the photos, they are DIVNE. Nice work, my friend!

  38. Lovely Coneflower! I agree - these look like bees!
    Sorry you were stung - I try to talk to my bees :) They're my friend and I want to be theirs - ;)
    Hope you're healing well,

  39. Fabulous shots, Anita! I seriously need to learn how to edit my shots...these are fabulous and inspire me greatly.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!!


  40. i myself am a lover of the seedheads of flowers and what you did with that shot was awesome~!!~
    very nice work.


  41. your texture work is beautiful!

  42. Hi Anita! I just wanted to pop over and thank you for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday. Hope you're having a good weekend :)



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