Old Wooden Tool Caddy

Exams are done for #3 son. Yay for sleeping in tomorrow. I have been so sleepy all day. Not sure what it is. Just don’t have any energy.

I want to show you my recent find at an estate sale. It was a good drive away so I couldn’t leave empty handed. All the pieces I went to see had that ugly SOLD sticker on it. Ugh. But out in the yard I found this old tool caddy.

I have been wanting one for awhile. It was longer then I had envisioned. Almost 3 feet long. And it was pretty dirty as you can see.


I couldn’t decide what to do with it. My first thought was to keep it outside and fill it with geraniums.  But I thought I’d clean it up a bit first and see what it looked like. The veneer peeled off the ends like paper. So they are looking a little newer then the rest of it.


I washed it well and then I took the sander to it. Mostly inside because it had a heavy coating of black gunk. You can see it in that first shot.


Then I waxed it well with some clear wax. If I keep it in the house I may try some brown wax on the ends. They’re bugging me.


It was originally painted white as you can tell from the inside and bits of the outside. I wish more white would have remained on the outside. I thought of dry brushing more on but thought I’d try the wax first.


I’m not sure why it has the hole at each end right under the handle. I love the rusty metal strip that goes all around the ends and the warm patina of the wood.


I’m not loving it on the table. Sort of too big. I just filled it with a few things for the pics. Now if I had a nice long farm table, would that look great? If I can’t find a spot for it then I think it would look just as cute outside. I couldn’t buy a pot for 5 dollars so it was a steal. It would make a cute window box wouldn't it? Maybe I'll put up some brackets on the fence and put it up there. Any other ideas?

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  1. Oh, I love it, Anita! I would be perfect for a picnic...or on a buffet...or outside! Wonderful find...

  2. ooooh, good find. It cleaned up well. I love those. I had a white one, it was my son's tool box that his Dad made for him when he was little. I finally gave it to him. I think it would look nice with flowers in it, or linens or in your craft room like this http://pinterest.com/pin/13712601/
    just go to pinterest and search tool caddy.

  3. I love that Anita. It's such great find. I think I would keep it in the house and maybe try waxing the ends too :)

  4. That is a GREAT find, Anita. I like the brackets and the fence idea. I don't think I would have thought of putting the things in it now. Google to get idea on some uses and do a post on it. I bet I'm not the only one that could use the inspirations.

    BTW, I feel you with the tired thing. I've been feeling extra tired lately.

  5. Love the tool tote. What a great find. And it looks wonderful filled with all your goodies.

  6. Anita,
    I'm soooo jealous...I have been looking for one of these for months now...maybe soon one will come along. Love how you are using yours...looks GREAT!!!! So NIFTY THRIFTY:)


  7. It looks great on the table with the milk glass and vintage aqua colored jars! It would look good outside too... the window box idea a a great one!


  8. That's a great toolbox! The holes might be for a rope strap. I've seen them with handles and straps before.

    It would make a good windowbox. Outside or inside.

  9. Yes, please, thank you!! I'll take two LOL!!

    Great find, Anita - It would look fabulous anywhere, however it sure would make an adorable windowbox or planter.

  10. Oh, my! The wax did your box proud! Nice find.
    And sleepy? Just today? Sounds like my every day!

  11. Fabulous.. I agree with another comment about the holes.. probably for a strap of some sort so it could be carried over the shoulder.

  12. I really enjoy how you decorate and the presentation of your home. Thanks for visiting, and I can't wait to see what you do next.

  13. Love it...I would be hard pressed to decide what to do with it too, so many wonderful possibilities. My first thought about the holes was the original handle was probably round and went in the holes, but the strap idea makes sense too.

    I do like your idea of a window box (would be perfect under my kitchen window lol) or the fence with brackets...I am becoming a follower so I will not miss out seeing what you finally decide.

    Blessings Kelsie

  14. What a great find Anita! I love tool caddys and I think it would look beautiful with some flowers in it as a window box. Anything you do with it will be great there are so many possibilities. :) Have fun!

  15. i love the caddy so its so charming, i would be tempted to run it along the back of the kitchen utensils to store pots of utensils, oils, spices and other things that are nice to have to hand

  16. Hi Anita! The tool caddy is fabulous and can be used for so many things. I see it used for a party and filled with dishes and the cute mason jars you have with flatware.

  17. Great find, Anita! I have 3 toolboxes...slight fetish :) Love the metal brackets on the ends. I like the waxed natural look. I have one that"s painted and the other two I kept the natural look. Never thought to wax them. Great idea! I like Sherry's idea of using it with mason jars. You could fill them with cut flowers or silver ware. I think it looks good on your table. I'd love to have a farm table, too. Funny how a $5 find turns into something more :) xo

  18. AWESOME find Anita. I would not mind finding something like that myself. You put a great little centerpiece together with it. Have a great day!~ Thanks for the tips on Cilantro I will try again:)

  19. Hi Anita, This is Pal from MA from BBP-land! I love your craftiness. I adore that tool caddy.

    I'm over here to look at your hydrangea pictures. I have load of hydrangeas in my garden, too, and I just adore them. Our lilacs are in full bloom right now, and they are also divine!!

    Keep up the good work! Love this kind of stuff!

  20. Anita, thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love my garden and especially those lilacs. They smell heavenly and the entire yard is just so fragrant and delicious at this time of year!

    I'll take more photos soon. Luckily, I'm really busy with clients' gardens right now! : )

  21. Hi Anita-
    What a great find. You did a great job cleaning it up. I think the holes could have been used for carrying long pipes, long tools and such. I like it on your table- keeps everything nice and organized in a stylish way. the fun part of the toolbox is that it is portable so it could be used for lots of different things when you need it. Perhaps this weekend you will stumble upon a great deal on a farm table.
    My best- Diane

  22. Love it! I think definitely plant it with springy flowers (I have flowers on the brain today because the sun is out and 70's today whoot!) The metal detail is the best part! It looks very pretty how you staged it with the jars. It would also look great up on a shelf. Great find I want one.

  23. Oh I agree I love it! It is a really great find and would look good in so many different places.

  24. That was a great find. I like that metal strip around the ends also.

  25. I use mine to display hardcover books in...sideways...and scatter a couple starfish on top of the books. It looks nice in my living room...angled on the floor next to a table.

  26. I love it! I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those.

  27. I'm already looking area to fall and see it filled with pumpkins and gourds. (Now I want you to have that big farm table, it would look perfect as a centerpiece for a Thanksgiving celebration.)

  28. What a lucky find, Anita! You always discover the best things at estate sales. I really like your idea of dry brushing a bit of white on it. I see it filled with pots of red or pink geraniums. Or, inside heaped with sea shells! So many possibilities:)

  29. Hi Anita,
    Thanks for stopping by at my focus52....I love your DIY projects and this old tool
    caddy is a good one..I like how it looks and what you have in it at the moment..have a greatt weekend..we are at totally opposite part of the NA..you in Florida and me up here in BC. sweet!

  30. Filled with flowers outside will be perfect!

  31. This is such a find! It's always the worst luck to have something great and no great ideas for it. I hope you think of something amazing!

    Thanks for sharing

  32. Hi Anita,
    You found a great tool caddy! It cleaned up nice and I like it with the coat of clear was. The metal edging is such a cool detail. I was reading the other comments and agree with their ideas. I have one on my fireplace mantel (it's a deep mantel) that I have turned sideways and I have old terra cotta pots spilling out of it. No plants....just the pots.
    Mine has a big dowel rod (or broom handle) as a handle so that may have been what the holes were for.
    Have fun using it.

  33. Hi Anita~

    Your tool caddy is beautiful! I just love how filled it with the aqua jars with silverware inside, too! Ooh, I would definitely keep her inside! It is a lovely piece. :)
    I think the idea to use it like you did for utensil was inspired! Now you have me dreaming of vintage tool caddies filled with antique silverware in cute jars! :)

    I hope you had a good weekend and that you have a wonderful Monday as well!


  34. Hi Anita,

    I just love your new tool caddy! It sure is a wonderful find and will be useful for so many treasures.

  35. I like the window box idea, but I also think it looks good on the table.

  36. I adore your tool caddy. Would love to find one!

  37. Love it and what a great find! Would love for you to link up to my party @ The Ivy Cottage Blog.

  38. I think this is a great piece you will be able to use in a lot of ways. Nice buy!

  39. that's an awesome find! so sorry there were so many of the dreaded "sold" stickers. :(
    I didn't read the other comments, so this may have already been said. I wonder if the holes were for an original handle? A dowel? maybe it broke and someone added the other piece on top?
    Just a guess.

    have a great evening!

  40. Glad I found your wonderful blog this afternoon...I'm following. Love this caddy!



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