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Some of you might have already seen this post. It was my guest blogger post over at Gail's blog My Repurposed Life. I thought I'd post it here for those that might have missed it.

I have been wanting to put together a sewing area in my guest room so I can just keep my machine out and be encouraged to do more projects. I really want an old vintage table but until I find it I thought I’d put something together on the cheap. I found some plans over at Ana-White.com for a sawhorse desk and thought it might be something I could do. I’ve used a power tool before. How hard could it be? All I needed was 4 2x2’s and 2 2x6’s.


Here’s what I started with. I haven’t mastered taking pictures while cutting wood. The wood was cut according to the plans from Ana. She has a nice little list and easy to follow plans. I had some old flat panel doors in the garage since we are replacing them in the house. I thought it would make a good top. I used wood filler to fill where the hinge was. Turns out I really didn’t need to. Oh well.


I made sure I predrilled all of the holes to keep from splitting the wood. I marked where the legs would be so I could get the screw in the center.


In no time I had this! Not to shabby. Actually it was pretty shabby. Here is a tip: Sand it all down really well PRIOR to putting it all together. The 2x2’s are really kind of rough. So either upgrade to better wood or sand the crapola out of it. Sadly I learned this lesson after I already had primed and painted it. It bugged me so much that I filled some more, resanded and repainted.


The door had to be cut down so it would fit on the only wall available at the moment. I added trim to hide the cut edge. I blobbed on some caulk on the cardboard inserts since I only had wood on the two ends to nail into. The rest was all nailed on. It has a nice rounded edge to it. I did need to fill a bit with caulk since the cut was not all that straight. Remember, caulk and wood filler are your friends.  :)

sawhorse6a   sawhorse5

I hemmed and hawed about what to do with the top. I painted it all white and then I decided to add some words to the top using some really cute scrap book paper. I printed out the words on the computer and then just taped them to the cute paper and cut them out. No machine to do it for me. Just me and my scissors.


I used some spray adhesive to glue the letters on and used an angle to get them on straight. The adhesive gave me time to move them a bit. Then I applied some water based polyurethane. Water base is best for applying on light colors. It won't yellow over time. Use several light coats. The first brush stroke went on rather heavy and my word started to ripple but I just smoothed it down it was okay.



I left the door knob hole there. I figured I could run the cord for my sewing machine through it. Then if company comes I can just place something pretty over it.

Diptych 2_edited-1

I still have work to do in this room. Painting and finding a daybed.  I need to find my extra long needle so I can tuft the center of that poufy cushion. I love that I have this extra space to work at and I don’t have to worry about the mess.


So there you have it. It’s a pretty easy project. There are a few angle cuts but nothing too confusing.

I hope you all will come visit and see this room when it’s all finished. Thanks again Gail for this opportunity. It’s been lots of fun!

see ya,


  1. Hi, yes I did see this guest blog, but I still love it! Great job on making this, I'm so impressed. You will get to use your machine alot more now that it has a permanent home. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished room.

    Suzy xxx

  2. Love this, It really turned out great. It must be great to have a designated place to sew.

  3. That is fantastic Anita. Love the inspiration words too. Have a great day!

  4. Still love it!

    Happy Mother's Day to my fellow mom of 3 boys :)

  5. I love this..you did a great job!! You are so talented...awesome!!

  6. My goodness, you have been busy!! I Love the table, especially with the doorknob hole. Great idea for electrical cords. I can't believe you can make this and not take pictures of you sawing wood at the same time. ha ha ha!!!
    digging the sea-shell shadow box-I neeeeeed one!!!

  7. Wowza!! I am impressed! Martha Stewart has nuthin' on you!

  8. You did great! Wonderful job! Sew away....


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