A Mix of Metals

I have always had a thing for metals. Old or new. I will take it. This is just a portion of all the metal things in my house. This little galvanized box is my recent find. It fit so nicely on my laundry room window sill. The lavender looks cute in there but they will have to go outside for more sun. I will find something else to fill it.


Out in the garden I actually have two of these galvanized tubs. I got them at Lowes I think. They used to be stacked, one upside down, as a coffee table with a glass top. Now they are filled with pretty flowers. Maybe a dead one here or there too.

The farm buckets I found on Craigslist. I remember chatting with Yanet online and she screamed at me to get them. In a nice way of course. So now I have four because she scared the bejesus out of me.


The old metal 2 sign I won from the wonderful Tamarah who finds the greatest stuff but lives light years away in Australia. That girl never fails to crack me up. She’s is having a huge sale soon. Just wish I was there.


This stand is something I picked up at what once was Lakewood Antique Market in Atlanta. It was a sad sad day when it closed down. I loved that place. It’s great for chilling drinks and it has those cup holder things. A nice mix of rusty metal and galvanized metal.

tubstand            tubstand2

These little jars that fit right in the cup holders so I filled them with sand and a tea light. It’s going to have to be moved to the garden. The rusty legs will leave marks on the pool decking. Not good. I already have some from a stool and I’m still trying to get them off. I might replace the candles with some solar light since they will melt in a flash around here.


I  like to mix metals too. Some rustic with some vintage silver plate.  I should swap out that curly willow for something else. When my hydrangeas start blooming I will.

So how much metal do you have hanging around your house? I know a lot of you are big fans of it also. I am envious of all the great stuff you guys find. Some find more then others. I won’t mention names. I might WHISPER one of them to you though ;)

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  1. Whatever it takes! Look how cool it looks with the #2! :)

  2. I love galvanized stuff! I use them alot in my garden. You have some great ideas.


  3. I've just started picking up the galvanized bins and tubs while perusing the thrift stores...I'm on a roll with four so far. Love how you have used them in so many different ways...
    have a nice weekend..;j

  4. I like using an assortment of metals- galvanized, copper, stainless... Love the tub on a stand that you use for a beverage container. The husband bought an old laundry tub to use as a cooler. It's pretty cool. Like you, I love old silver and silverplate. Your own compotes look pretty on your platter. :-)

  5. Hi Anita,

    I really love all the galvanised metal you have there. Your friend was right to scream at you to get those farm buckets. They're LOVELY!!

    I have a big ol' tin bath in the garden that I'm just thinking what to do with. I love the way you've planted up your big tub. Hmmm....I might to do the same....but I'm not terribly good at remembering to water planters. That might be a problem!!!


  6. I have some metal around my house too. Mine is mainly old metal pie plates (agate ware), I have a French metal vase in a wrought iron stand that I have a bunch of dried lavendar in, and an old agate ware berry pail or lunch pail with a lid. I'm sure I have more but just can't think right now! Your metal around your place is wonderful! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Oh yes, I heart galvanized metal. Good that Yanet scared you a little. Old buckets add a lot of charm. Love love love the #2. I bought a galvanized tub at Lowe's to use under our Christmas tree and it was too small for the base to fit in. It's been hanging out in the garage. I think I need to bring it out and put some potted plants in it. Great idea! Heading to some garage sales this morn. I'm never on this early...LOL!
    Have a Happy Mother's Day, Anita! XO

  8. Love these pictures and the ideas you came up with for these finds. As always you are just brilliant and have a gift for decorating.

  9. LOVE metal! The older the better, too. You've got some great pieces. Aren't you glad you listened to Yanet?
    Have you seen what one blogger recently did with her buckets? Painted some very faded and distressed stripes on them with aqua paint. Think grain sacks. They looked awesome!

  10. Love the galvanized planters - as you could tell by my aluminum pots, I love metals too. :) I also put my Easter flowers in a galvanized bucket. I love the tubs in your yard too. Everything looks so pretty and ready for spring!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Anita.


  11. You have some great pieces. Yanet was right, those buckets are wonderful. The drink stand is really unique and functional also. I posted some metals in our home, and your great photos reminded me of some other collections I will share another day.

  12. you have some beautiful stuff here. love those buckets!

  13. Such a great post...love the photos. Metal containers always remind me so much of spending time at my Grandparents home, and always had metal containers with beautiful summer flowers. Very pretty!!!


  14. love it all, add a little crustiness and i am really happy! thx for popping in

  15. I don't have much in the way of metal, but after reading this, I'll be on the look out for some. Lovely pictures, they look great.

    Suzy xxx

  16. I love the look of flowers in metal boxes/planters. It's the whole masculine + feminine contrast that I think I'm drawn to.

    I really like the look of the spaces you create in your house--it's all in the details! :)

  17. i found a great galvanized metal vase in the floral dept of tom thumb after christmas - $3, regular $18 - pays to look around their floral dept. especially after any holiday...

  18. Love it all! I have some galvanized tubs in my backyard, but anytime I plant anything in them, it gets too dang hot & the plants die. But I still try every year. Maybe I need to plant flowers in March. It's probably cause I wait till the hot summer. Oh well. Thanks for sharing your galvanized goodness.

  19. So happy to be surrounded by a metal-loving group at my party. I love your pieces, Anita! Thank you so much for linking up with my party!


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