A Visitor

He’s back!

We seem to spot him in the yard around the same time each year.


I’m not positive it’s the same one.
How fast do they grow? But it’s fun to see them hanging out in the yard.

yurtle copy

#3 son picked him up so I could get a closer shot.
What a grumpy face.

turtle2 copy

He has been named Mikey. My boys were serious Ninja Turtle fans.

Kirsty has 3 boys also. They are so cute! I miss mine being that little. Sometimes. She said they are into reptiles lately so I thought they might get a kick out of seeing Mikey.


Okay, he’s had enough.

He kept peeing. I think that was a sign.

Oh and we picked these.
First harvest this season!


Enjoy your weekend!

see ya,



  1. Too cute, and the produce looks great!

  2. Ok, that picture of the cucumbers and the tomatoes is just wrong!! Lol.

    How does Henry like Mickey?

  3. Oh how funny....and I have to agree with Yanet on that last pic. So you really already have veggies ready for picking?

  4. My kids are looking at this and are pure green with envy!
    I think I am in trouble..or on a hunt for a turtle!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Come join Sand and Sea Sundays at Gypsea Nurse!

  5. How neat you have that little guy hanging around! Yummy on the veggies!

  6. I have just discovered your blog and I am loving what I see and read. It must be sweet to see your friend Mikey every spring. How do you already have produce? In this neck of the woods we are just enjoying our spring flowers!


  7. I love their grumpy little faces, they do make wonderful pets, my daughter had a turtle and it followed her around the house!

    Great job on the produce too

  8. Too bad you can't mark his shell somehow and see it's the same one. I'm just not a love of reptiles. Pictures are as close as I want to get or outside of a fishtank. Those cucumbers look fabulous. My poor father, when I was a kid, he gardened every year and never could get cukes to grow. But tomatoes were in abundance. Love fresh veggies. Nice job.

  9. Anita, what a cute visitor!! I love turtles!

  10. Oh - your little friend is adorable! I love it when the unexpected pets come to "reside" for a bit...Love your photo's too, they are fantastic! xoxo, tracie

  11. orchidlanedecor.com

    Adorable. Your own little hero in a half shell. Lol.

    Suzy xxx

  12. Your Mikey is more likely Michelle and she returns each year to lay her eggs in the same area. I'm staying at my sister's this weekend and last week one of turtles from the pond laid eggs in her little doorside garden. We'll be watching for them to emerge in about three months and hopefully be able to save them from the numerous birds that reside here.

    Love your first harvest, now that's the way to do it!

  13. How cute! I wonder what kind it is? Sometimes we see snapping turtles around here, so I'm a little nervous to pick them up. I can't believe you already have all those vegetables!

    tricia ♥

  14. Hi Anita...we get lots of turtles going through the yard this time of year. They usually lay their eggs in the gardens, or on the sandy beach.
    We had a huge snapper come on shore that scared the daylights out of me. He kept hissing and snapping...yikes! I needed a slab of beef to throw at him, it might have helped get him off our beach!

  15. I thought maybe we would be seeing Gumby!! Mikey is a lot of fun and probably sooo much more easy on your yard. I can't believe you have such gorgeous produce all ready. Yum!

  16. what a fun visitor to have and i'm so jealous of your early garden harvest~!!~
    we're just barely getting started around here.



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