Beauties and The Beast

Someone is going to the salon tomorrow. A little shampoo, a little trim, we won't mention any names. He'll be like a new man. Hopefully I'll find less of those little fur balls in my corners. That would be nice. I should have made myself an appointment. I could use a little pampering. I'm shedding myself quite a bit.

The Beast

The Beauties
I'd like to thank some ladies for thinking of me and sending some awards my way. Karen from Restyled Vintage and Brandy from Life of Perks for the One Lovely Blog award and also T Bird from Nestled in Rosenberg for the A Blog With Substance award. I hope you will drop by and visit their blogs. They are all very talented ladies with some great ideas.

Here are 7 random things about me for One Lovely Blog award:
1. I flip through magazines from the back to the front.
2. I have a slight addiction to them too.
3. I microwave my ice cream before serving it.
4. I love eating breakfast for dinner.
5. I laugh when I'm nervous.  
6. I love a good action flick  
7. I color my hair every 4 weeks.

Five words to describe my blogging or motivation for A Blog with Substance award:
Take a look at my header :)

I want to pass these on to some fairly new bloggers to me and I hope soon to you too. So, go check them out.
Debbie @ Love of the Sea
Emily @ The Wicker House
Laura @ My Summerhouse
Sarah @ Cozy Cute Cottage
Yanet @ 3 Sunkissed Boys
Debbie @ Lakehouse


  1. Aww what a cute dog:)
    I bet he's going to feel like a million bucks after his day of beauty!!!!

  2. Oh gosh..... No wonder I like you so much. Ok my dog really needs groomed and I am taking her soon. I flip through magazines from the back to the front because it feels better. I microwave my ice cream. Breakfast for dinner is a favorite and I love action and war movies!

  3. Awww! Henry is just so darn cute! Of course I am partial to spaniels :) We took our pup last week to the doogie spa! Luckily she is not a shedder! Hope you are having a great day! Oh, I still need to fix the email thingy on my blog. I have been busy trying to figure out our new camera, and dealing with preserving 1 bushel (yes, you read it right!) of tomatoes!

  4. My dad raised and hunted with springers for years. We loved them so much!!! They are the kindest, sweetest and so loyal...thanks for the memories!

  5. He's a cutie!

    I love breakfast for dinner, too. :)

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  7. What a gorgeous doggie! You know...I don't think I've ever had breakfast for dinner. I've gotta try it like SOON- I love breakfast! :) Congrats on your awards!

  8. Your "Beast" is a cutie!!
    Congratulations on your awards! Loved hearing your seven things... I also do the first 5 things on your list... how funny!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  9. I'm a big fan of breakfast..., and used to have it for dinner too, a thing of the past though.
    Microwave ice cream?! I do like mine when it melts, hmmm.

  10. Hi Anita... Such a beautiful dog.. and she will be so happy with her beauty treatment! Yes, you should go too... I need a "do".. frizz has taken over with the heat.. and sounds like you have it also.. Don't you love Fl in August? When we lived in Miami as kids my father moved us up to NY for the summer..lol Then 6 years ago I moved back down to Fl, to Clearwater thinking it would be better.. it's worse!
    Thanks so much for your visit today and your sweet words....soon we can paint and refinish once again. (November?)....

  11. Hi Anita!
    Congratulations on your awards. I am your newest follower:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  12. Aww cute dog. I have a cocker spaniel. We got her from a shelter last year and she has slotted into our family perfectly. I have a soft spot for spaniels! I finally became a follower of your blog today.. I thought I already was and didn't understand why I wasn't getting updated!! Lx

  13. He's adorable! I love his color.

    Thank you for the award! You're so sweet. :)


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