Shopping Trip

Today I thought I'd take a little drive. Anyone want to come? I am going here. Well, not this exact one. The one near me is a Restoration Hardware clearance center. Even better. I am going to look for lights for the half bathroom that is being built. And whatever else that must come home with me. Isn't the front of this store just beautiful? Can someone just move in to a store? That would be so great. Our store is not this beautiful but the prices inside are so much better then the ones online that make you choke and spew your coffee all over your screen.

Restoration Hardware Store

Lovely corbel bookend from Restoration Hardware....$69...each. Wipe off your screen.

Corbel Bookend

My corbels from an estate sale, $1... for both.

The concrete was poured yesterday. Exciting I know. Today, the guys are here filling in the trenches. More excitement. My husband will be thrilled because those have been bugging the crap out of him. I just hope my sprinklers still work after everything is filled back in. The framers should be here today too. It will look like a room soon. A tiny room, but a room none the less.


  1. My grandma told me once that her great grandmother used to say that if she was ever lucky enough to build a house, she'd build the bathroom first and then just use whatever money she had left over for the rest of the house.

    It may be a tiny room, but it's a very valuable room.

    Love your corbels. :)

  2. Love the corbels too but not the price, yours have so much more character!


  3. I love restoration hardware, but agree the prices mean I am usually just browsing!!! But it's great for ideas, they have the most wonderful paint colors.

  4. How did I miss this post? Killer deal on your corbels, and I like yours better too. It's way cool to score them your self instead of walking into a fancy upscale overpriced trendy store and plunking down a king's ransom for them.

  5. I love a good Restoration Hardware Knock-Off! I somehow feel like I've gained the $139.00! (That's called thrifting math, my husband doesn't get it.)


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