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I finally was able to get over to Joann's for some trim for the lampshade. I just wish I had more options when it comes to fabric and trims. I'm a touchy feely kind of person when it comes to fabric and trims and so it's hard for me to order it online. I really want to see it.

You might remember the beginnings of this lamp. If you want to see more of my $4 dollar lamp and how it got it's makeover you can look here. This is a bit of what it used to look like. Sad shape indeed.

Here is the Pottery Barn version that it ended up resembling. I had already had an idea in my mind and started working on it when I came across this lamp in their catalog.

Brentwood Floor Lamp Base, White finish

The shade was what was giving me fits. I did have to order one online. I had to let go of the touchy feely thing. The ones around town were just too small or way too expensive. I had loved the shade from Pottery Barn with the jute trim but when I went to order one it was sold out. So, I found this shade at Lampsplus.com. It came pretty fast, was the extra large size I  needed and I even got free shipping on this item. I spent more on the shade than I wanted to but sometime you just can't find what you need on the cheap and you just go for it. I'm still way ahead of the Pottery Barn lamp.

Then came the trim. The trim I wanted was on a roll but was only 4 feet long. Now, it may not look like it from the photos but that shade is over 4' around on the bottom. So, it's bigger then it looks. I chose to layer it with two different trims. They are both a jute trim which gives me the PB look but with a little dimension.



To be honest with you, it's not even glued on yet. I just have it pinned together in the back. I figure I can switch it out down the road a lot easier. But I'm happy with it like this for now. And the one thing I forgot to get. A finial. I grabbed one from another lamp. I will have to figure something out for that. Any ideas for a substitute finial? I wonder if a cabinet knob would work?

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  1. Great job! I love the trim on your shade. Looks great:)

  2. The two different trims look perfect together. I like your version better than the PB one!!!

  3. I'm the same way with fabrics - need to take the time to look, touch and feel!! Love the transformation - take that pb lamps! :)

  4. Ilike your trim way better. The shade is the perfect size and worth the expense. Love it.

  5. Anita,
    Looking good...luv how that trim looks...thanks for the ideas:)


  6. Anita you KNOW I loved this makeover....We don't tend to worry about finials down here so much but I'm thinkin' a knob would work fine....!

    The weekend's knockin' on my door down here....Come on 5pm I say....!!!

    I hope you have a LOVELY weekend when it gets to YOU....!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  7. That trim is perfect. I like it better than the PB inspiration, especially the two put together.

  8. I think it looks AWESOME! I love the trim on it and I think it's so much more interesting than the Pottery Barn shade. It's really a very nice lamp now. Good job!

  9. You did a great job! The trim is perfect and I like it better than the PB one.

    Oh, BTW Johnny no shoulders is a term for snakes in our neck of the woods, LOL
    Have a great week, Annette

  10. I do have to say - the lamp is fabulous - but I LOVE the green wicker chair. That looks fabulous!!!

  11. It's awesome to see someone replicate Pottery Barn!! Such a great idea-love to see what you do.

  12. I love the dimension yours has! Nicely done. This may just save a lamp I have out in the garage!

  13. I LOVE the Pottery Barn lamp as well. You did a great job of transforming your lamp to look like theirs... great job!! It looks lovely in your LR!
    Happy weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  14. Wow, I can't believe you found a base that was so similar. Nice shade, too. I've ordered shades from Lampsplus and have had good luck. You can buy separate finials at Depot & lowes.

  15. I hate ordering online, too. But your lamp turned out gorgeously! I love the trim!

  16. Anita,
    I love your lamp makeover. I have the toughest time with shades, you did a beautiful job picking yours out and adding the trim.

  17. What a great lamp! Don't you love it when you make something and then find it in a lamp for way more than you would ever pay for it? What validation! Great job!


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