Three Trays and a Bottle of Wine

We had some friends visiting this weekend. It was great seeing them again. The weather was not all that great so the guys did some fishing while the girls hit the thrift stores and even managed some yard sales despite the heat. I didn't find anything at the thrift stores on Friday and was a bit bummed about that. Saturday we were a little slow getting out to the yard sales but still found some good things.

We hit one estate sale. It was the 4th sale at this particular house. I have only been to the last two. I posted about the things I found the last time. Corbels, blue jar and something else which has escaped my memory. 

This time around everything was 50% off. So I picked up two white enamel trays, a round green enamel tray and some new glass bakeware. A covered casserole and a pie plate. Too boring to photograph. Now, if I had whipped up a pie, then maybe. Pie does sound pretty good right now. Anyway, she gave them all to me for $10. Even less than the 50% off! I reaaally like the green tray.

The white trays were pretty darn disgusting. The one on the left is washed. The one on the right was pretty dirty but the one of the left was even worse. I was in such a hurry to clean it. It was a greasy sticky mess but it came right off with a little Mr. Clean. What a guy.

I found the bottle at a yard sale. I believe it's called a demijohn. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I saw one at that huge estate sale, the one I mentioned over and over, and I didn't get it. Then I saw Kim's over at Savvy Southern Style and I was really regretting not getting the one I saw.  So, when I came across this one for $2 I grabbed it. 

It has this little tag on the handle and the label is in okay shape. I just have no idea what it says since it's in Greek. Anyone?

It was fun shopping with my friend again. I miss that. She got even more stuff then I did so I think she was pretty happy. I can't wait to see what everyone has found this past week. 

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  1. Hi Anita,
    I love your Greek demijohn! What a fun find! I have been to Greece, but I sure don't understand any of it! Other than "sec" meaning "dry" as in dry wine. I love your green enamel tray. I have a little milk of magnesia bottle too (though yours is in much better shape than mine!), and I use mine for a little bud vase, too!

  2. SUch great finds! Love the trays!
    You could always enter the text into an online translater. I seem to find myself using it quite a bit lately ;)

  3. I love that turquoise tray!!! That color is quickly becoming my new obsession :-)

  4. Hi Anita...you sure found some great stuff....I love tray and the bottle.

  5. Hi Anita!
    You are always so sweet to me!
    Thank you!
    I am working on my eBay posts..lots of info to come--just need to make it more succinct, LOL!
    I did some thrifting today! Mark asked me what I really wanted to do while we were here in Williamsburg, and I said, "Go to Goodwill, duh."
    SO we did :)
    I found some neato things, which I will blog about when I get home, I guess.
    I looked up the translator and the English word for Fokianos is Fokianos, so it must be someone's last name.
    I do love the demijohn, and saw one TODAY!! UGH! I would love to send it to you--I will go back to the Goodwill and see if it's there tomorrow, m'kay?
    Pray that it is--it was huge, and only $5 or so...
    I will let you know--

  6. I've been collecting vintage metal trays too, I LOVE them! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

  7. Great finds Anita, i love the green tray too and I am so impressed with how well the trays cleaned up! xx

  8. What great finds -- I would go shopping with you anytime. You seem to have a "good eye" for it!
    Thanks for the visit - L.

  9. That wine bottle is awesome. I can't believe you got it for only $2! I hope Kim doesn't see that! LOL!!

  10. Hi Anita! Thanks for your sweet comments! I'm in love with your trays! The green on is such a great shade! Be good to your sisters! Donna...the 3rd sister

  11. Love your blue bottle!! A bottle and a basket.. that's mixing our 2 passions ;-)

  12. Oh, man, I love the white trays. I don't remember ever seeing trays like that before. So many uses for them. And what a cool wine bottle, I know I've never seen one of those before. You got some really cool stuff. Thrifting with friends, it doesn't get any better than that.

  13. You found some great pieces! Love the bottles and enamelware trays! I just found a little of both myself... how funny! You got some really great deals... way to go!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo :)

  14. Oh what fun to have found these goodies!! I have been looking for enamel trays forever and never see them. :-( And the wrapped bottle was a find, as well. So glad you popped over for a visit- gave me a good excuse to see your blog. Always nice to meet a new friend.
    :-) Sue

  15. Hi Anita,
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your comment! Love your enamel tray! So sweet!!
    You asked about my open kitchen cupboards and how I did those- long story short- I took the doors off, used a platter- (of all things)- as a pattern for the arch and cut the arches out of 1x6 pine and put them up at the tops. I'll probably blog about the kitchen project details at some point as well. Thanks again for your visit! New follower here! :)

  16. Love Love Love those enamel trays! Glad to see the cleaned up well, I might have passed on them because of the condition so its good to know to not over look those things. Thanks!

  17. When I saw the title, my first inclination was to reply, yes please. Those trays are fabulous!


  18. Wow, only two dollars. You lucky duck. Sorry I am late viewing this. I love your demijohn. Good size and in good shape, too. Of course the older they are the more valuable they are.

  19. Your first pic went straight into my "tray chic" file -lovely!

  20. That green tray is my very favorite of all!
    You got some great things there.


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