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Hello everyone. I want to share with you a new blog I came across last week. I stumbled upon Kimberly's blog Craftyland when I was looking through the link ups at The CSI Project. She had submitted two chairs that she gave an amazing makeover to. So pretty. I loved the fabric. You can see her chair before here. She's a jack of all trades it seems. From sewing to cooking to DIYing. That's a word.

Then I did a little browsing around on her blog and came across something that really caught my eye. Painting trim. I showed you how I recently painted a lot of trim around my house. Yes, yes, I still have lots left to do. Including my handrail getting stained darker. Hey, I ran out of primer. You can see the results of my white trim painting madness here. But Kimberly's results are amazing. She took an ordinary pale oak railing and really made them rich and lovely by darkening the handrail and then made it all pop with the white spindles. Go on over there and see exactly how she did it all.

Here is her before

Here is her after

Amazing right? The railing now goes so well with her beautiful floors. The white wainscoting is just gorgeous and now the white spindles just ties it all together. Makes me want to open up that can of stain and finish what I started right now! Okay, maybe tomorrow.

Kimberly just started her blog this month. I can tell already that she is going to have some great projects in the future and I can't wait to see them. I hope that you will spread a little blogger love and visit Kimberly @ Craftyland. I know how encouraging you all can be. I'm sure you will want to stick around to see what she'll do next. Tell her I said hello!  


  1. I just love the transformation to the stair rail.. I have been looking at my staircase, wanting to redo it.. such inspiration! Thanks for posting this...

  2. I need to make some beams darker so I will have to go read how. Thanks for sharing her.

  3. You are right, amazing transformation. Off to have a look at her new blog . . .

  4. Hi Anita~~how sweet of you to share this new blog. I went over, and signed as a new follower.
    I LOVE your lamp shade! even better than the pottery barn ones!!!!! Your little corner looks wonderful with that lamp all prettied up.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. The railing turned out absolutely amazing..., was so worth the work!!!

  6. Love the railing. Will have to go check out her blog...I'm always looking for new & creative ideas!!! Thanks for passing this along.

  7. thank you x10 to anita for the lovely write-up, and of course to all of you who came by to check out my blog! i'm definitely feeling the love! :)


  8. Ooh...love her tranformation!!!

    PS...I did make the frame you asked about! I just learned how to use the miter saw to make them:):)
    Not hard at all!
    I plan on doing a little post about it in the future!!!

  9. What a beautiful job on the railing! I love how it turned out. Okay, when I leave 3 comments on a blog in less than 5 minutes...it's a keeper. I'm so following you.


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