Auction Finds Revealed

The sun came out today. For about 30 minutes.  As soon as it did I ran for my camera to get some pictures of the things I got at the auction. I had a few shots but wasn’t happy with them so I’ve been waiting for the sun to appear again.

Everyone guessed the first two pretty easily. The pitcher and the platter were actually together in one lot that hubby started bidding on. I was a bit nervous because it wasn’t something we had previewed.


While they will both be up for sale soon, they are not something I mind hanging around for awhile.


Luckily there were no chips or cracks anywhere on them. They are both really gorgeous pieces with a lot of detail. I just love old ironstone pieces.


I know the last one was not something anyone would guess. I spotted it in the preview the day before the auction. I love the colors in it. The needlework is really well done.


I loved the frame and the cute little feet it has on it. Sorry about the glare that I was catching off the glass. Can you tell now what it is?

It’s an old fire screen. Oh I love it. The little feet can be turned flat with the frame so really you could hang it on the wall if you wanted to.


Here’s a little word of warning about auctions. If you are with someone else make sure both of you have your eyes up on the auctioneer. Hubby was doing the bidding on this piece, I was not having luck. We had a price set that we wouldn’t go over. I was looking to my left answering hubby and nodding to him. Only the auctioneer was taking my nods to mean bids. So we were surprised to realize we had won. A bit higher then we wanted to but that’s just part of the learning process. Keep your eye on the man with the gavel!

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.
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  1. I really LOVE your new header;)

    Lovely greetings...


  2. Great finds! Your pictures are always so good.The fire screen is awesome. It is so unique looking.

  3. Oh how funny that you nodded and one. Looks like it was worth it! Great pics.

  4. The pitcher and platter are wonderful, and the needlework is stunning. Wow. You did great. Hugs, Marty

  5. I love all the things you got at the auction, but the needlework is really very stunning just like Marty said! I think you new header conjures up thoughts of the Beach and I can't wait for lovely weather to go!

  6. Well, that could have had an unhappy ending!
    I went to a registered Angus bull auction with my cousin and my uncle once. My cousin bought my uncle a very nice bull. :O) He couldn't see her, and she had his paddle. I think she was 10.

    I love your finds! That screen is really beautiful. And your header is FABULOUS!!

  7. great finds. and loving the new header!!!

  8. Anita,
    LOVE your new header...did you take that beach pic on your local beaches? You found some beautiful items and thanks for the tip:)


  9. The changes made to your blog are very calming and I like what you did..
    Also, I really love the pitcher you found..nice piece!

  10. Ooooh I like your new place Anita!! Love the header pictures and your button is so wonderfully beachy!! The pitcher and plate are beautiful and I love the fire screen! I have never seen anything like that before, the needlework is gorgeous! My grandpa used to do needlework like that, he had some amazing pieces!

  11. I used to always be nervous at auctions, that if I moved wrong or scratched my cheek that I could be bidding on things and never know it.

  12. Anita,

    Love the new look of your header and button! I'll just keep popping by so I can stare at the beach :)

    Great finds at the auction! I think I got a C on the test. That pitcher is stunning! I think you should keep it. The needlework has beautiful colors and detail. Thanks for the auction tips! Good to know! ~Michelle :)

  13. Awesome finds. I love the detail on the inside of the pitcher -- fun surprise! I miss our auction here. They stopped holding it about a year ago. It was the most fun ever!!!

  14. What wonderful pieces. I would love to go to an auction some time.

  15. Well done Anita!!! i have only bid online in live auctions online, not on the floor-that is nerve wracking enough! On the floor, I would probably fall over from excitement and win- but at a HUGE amount! lol! Love what you scored! :)

  16. LoVe the blog changes. So lovely and bright for spring. And that transferware is beautiful, really nice pieces.
    The fireplace screen is in great shape and it looks like it has gorgeous needle work, what a wonderful find.
    Can you imagine the two of us at an auction? Nodding and laughing? hah!

  17. Nice finds. I especially like the pitcher. Your header is stunning!

  18. Your header looks great, Anita. I also love that pitcher and platter that you won. I have never been to an auction.

  19. They are lovely finds. Yes, auctions scare me a little for that very reason, I'd probably end up with a bunch of stuff I never realized I was bidding on. One day....... Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I love yours.

    Lisa x

  20. Anita, I haven't done an auction, yet. I will have to control my hands- I am an animated talker! LOL
    Your pitcher is amazingly gorgeous and the needlework firescreen is so unique! I've never seen one framed under glass before. Glad you had such a fun time. I really need to try bidding for my goodies sometime soon. :-)
    Oh, I've decided on the amazing gray paint for the study and need to live with the other gray samples in the dining room for a while. Give me wallpaper, any old day! Much easier....
    ~ Sue

  21. I love your auction finds- the pitcher is ready for some spring blooms!!!
    Isn't is funny about auctions? I always feel a really strong need to scratch my head during them-not a smart thing!!!


  22. The needlepoint screen is beautiful!

  23. Too funny! I have only bid online. Too many distractions on the floor. You got some really nice treasures.

  24. I am glad you found me, because now I found you! I am now a follower!

  25. Oh, Anita, the platter and pitcher are just stunning. How gorgeous and I have no idea how you can part with them.

    I need to follow you around to these auctions and estate sales. I love your things.

  26. I love that fire screen! Beautiful!

  27. Anita...Love the new header, makes me LONG for the beach every time I visit. We love auctions and other thrifting activities. I've been ill and unable to attend the auctions for several months, but am trying to get ready for spring activies. Love you "finds", I too enjoy my purchases in my own home before selling them. Keeps the decor changing all the time.

    The kitchen is really looking great. Could you come help me out when you're finished with yours? LOL

    Have a God Filled Day

  28. I love your finds! I've never been to an auction before. They intimidate me because I talk with my hand a lot. I'd end up buying a bunch of weird stuff by accident.


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