It Doesn't Take Much to Make Me Happy

Yes sirree, the littlest things can make me happy. Like trash cans. When it’s of the pull-out variety. My trash can has always been in my way. So I gave up one of my cabinets and hubby installed this for me.

trash copy

Henry was added for cuteness because who really wants to see a picture of my garbage cans? Gosh he needs a groomer.

trash 2 copy
some stylin hardware, no?

No more blocking the walkway. They are neatly hidden away. One for trash, one for recyclables. Bonus: someone can’t pull out those tasty napkins anymore and leave them shredded all over the place.

There is one little thing. I now have dead space to the right in the corner. I had this plan to go to the other side of the peninsula and cut a hole to have access to it over there.

hole copy

But we decided against that for fear of weakening the cabinet and potentially cracking the granite from lack of support. This is something that would happen to us. Trust me. I had always planned on adding bead board back here so it will get covered.

There is an overhang for barstools but we don’t use it for that. So, another idea is to make some freestanding cabinets that will fit under there but could be removed if the next owner wants barstools. That’s not high on my list. Painting them, on the other hand, is. Waiting on the weather for that one. It may be a bit of a wait by the way things are looking around here.

Maybe trash cans don’t make you all giddy. So tell me, what little things do make you happy?

see ya,


  1. I put my trash can under the sink a few years ago and it's better than a box of money! I know how you feel! Your hubby did a great job!

  2. Oh my gosh trash can do make me giddy! I have nowhere to put mine and I have a couple if you-know-whos who are dumpster divers!! I have tried alomst everything and I have always wanted something like this! You lucky lady!! :)

  3. those happy flowers in your header are making me really crave spring!!!!
    and a pullout trashcan would make this girl happy, too- any day1

  4. I'm so glad you got him to put that in for you! Life with dogs is so much easier when you don't have to worry about the garbage can. I love ours and would recommend it to anyone with pets.
    Henry is adorable!
    Have you thought of adding a frame on that side to give extra support after you cut the opening?
    Just wondering. I turned a cabinet to open toward the dining room side of my peninsula and I love the extra hidden storage. We hate wasting space, don't we? ;)

  5. I was trying to follow the blog with the pics but that dog just catches my eye and I can't stop looking at him. He's beautiful.

  6. I have something similar under my sink, but only room for one can. We had it at our other house and it was one of the first things I had my husband put in at this house.

  7. I understand Anita, because we did the same thing a while back. I loved the change and don't miss the under the counter space. Can't even remember what used to be there. Don't you love having the trash hidden and it is so convenient when you are chopping veggies, etc.?

    I always love seeing your pup.


  8. oh how i am singing your tune on this one! i detest having my trash can out in the open!! i do plan to find him a home, once we redo the kitchen. no sense making the extra trek to the pantry, when the rest of the room is butt ugly! {hubs words, not mine!} ;) and henry is a handsome little fella.. with our w/out the groomer!

  9. Ok Anita,
    We are definitely on the same wave length, as I did a post today on happiness and the little things, too! I see that Henry approves with your new set up! Or maybe he was just looking for some stray crumbs?:) Dogs make me happy!!

  10. Love your garbage can storage place. I always thought those were so cool. Mine is in my pantry closet.

  11. awww cute puppy! :) love the name Henry!
    I too have slide out garbage cans, ewww I need to clean mine. It's on the list of things to do.
    I like rose's idea, cause I hate wasted storage space.
    happy? sunshine!

  12. I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  13. I can tell you Anita, bins make me happy, or would if I could get just the right one in the right spot. Still working on that. Love yours, and Henry is too adorable.

    Lisa x

  14. Trash cans like that do make me giddy. It looks great! We have one on each side of our island. I love it. I also love, if I can be gross, the door on the toilet area in the bathroom. I do have to remind my husband to shut it, that there are some things married people are not required to share.

    You're welcome for that bit of grossness.

  15. Good Morning!

    First off, Henry is too cute! I love him :) Jealous that you can fit 2 bins under your sink. We can barely fit one. It may be a little convenience but to me it's always the little things.

    It will be fun to see the changes you make to the cabinets. Mine are the same wood tone. I like your floors and counters. I bet off white would look really pretty. I want to paint mine, too. They aren't in the best condition so hubby is okay with it. Ending my short story :) xo

  16. My pullout trash can in my new kitchen is-by far-my favorite thing, even more than the professional appliances and the soapstone countertops! Cannot live without it if you have trash-diggin' dogs!

  17. Hi Anita, visiting from the circle of bliss:) Lovely to meet you! I love your blog and will be following along. And yes, are you kidding me garbage cans make me seriously giddy!

  18. I missed this! Getting caught up on some reading tonight!

    I LOVE hidden garbage cans!!! And your sweet Henry makes me smile!!!

    I get giddy over the most mundane things! Yes. Giddy!


  19. Looks like Henry gets more attention then the projects....or, almost as much...he is a pretty dog.....


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