Making Some Shelves

Okay, so I’ve had the stuff to make these shelves for my laundry room for quite some time now. I figured I’d better them them put together. Even though I still haven’t finished painting the walls and the trim in there. They were pretty easy to put together so I thought I’d show you what I did.

Here is what I started with. If you don’t have a miter saw a hand saw and a miter box would be just as good since the cuts are small. The poplar boards I bought to size.  24x10 I think.


I did a little measuring. I marked in the direction I wanted the miter cut to go.

Then I held the trim up against the fence just like it would be up against the shelf.  
I had already made the cut and just used the tape measure to hold it still for the picture. Not enough hands.

45 angle

To get the next angle cut you can swing the angle guide to the opposite side. That’s what I did here. I had to cut off an inch or so to get that opposite angle before I could measure for the next side. Another way to do it is to keep your original 45 degree angle like in the shot above and just flip the trim piece upside down. I also had to move it to 0 to get the flat end for the backside.

opposite 45

When you get all of your sides measured and cut you have this. I used wood glue and finishing nails to put it all together. I didn’t want to drag out the nail gun. I probably should have. Let’s just say hammering is not my strong suit. Nothing a little wood filler didn’t cure. I did predrill before hammering in the nails. No pictures as there was glue involved. I’m not very neat.


Next was the brackets. They have this little metal thing on the back for hanging. You can switch it to either the short side or the long side. I wanted the long side under the shelf so I switch them. Fast and easy to do.


Here they are all painted out. Ok, the brackets aren't attached to the shelves yet. Not perfect but not bad either.  I started out with a Martha Stewart sample and it wasn’t the right yellow. So I mixed it with another sample and got this shade. Sort of buttery yellow.

They will go up in the laundry room when I get that painted. I just dread moving the washer and dryer. There isn’t much space in there to move around.


But at least the shelves are done and ready to go. I’ve been wanting to paint something yellow for awhile now. This was a nice small project to do just that.

I will show them again once it is all finished. Is anyone else out there getting a bit of yellow fever? 

I hurried to get this done so I could join up with Marianne at her party. I missed her last one and didn't want to miss it again. Thanks Marianne!

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  1. Anita! your shelves turned out so nice! great tute too!

  2. Anita,
    That's a pretty shade of yellow. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Those look great! You're a builder!
    I love that soft yellow.

  4. I always have yellow fever...yellow's my favorite color. Your shelves turned out great Anita.

    It looks like you gave your blog a little makeover...very pretty :)

  5. They are gorgeous, Anita! I am jealous of your mitre saw and your ability to use it! I am useless at mitre cuts :(

    xx Karen

  6. Love the shelves, you clever girl. The colour is pretty.

    Lisa x

  7. Anita, could you make an extra set of shelves for my kitchen, pretty please? Those turned out great and I have shared them with Mr. Been begging for a couple of shelves in the kitchen for a while now :)


  8. Those are fantastic Anita!!~ You girl have been busy. You are so good! XO

  9. You make it look so easy, Anita! I need a few shelves for my sun room. I'll send you a plane ticket :) Love the yellow!

    Enjoy your weekend! xx

  10. Nice work Anita! I love the color, so cheerful...as is that awesome Florida tablecloth!

  11. They're gorgeous, Anita! LOVE, love, love the colour too!

    Stop by the Beach Bungalow sometime if you're not afraid of a little drywall dust, lol!


  12. those are sooo pretty! i love that buttery yellow!

  13. Very pretty! I love the shade of yellow. I also love the vintage tablecloth they were sitting on. Stoppin' by from FJI.

  14. Can I just say I am totally impressed? A miter saw? YIKES. And the butter yellow? Ahhhhh. all over my family room!

  15. Hi Anita,
    Well, I am totally impressed with your use of power tools! I would be way too scared to try that! What an awesome job, and a nice cheery color, too!

  16. I love them and love the color!! You did an amazing job with the mitering (is that a word?)! I can't wait to see how they look hanging up!

  17. Hi Anita, I was somewhere...I'm not even sure which blog I was at, and I saw your comment there, and it said something about "I can't believe Franco is on GH" so of course I clicked on that because I'm a huge GH fan and have been watching it for almost 40 years. And the click brought me HERE! And I'm like, "Anita wrote that?" How cool! And can I just say that I was ecstatic that Brenda and Sonny finally got married, and I couldn't believe they blew her up. Oh, I know she's not dead, but seriously, my nerves can't take another explosion in Sonny's life.
    Ok, totally unrelated to your post right, but we're GH pals now! :)

  18. Love that you are building your shelves from scratch! And I think that cheery yellow will looks so good in your laundry room.
    Thanks for participating in Gitter Done!

  19. I love the yellow! I'm so impressed with your mitering skills too. Nice job!

  20. love love love the yellow shelves, thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  21. Very cute shelves, Anita. I'm so glad you chose yellow!

    It's very under-rated. :)


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