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Gail @My Repurposed Life and MeganDVD @ Beauty in the Attempt are hosting “The Bold and the Beautiful-your blog reviewed.”

I am in need of some blog sprucing up and I thought why not get some opinions before I dive into the craziness of html. Before I’m up until 2am trying to find the right code to make those cute little tabs. Before my neck tenses up and my eyes are blood red.

I’d love to know how you feel about my photos, font, layout or whatever else you think could use some oomf. And to those who hang around here, I’d like to know about my content. Is it all over the place? I’d appreciate your opinion.

There are some things that I have in mind to change. But I’m not telling you. I would like you to tell me. I love getting constructive criticism. Kind yet sincere. Gentle yet straightforward. Considerate yet honest. So go for it. I can take it. *snif*

see ya,



  1. I was going to say to make a new header with your nice beach pictures. But did you recently change the header. When I just looked at it now, it seemed different than what I remember. Anyway, beach picture header is nice.

    I like your button. Is that new too? Why haven't I noticed these things before?

    As for your content, I like the mix. I like the thought of "What will Anita post about today?"

  2. Hmmm, what to change...
    Actually, I like your blog as it is.
    If you want to change something, than do it;)
    I think a little more beachy expression would be nice.

    Lovely greetings...:)

  3. I have liked the changes you have made. I really don't know what you should change. Something I would love to see is a scheduled beach photo or photos every week? Your photos are goregous and I love where you live.

  4. Hi Anita -

    I think you are just having some doubts about why you blog. I know we all go through this - me like everyday!!! But you have to stay as you are - do what your passionate about and the rest will follow. I love your blog because you bring us snippets from your life at the beach. I dream about living by the beach one day, and you are living it. Since I am not there I enjoy seeing pics from your ocean town and what life is like living there. I also enjoy your photography posts. Since we both just got new cameras. I am just learning about my camera and how to take better photos so to have someone I can discuss camera/photography with intrests me too. I found out about Kim Klaussen and the whole texture thing through you. So my friend - tweaking is always good - keeps you fresh, but just be you and post what makes you feel good.
    My best - Diane

  5. Hi Atina :)

    As far as content, you have a wonderful way with words and it never feels disjointed. You crack me up, too. I'll forever remember the 8 years of Catholic school and not being able to put an outfit together. Ummm...I like the linen "look" of the background and your button. How about a beach shot on the 3rd picture of your header.

    Can't wait to see your changes! xo

  6. Hey there girl! I love your blog and you! :) You write from the heart and you make me giggle. I will never forget when I first starting reading your blog your were doing a bathroom I think and trying to take down the toilet paper holder thing and it wouldn't come out. The way your wrote about it and what you did to take the thing down made me laugh and I knew we were to be bloggy friends!! :) I love the blog like it is but I understand about changes, I make them alot. I am getting braver and found the cool new fonts right in blogger so I didn't have to download anything. I can't wait to see what you do!!

  7. Personally, I think your blog is just fine. But it's like hair. We hate our hair yet others will tell you it's fine. You have to do what you feel is best.

  8. I feel like I am just relaxing when I read your blog and that is a good thing!
    You really seem like you know what you are doing.
    Mary Ann

  9. Hi Anita!
    popping in via the blog hop! nice blog! :) lovely header. {did notice it's a bit 'fuzzy' around the writing. i can help you with that, if you'd like :)} only thing i'd change, is to add a photo and blurb about you up near the top, so we know who is talking to us. :) other than that.. great job!
    hope to see ya around my random neighborhood sometime! :)
    many blessings,

  10. I really can't find anything that needs to be changed, Anita. I guess you could put your picture up there with your "about me" thing, but that's something that I don't feel is mandatory. I like the linen background, I like your photos, I like reading what you write~it's all good!

  11. I like the blue linen background, a lot. I like the text on your blog header and I like that you change out the photos on it.
    I like the mix of topics that you post on. I love seeing your trash to treasures posts. You have a great eye for that.
    I would like to see a photo of you instead of a starfish. :)
    The only thing I could suggest is to change the way the blog listing looks on the side bar. I think the photos are distracting from your content.
    I think your photos are great, you really are doing a great job with your new camera.

  12. Anita, thanks for linking up and adding the blog hop code.
    I love your blog!I like your header, your title, your background. It's nice and clean.
    I have just a couple of suggestions. I would love to see a little blurb with your about me. When someone is just passing through, they need to connect with you quickly in order to say to themselves "this is someplace I want to visit often". A picture would be nice, but not necessary.
    I prefer followers to be located a little higher up on the sidebar. One last thing, I recommend that your links open in a new window so that your visitors aren't looking for you with their "back" button. Blogger doesn't make this very easy, you should try Windows Live Writer. It would really make your blogging more enjoyable, promise!
    I have a great post going up tomorrow with blog tips if you want to stop by.
    great content and pictures in your posts!

  13. Hello, I'm stopping over from the blog hop. I am impressed by how much information you are able to get right on the top of your page... the email, rss feed, button and archives- Bravo! I think your header is lovely. I cannot think of anything to "critique", so I'll just tell you that I personally like to explore photos with links of favorite posts/projects/rooms, that sort of thing.

    Very nice!

  14. Hi there (I don't see your name anywhere on this page) - I like your layout, it's just beachy! I don't like Live Traffic Feed, but that's just me... Let's see a picture of you in the sidebar! I agree with another response that your font is a little fuzzy too. It's is nice here though and will be back for more visits!

  15. Anita, it is a difficult thing to do because it is so personal. I want to update my site as well.

    I try to keep my blog pretty uncluttered which is almost impossible!

    Come and join my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  16. It seems that everyone's trying to spruce up their blogs since the new year... me included. :) I think your blog is lovely, Anita!! I think the one thing I would change is the header picture... the picture on the right looks like Christmas, and the one in the middle is too dark. If you wawnt to include your lighthouse collection in your header, maybe move them to a different spot to take a better picture and then put them back where you display them when your done. :)
    Love your sweet visits and coming to visit you to see what you're up to, girl!
    Have fun tinkering!
    Jo :)

  17. Hello me dear...thank you for taking a risk and jumping in. Your world has all the beginnings of something special. My only gentle suggestion is to move up your followers to right under you. I think it is important for each blog to have a smidge feature showcasing the author. This is your world...own it and be proud of it. Then after you..place your followers. Many bloggers choose within 1 minute if they plan to follow a new lovely blog they fall upon. I think you can entice and tease them even more to follow you by placement of your followers. Once again this is just a suggestion and I know your blog is still defined by how it will best suit you. :) Thank you for taking the risk and hopefully you have had a delightful time and gained a few new friends along the way. I hope to see more of you in my little corner. Have a great Sunday.


  18. I love your blog...I'm not the right person to ask...I love you though, so I'm not sure I could be objective :)

  19. I think your blog's design is totally in keeping with your tag line. It's simplicity and calm color palette works well.

    My only suggestion would be to perhaps add a few of your popular posts to your side bar for new visitors to get an idea about what you have to offer.


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