Window Frame Memo Board

I finally hung up the ribbon rack I made for the blogiversary celebration we had. You can see the before here.


I have had this pinned on my Pinterest board for awhile. I’ve been wanting to do something similar.

So this old window frame has been lying around so I thought I’d do something with it. Here is what it started out like. Just brown.

window before

The middle piece needed to be glued again. I don’t think it was clamped the first time and the gorilla glue really should be clamped. I used some rope since I didn’t have clamps long enough.

frame glued

First I painted it with some blue paint I had then dry brushed some white on top. Sanded it a bit then added a little more blue back to it. I used a piece of foam core, wrapped it in batting and then with some burlap. I just taped it in the back with duct tape. Then I used jute to make the X’s on the front and tied them in the back.

window clamped     back

I popped into one side of the frame and used tiny nails to hold it in. The other side I stapled on some chicken wire. Then along the bottom I used some pipe clamps I found in the plumbing section. Screwed them into the bottom of the frame and then inserted some jars.


The middle of the X’s were tufted just by using some jute and a needle and bringing it through the foam core. Now I can use tacks or just tuck thing under the jute.


I have room on either side to add some hooks or more jars.


I cut a piece of cardboard to fit the lid and glued on some of the paper I used on the desktop. Then just cut an X through it to run the jute through.

Here it is all together with the desk. The desk was a pretty easy project to put together. If you are in need of a table or desk you can put this one together pretty cheaply.


Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing weekend. The weather has been great. We’ll be going out on the boat if the water is good. I like a calm sea :)

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  1. Anita,'
    This is so darn cute and thrifty too...come by tomorrow and show it off at NTT...hope to see ya there:) Have fun out on the boat and be careful with all the crazy folks out there.


  2. That is stunning, Anita! Are they large hose clips holding the jars? What an awesome idea...might have to pinch it :)

    xx Karen

  3. Super fab and beautiful work.

  4. it looks awesome, anita! what a great place to get creative.... it all looks lovely together!

  5. Anita this is great! I especially love the string holder at the bottom. Great idea!

  6. I love the entire area you've created, beautiful and functional.

  7. Oh my gosh Anita! this is AWESOME!!! Your whole craft area is so dang cute!!!! I love the colors too!
    You are a crafting genius!
    Have fun on the water today.

  8. That turned out so cute Anita! I love the chicken wire. You certainly have a nice area to inspire creativity :)

  9. Wow, this is gorgeous! I want this, too!!! :-)

  10. Hi Anita,
    Great project!! So pretty and so useful too!! This is going on my "to do" list.

  11. Super project! I LOVE the jute dispenser! :)
    hope you're having a great day!

  12. Nice project. So you!!! Hope the water was calm enough.

  13. I am in love with your memo board, Anita! The color is perfect, and I love the addition of the chicken wire! Oooh, I really want to make one of these now for myself, thanks so much for the inspiration! And I also love the twine holder, genius!!!

  14. I love that! You are so creative! The chicken wire is adorable and the jars are just genius. I've seen that pic on Pinterest too. Guess it just doesn't occur to me that I could do something like that. Great job!

  15. I love this entire arrangement! Such a great spot. And the chicken wire is perfect to clip up notes, pictures and postcards. Very inspiring!!

  16. that turned out so freakin cute! I love it. now I may keep mine for me. :) Great project.

  17. What a great idea Anita, I love how it turned out. Your space looks so inspiring. :)

  18. Your memo board is beautiful! I love it! And the color you painted it is lovely. :) Chicken wire is so pretty, too, isn't it? Well, this project is very inspiring!

    I hope your Tuesday is going well! :)


  19. love those projects, but I really really like your table! it's awesome!

  20. Wow! That is very creative and came out lovely! So functional, too!

  21. wow, you are super creative. this is just wonderful.

  22. All this together looks fabulous, Anita. You are amazing! I love the memo board, love it!

  23. great idea ..very creative!!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    cheryl x

  24. I had to read this very slowly because I'm so challenged when it comes to this, this brilliance out of nothing that you make.

    What a cool idea for a memo board and the desk, too! I'm going to show this to my oldest girl who is majorly crafty, (clearly she didn't get it from me). and see if she wants to do something like this for her apartment.

    Awesome, as usual!

  25. Thank you so much for the inspiration!! I have the same pic in my pinterest and have been wanting to do something similar. I'll get right on it :)

  26. What an amazing project!! Wonderful ideas.
    Thanks for your visit and comment.
    Have a great day!
    Ladybug Creek

  27. Looks great, I love the colour

  28. I'm sort of at a loss for words at your sheer handy-woman craftiness. Let's just say that the words "pipe clamps" will never be found on my blog!

  29. How cute Anita. I love the way everything came together in there. Very inspiring.

  30. How cool! You combined so many of my favorite things there! Old windows, chicken wire, canning jars, that pretty turquoise blue. It's so completely covet-worthy. :)
    I love the picture of your awesome desk and the cute shelf and your memo board. It looks so organized and pretty.

  31. YOur mind is a wonderful thing! That window frame would have been sitting in the wood burning pile at my house. In your house it's nicer than anything on my walls! No fair!...no, I'm not stomping my feet...well, not that loudly...

  32. So cool! Love that little corner of yours! The desk is the total perfect companion to your wall hangings too.



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