Down By the River

I took a quick trip to Jacksonville to visit my mom for Mother's Day. We had a wonderful brunch at my sister's house. She lives in the oldest home on the St. John's River. It was a beautiful day and I thought I'd share some pictures I took of the house and yard.

This is the side of the house. The right side of the picture is all the original house and could not be changed. The part with the large peak. To the left was either changed or expanded but made to match the original style. The porch wraps all the way around.

This is actually the front of the house. The side that faces the river.The building in the back is the detached garage.

The view from the front porch. Can you see the double swing hanging from the oak?

This tree is huge!

This is the other side of the house facing the river.
Sorry they are so ginormous! I tried to get them a little bit bigger and they went to this. I just don't think Picasa likes me much.

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  1. Oh, Anita!
    Thank you for posting these pictures!
    I grew up in Jacksonville (Arlington), got married there, our oldest daughter was born in Jax Memorial, and MY sister, mother and grandmother (she lives in Five Points) still live there!
    I remember the Matthews Bridge!
    Her view of the river is so beautiful!
    And what a wonderful yellow house!
    The Spanish moss swaying in the breeze in those old oak trees makes me homesick!
    Anyway, it was so nice to see these gorgeous shots of a place that is so dear to my heart (even if I do prefer the Carolinas)!
    I hope you and your family had a lovely Mother's Day!

  2. Anita..
    thanks for sharing this lovely home and grounds..
    being a native Floridian, I do tend to get homesick for the huge live oaks laden with Spanish moss..but the Saint Johns river holds so many memories of times I camped and fished there with my Dad. Still have a lot of friends in the Jacksonville area..
    thanks again..
    truly lovely!!
    warmest hugs..

  3. That's such a beautiful home and a wonderfully peaceful spot. It must be quite a lot of responsibility to have a house with historic value. Thanks for the lovely views and for stopping by to see us. Jane F.

  4. Anita, I grew up in Jacksonville. Your moms home is great. LOVE the view!

    I just moved from Jax. to a suburb of Cincy. This made me homesick:( LOL!

  5. Oh wow! Your sisters home is just gorgeous! And what a beautiful setting! The porches are great! I could spend alot of time there! And the trim, shutters, and landscaping! I also love the moss draped from the trees. Looks like she should be featured in a magazine!!

  6. What a gorgeous home and setting. Thanks so much for sharing... I'm still looking for that perfect beach town to live in and the northeast of Florida is definitely on my list!

    Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea & Completely Coastal

  7. What a great home. Gosh everything about it is gorgeous. I love it.

  8. Oh my goodness, that is such a beautiful home. The setting is absolute perfection, and your pictures are fabulous. I'm sure this would be anybody's dream home. I know I'd love to have it.

    That picture of the pathway with the tree branches hanging into is so beautiful.

    Do you have any idea what the yellow color is?

  9. I've been looking at your blog for a while this morning and had to stop here because I love this house on the river. I love the many things you've done. Great ideas for me to use.
    Thanks for your service!

  10. What a wonderful property and beautiful view. I love the pecks in the roof and live oaks dripping with Spanish moss!


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