The Ole Girl Got a Tune Up!

I think it was long overdue. I just kept putting it off. Something I'm good at. Amy, over at Design Intervention, convinced me to bring her in for a little once over. Amy is such a talented sewer. Really you must go and see what she can do. Amazing stuff I tell you.

I got her when she was new. We lived in Germany at the time. But she has her work visa so no worries. I remember when I first got her. She may not be fancy but she is a hard worker. She has help me with drapes, pillows, slip covers ummmm.... ok, mostly drapes and pillows. With crafty stuff thrown in. She helped me put together the nursery for son #1. It had a clown theme. Funny thing now, clowns freak him out. Hmmm, couldn't be my fault could it?

She's going to help me fix up these.

With some of this.

The cushions are tired and worn. I've slipped the cushions before but I trashed them and now they need more. More pillows and some paint too. This wicker used to be under a screened in porch. Now, at this house, its exposed to the elements. Not too good. I'm probably going to do the seating in white again and then the coffee table in some color. Any ideas? I may be selling them soon so I think that might be more sellable.

I would like to find some lounge chairs for by the pool instead. So I can nap. And dream of having a pool boy to bring me margaritas. They are not cheap, the lounge chairs that is. Or the pool boy for that matter. So I have my eye out on craigslist. For the lounge chairs. But you never know. I could find a pool boy on there too.


  1. Aww - - thanks for the shout-out! So glad your girl has her "work visa" - -that cracked me up!! Can't wait to see that patio furniture re-done!! It is going to look fantastic!

  2. LOL! You are funny!
    If you find a pool boy that can make and bring margaritas- let me know- I have been looking for one for years.
    I LOVE the fabric you got and can't wait to see what the ole girl cranks out- not you- the machine!
    I think, a green (that matches the fabric) for the table would be pretty.
    Now get sewing!


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