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I went to an estate sale today. It was the first day of a 3 day sale. I was excited. I saw pictures online. It looked promising. There was a piece of milk glass I was really wanting to look at. It was a rose bowl. I don't have one. It opened at 8 am and I got there just before 10:00. Yes, I should get my butt moving faster. I know, I know. I browsed a bit in the garage. Evidently a bit too long. I look to the other side of the house and I see the rose bowl! In some lady's hand!! She was small I could have taken her. But instead I hovered over her for awhile. She kept looking at like she was unsure. I could grab it once she put it down! That was the plan.....but she didn't, I didn't, I was ticked. Oh well. There was some furniture. Some sold. Some waaaay too high, some I'd get with a discount. But I don't think I can get back there.

So what did I do? I went to thrift stores. I found some milk glass. Nothing like the rose bowl that got away mind you. But cute none the less.

Just a little vase, a compote and 5 little custard bowls. Not sure what they are really but they'll be good for recipe preps or cocktail sauce or lemon wedges. I had to console myself and buy something okay?

This is an ironstone piece I found the other day at GW. I liked the size of it. Probably had a lid at one time but that's okay. I don't have it all together either. Let's not judge.

Now this was found at another estate sale a couple of months ago. Lovely, no? The plastic blue flowers don't float your boat?

Look a little closer. Under all that plasticiness. See it peeping out? I came back for this on the 2nd or 3rd day. I forgot. But got it for a steal. Now, the guy told me it was a pretty old piece but it was packed to the rim with that green floral foam stuff. Packed I tell you! I wondered if I was going to get it out. I feared there would be glue and lots of it! It had one handle. How odd I thought. Why just one?

But alas, I got it all out. Remarkably it wasn't glued at all. It had that floral adhesive gummy stuff holding it all together. Came right out! Well, most. The rest came off with goo gone!

And that funny single handle? Well, I looked it up when I got home. I'm sure some of you know what it is but then there are the clueless ones like me. It's what they used years ago in the middle of the night when nature called. It is a chamber pot! Yup, I have a pee pee pot in my living room. Of course, just with ferns in it now!

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  1. You are not alone...years ago I also had a chamber pot in my family room! Sorry that you didn't get the rose bowl:(



  2. Love your pretty white treasures! I thought that was a chamber pot, even before you took the flowers out! How funny! You found some great things!

  3. Love the pee-pee pot! You got some pretty pieces, even if you didn't get the rose bowl.

  4. What kind of rose bowl was it?
    When someone else grabs/steals the stuff I have my eye on at a yard sale or thrift store, I just think about all the times I probably did that to someone else!!
    I didn't know it was a peepee pot- I thought it was Paul Bunyan's wife's coffee mug.
    Will she ever be upset to know you put plants in her cup!!
    You got some very cute consolation prizes!

  5. It does look like a giant coffee mug! That's a heck of a lot of caffeine! The rose bowl was a hobnail milk glass. Look like a round ball on a pedestal. And you're right, I know it did it once to a lady at GW. She spied me holding a silver candy dish on a pedestal and was stalking me. Then asked where I found it! I think she was hoping I'd put it down!

  6. Love that chamber pot! Great finds! Too funny about following the lady around!

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Maybe you did not give her enough of an evil eye??lol Good finds help!
    smiles, alice

  8. I LOVE the chamber pot!! We gotta look under the ugly sometimes to find the beauty!! It looks great with the fern!! Classy and Elegant! Even if it is or WAS a pee pot! lol

    Sorry about the rose bowl!

    Lou Cinda :)

  9. I hate the fact that I love chamber pots so much!!! It's amazing how they made such run of the mill (and sometimes gross things) so beautiful back then!

    I LOVE all of your white finds! They are beautiful!

  10. LOL I was trying to figure out what it was too. I love milk glass; there's something so pure about it.

  11. Hope things work out and you eventually get your hands on a rose bowl like you want!


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