Lesson Learned: Shut Thy Mouth

So we head to the estate sale. Hubby is off so he comes along. He has a look of concern because of the area we are entering. I'm not judging and I explain to him that you never know what you will find or where. Luckily it wasn't in the run down, rusted out trailer park that we accidentally turned into. But the sale did turn out to be an glorified yard sale in my opinion. It wasn't run by the company that I usually see. They were a bit high. Wanting $65 for a small dough bowl that I wasn't even sure of it's age. She was a doll collector so there were tons of those. Some pretty darn scary looking ones too. Chucky scary.

We stop at a couple thrift stores. More of a flea market really.  I picked up a couple of ironstone pieces and 2 more milk glass cups to go with my others. Turns out they aren't even the same shape as what I have. Oh well, a quarter each. The gravy boat was 2.  I want to try that peroxide treatment that Red Door Home had suggested. It worked wonders on her piece. I won't be out much if it all goes horribly wrong.  

I bought the chair for a planter. She had $5 on it and I asked her if she would come down. "Well Sugar" she said "whatcha wanna pay me for it?" At this point I should have just shut up. But there was too long of a pause. Times a wasting. And I blurt out 3 bucks just when she was going to say 2. I don't know what came over me. I wasn't too upset. Three dollars for a planter isn't bad I guess. Lesson learned (again) shut up and let them blurt out the price.

Looks comfy huh? That's some really old red vinyl covering the seat. I think I will paint it something cheery. Now I have to buy more plants for the chair. It's rather plain so maybe something viney to grow up the back of it. Stay tuned I hope to get it done before the summer is over. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Son #2 is home for a visit from college so it will be a fun weekend here.


  1. Oh, well~you weren't too far off!

    I really like your gravy boat. The detail by the handle is cute.

  2. well, at least you didn't blurt out a higher price! like 6 dollars! lol

    i think you did great! it's fun finding old items and then taking them and making them your own!

    have a great weekend...and thanks so very much for your visit!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  3. Anita,

    I LOVE your finds!!New follower here...Have a great weekend!


  4. I hope you show us your chair planter when you are done. I hope you are having a fun long weekend.

  5. Hey Anita! This reminds me of a story...I was at a YS, wanted a particular thing (who remembers) and the man said $5.00. I said what about $3.00? He said, Well, okay. I paid up, and he said, "I would have sold it for $2". I said, "I would've paid 5.00". HA! We both got a laugh out of that one...and so did everyone standing around!

  6. I don't think that $3 was bad for the chair:) I would have rather paid $2 like she was going to say but live and learn:)


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