Pots, Paint and Posies

I wanted to be ready for Funky Junk's pot party. I, of course, procrastinated. I had a stacked pot planter at my old house but thought I'd change it up a bit this time. The big pot is clay and very heavy. The smaller one is plastic. Both similar shapes. I gathered some plants and soil. I highly recommend getting the potting soil with fertilizer in it. But you can also add a fertilizer like osmocote. It lasts for months. I was not a good gardener and I didn't clean the pots first. I did take a stiff brush and scrubbed off the surface dirt. See the green stuff on the inside rim? Painted right over it! Yep, I kind of like that green stuff and thought it would just spread it around and grow more. You know, age it a bit more.

I tried just doing one coat of paint so it would have a washed kind of look. I was not digging it.
Here they are after two coats. I'm liking it better. I just used some white paint samples I had on hand since I'm trying to find a white for my kitchen cabinets. I have paint chips all over my cabinets. Maybe if I get enough I can just cover them all and not have to paint them. I printed out our house numbers on the computer and taped the paper to my cutting board. I used an exacto knife to cut them out. I didn't want to use it as a stencil since I wouldn't get a clean line. I just used the cut outs and a pencil and traced them on to give me an idea of size and then I painted them in with a small brush. It's not perfect. I did it at night on the garage floor and even with my glasses my eye sight is not great. Just wait until you young chickadees get older. Key word is older not OLD.

I then gave it a quick coat of some clear spray on sealer. I wasn't too worried about it but thought it would last a little longer.
note to self: make sure nozzle is pointed out toward what you trying to spray and preferably when the garage door is open and the sun is up

Ok, so I waited until the next day to take these photos. It's handy to put them on one of these wheely things so you can move it around. It will be heavy. I put some empty plastic pots inside to take up some of the space. One, to make it lighter and two so I don't use so much of that nice soil. Now you just fill with whatever you like. Make sure you loosen the roots and squeeze them some to get them to fit. They won't mind. I dug some lirope out of my garden to give it some height. The flowers were in full bloom when I bought them but because I procrastinated (really hate that word) they were a little faded in the bloom department. See first photo. They will come back, just use your imagination will ya?

So, I'm linking up with Donna @ Funky Junk. She's have a pot party you know. Wonder if she'll be making brownies?

Also linking up with The DIY Show Off Project Parade


  1. I like that! The two tiered look is really cool, and I like how the white really pops.

  2. Love it! What a cute way to dress up the front of a house!


  3. This looks so good. I really like it. I never have thought about painting just the top part of a pot.

  4. I really like what you did with the pots and flowers! Great job.

  5. LOL I laughed through this whole post! Can't wait to see the funky new cabs once all the paint store has lost their paint chips. :)

    Now I must say, with each step you took with these pots, I was in love. But then another pic flipped up and I liked it better. And better. And the end result is COOOOL! I love the idea of the rim just white but to tower them together is just really different. Love how the lower plant just seems to be right at home in that little space perfect for it.

    This idea is a total winner! Thanks for linking up to 'the pot party.' :)


  6. What a neat idea! I love how you put your pots on wheels! Now that's smart thinking!

  7. I love it! I did one pot like that(painted the rim, but I love the stacked idea!!

  8. I love the stacked idea and the numbers on the larger one. Cool project.
    Also? I've used packing peanuts in the bottom of my larger planters to fill up that space instead of using up all my potting soil.

  9. Hello sweet Anita!!
    I squinted my eyes and imagined tons of lovely red blooms cascading down the sides of those awesome pots!
    I would also squint my eyes if I should see your kitchen cabinets, and imagine them the perfect shade of paint swatch.
    I think this idea would be awesome with herbs, too, and yesterday I just bought some rosemary, cilantro and English thyme- AND it's sunny outside!
    Hmmm... I gotta go- I'll squint at ya later!
    ~Blessings to you!

  10. I so want to do this. I can't believe you noticed the enamel pot in the planting shed. My camera was playing hazy on me. You have a great eye, for ideas too!

  11. I so need to try this, since I'm a planting FOOL!


  12. ooohhh I like this! well done!

    i'm going to follow you now...

    hope to see you soon!

    ciao bella
    creative and conversational carmelina

  13. This is outstanding!! I love this idea, its beautiful!

  14. I love how you made this two tiered! Great idea!

  15. I love the pop of the white! and the two tiered planter is very nice! The numbers look great too!
    I might have to try this!

  16. I love this look! I`m going to show my mom coz I don`t have a yard yet (appartment living, gotta love it (LOL).

  17. That looks awesome. I am going to have to root around in my garage to see if I can come up with some pots. Great job.

  18. Hi, it's me again...I was just re-reading the post to see what type of flowers you used and I read the part about the pot party and brownies LOL Oh my god! You rock girl!

  19. This turned out just wonderfully. I'd so love to do this for our front porch, too!~ Great job!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  20. I will so be borrowing this idea...just love it!

  21. Too cute for words! I love this idea & thanks so much for sharing! Glad to see you link up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! i hope to see you link up more gardening posts in the future as it looks as though you have lot's of ideas to share! xoox


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