Out and About on the Water

We went out on the boat yesterday so I thought I'd share some photos I took of the beautiful day. It was pretty hot but not unbearable yet.

Going out through Destin pass. Not too rough today. It can get pretty choppy going through here. You get a peak of the emerald water around the jetty. 

and the sand as white as snow

In hubbys words, now that's a big ass boat!

A little para sailing? No thanks!

We caught a little fish but this dinner will have to wait until June 1st. The first sea turtle I have seen here. I am hoping that stuff on it's back is not oil! He was hard to get a shot of. The boat was rocking and he kept going under.

On our way in we stopped in a cove to look around. Had to take a shot of these old shrimp boats. It wasn't until our way out of the cove that I noticed the sunken sailboat. Quite the ram shackled yard!

I loved this yard and how it went right down to the water. Maybe one day we will live on the water like that.


  1. I'm jealous~it looks so warm and sunny and just, well, not HERE!

  2. Anita, thanks so much for your visit today.. your photos of the "Boat trip" were wonderful! Are you having any Oil problems on the upper side of the Gulf? I sure hope it stays away from all of us! My Son is a Lt USCG and said "It's worse than any of us know and it will impact the Gulf for years to come"... so sad for the fishermen! I signed up with the Clearwater Aquarium to help clean up, if need be!
    Another 90's day here.. rain is coming!!
    Take care

  3. How fun. I hope the oil stays away. We are going to Siesta Key Florida at the end of June. I can't wait to get my feet in that white sand.

  4. Looks great, we get down to the coast only occasionally now, my dad lives in Mississippi but moved more inland after Katrina. I love the smell of the water, even the stinky fish markets. And I love the smell of humidity when we are there, our humidity is pretty tame here in ND but when it fires up I am about the only person I know that is happy!!


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