I'd Like to Thank the Academy....


I got an award today! I am amazed I have readers. Suzanne over at Meridian Road sent it to me. She is so sweet and funny. She has a lot of great ideas and has created some great things. You should check out her fabulous laundry room redo and the shutters she made! We also like a lot of the same things. So her laundry basket might just suddenly disappear. I wonder how long of a drive it is from FL to Idaho?

So, here is how it works. I tell you 7 things about myself and then I pass it on to 15 other bloggers. Some that I would have chosen were already picked. So, my list might not be 15.

1. I learned to drive a stick shift on the autobahn in Germany. We lived there for 3 years and I passed the drivers test and hubby didn't. He rented the car and got a stick. I learned very quickly and sweated a lot.

2. I love throwing things away. Bags of trash makes me feel cleansed. But sometimes I get carried away. Like the time I threw out a letter to hubby thanking him for his service in the military and it was signed by Governor Clinton. Later to become President Clinton. 

3. I rarely make my bed. Ok all you ocd people, don't hate me.  Head between your knees and take a deep breath. It will be okay.

4. I haven't had my hair cut since November because I hate finding new hairdressers when I move. I tried one twice and I wasn't feeling the love. Now I need to find someone new because I'm starting to look like Cousin It. 

5. I went on a crazy fun trip to Italy 3 years ago with my family. I don't mean our family of 5, I mean our family of 21. Yup, all 21 of us went to Italy for a family reunion to meet my father's family. My sister and I planned all of our side trips and it was a wonder we all survived.

6. I have moved from Florida to Arkansas to Germany back to Arkansas to New Jersey to Mississippi to Georgia and now back to Florida. Back to where I was born in a zig zaggy kind of way.

7. I love a good laugh. Some people might not get my sense of humor. My favorite movie is probably A Princess Bride and favorite funny show would be Seinfeld. Does that helps define my humor? 
Bonus: I am a LOST fan. I have watched it from day one and my family knows not to bother me when it's on. I can't believe it's almost over. 
I will pass this on to these lovely ladies. Check out their blogs and see what they are up to.

Kirsty @ A Little Bit of Sanity and A Lot of Chaos I stalked this blog long before I blogged myself. Her furniture revamps are remarkable and her posts make me laugh.
Donna @ My Shabby Chateau A great thrifty shopper and repurposer. Love seeing what she has found.
Leslie @ Goodbye House! Hello Home! A fabulous inspirational writer with great humor and some great decorating style. She has a cafe in her basement!
Tracy @ Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures She has so many great garden inspired projects! She keeps my to do list long.
Melanie @ Southern Comfort in a Northern Life A southerner adjusting to living up north. Cooking her way through the Pioneer Woman's cookbook! 
Amy @ Design Intervention This is one talented lady with a sewing machine! She is keeping busy while her hubby is deployed.
Linda @ Coastal Charm She celebrates all things thrifty with her Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party and was so nice to ask me to join in.
Melinda @ One Life Many Journeys She's on a mission to redo ugly furniture. You should see her gun cabinet redo. Unrecognizable!
Ginger @ A Cottage on Rosewood I love her style. We both have a love of things old, vintage and chippy.
Sandra @ Sawdust and Paper Scraps One chick that is not afraid of power tools! She has done some terrific projects.
Kolein @ Kitchen Table Productions This girl can make me laugh. She is trying all sorts of new things and moving to a new house might be one of them.


  1. #3 - I make my bed always..cannot stand it messy! maybe I am a little OCD in that department!

    and #5 - i like!
    21 members of your family! wow....
    viva l'italia!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. #3 is sooooo cute. i used to be ocd about it....but not anymore....freedom, bab-bee!

  3. Thank you for the award!
    I am blushing!
    I have to get my award up on my blog!
    You are sweet for thinking of me :)
    I just now have gotten back to my life--as it is, after my trip outta town.
    I love your #3-I just toss back the comforter as best I can, #4- I am the same way with hairdressers!, and #7- Pwince Humperdink and Princess Buttercwup are my all time faves, too!
    My daughter, Miss L, is a LOST fan, too!
    Nice to know ya better!

  4. Congratulations! Guess that means you won't be picking up the awards I left everyone on my post? (lol)
    Loved your facts, I'm a lost fan too but have the entire season on dvr, just have not had any time to keep up with it. I figure this way when it ends, I will still have new episodes in the "bank". ;)

  5. Congrats Anita and thanks a million for the blog love. I admit the no bed making thing is tempting, but I'm over with the ocd folks nawin on my fingernails..HA! and I can only imagine the things you've seen in so many different places. What an adventure.

  6. I am with Ginger....thanks for the blog love:) I am one of your OCD friends that had to put her head between her legs over the unmade bed;-)

    I love that you took a family trip to Italy with a lot of family. It sounds like it was a lot of fun.

    I love to know that you have lived in a lot of different place. You won't believe this but we have lived in Cincy for 6 months and we might be transferred to SC! WOO HOO! Back to the south. Hopefully....fingers crossed.

    I will post my answers on Friday. Thanks again.

  7. I love learning about YOU, Anita!!! Thank you for the award. I'm so touched!!! Me? Really!

    I love to laugh with people. I do laugh with myself, too. You probably knew that!!!

    Hair thing...yep, right there with ya. Cept I haven't cut mine since.....ummm....October. Hair is a precious thing that should not go to waste. Or something!!! Mine is atrocious.

    Love the Italy trip. I want an Italy trip. Actually I want a family to go on a trip to Italy with. I couldn't with mine. Trust me. But I could find 21 or so friends to go with....now that would be amore!!!!

    I learned to drive a manual shift on my very first car while living in NYC. Yep that's where I learned to drive it. Not the autobahn but pretty close to Hell. Everyone thought I was crazy. I said, "That's when you realized?!!!"

    I DO make my bed every single day. OCD. Yeah, sure, why not? But truly, I cannot start my day. It's like my cup of coffee, without it I ain't happening or going anywhere good today!!

    I've never seen Princess Bride. Should I? Seinfeld? Yep, I lived through that one and have the t-shirt, too!!!

    I was born in upstate NY, moved to NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Staten Island again, central NY - twice, Boston and then back to upstate NY - same city I was born in. You're traveling sounds so much more romantic than mine. I would dub mine - neurotic.

    I LOVE throwing things away too. Like, a lot. It's not good because I just know something really important is in a land fill somewhere nearby. And one day my husband will realize that it's missing. yikes.

    Well, that covers it. Not that I had to do my 7 things here. But I consider it done!!! Love the award!!!


  8. Congrats on the award! Also thanks for passing it along to me:) I too don't always make my bed...I like it made up, but sometimes I just forget! Hope you have a FUN weekend:)


  9. Whoot Whoot! Hot diggity! I am thrilled! I have a hard time throwing things away but is my hubbies favorite thing to do!LOL


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