Commenting Tips: They're a Good Thing

I was recently reading a post by Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick called Comment Love. You should check out her post, she has some great tips on blogging and commenting. Her
blog always makes me laugh. She is multi talented and has a great sense of humor. Great combo in my book!

I would just like to touch on one part of her post that I myself have been having issues with and I'm not sure how many of you all know this is happening. When you comment on a post it goes to my email. I have an email account just for blogging. Being a new blogger I would like to make connections and I have been trying to email back. To thank you for visiting and maybe answer a question. But I have been hitting a wall with "noreply". This happens when I read my comments in my email and then hit reply to write you back. You have to have it set up so that when I or others hit reply that your email address shows and I can send you an email! If it's not set up correctly then when I hit reply I am only getting "noreply" in place of the address. Is this making sense? Have I lost you all?? 

I'm going to copy the solution that Sarah had in her post so you can solve this little dilemma. Yes, I asked her and she so kindly hit "reply" and emailed me back with a YES! See it does work.
Here are her steps.

To set up an email account in your Blogger account, go through these steps:
1. Go to your dashboard and click on Edit profile next to your profile picture.
2.  Under Privacy, click “show my email.” 
3. Under Identity, put your email address in the box indicated. (This is also where you can change your display name to add the name of your blog if you want!)
4. Click Save profile at the bottom and you are done!
Don’t want the world to see your personal email? I didn’t either. :) I set up a separate one in gmail and it took about three minutes. Easy peasy Squeezies!! 

She has more tips but I'm not copy and pasting all day people. I have things to paint today! Just zip on over there and you can read some more great ideas about commenting and blogging. Comment Love. She's one smart cookie! 


  1. I second your message!!! I would love to respond or to thank folks for becoming a follower but hit a roadblock with the "noreply" email address. With the world the way it is, unfortunately we have to be cautious with our personal information - setting up an email account especially for your blog is a brilliant idea Anita!!

  2. Hey Anita!
    thanks for coming by...
    i think my email...reply thingy is set up right...you'll have to let me know if I'm one of the ones you are speaking of ! hehehe....

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Well said Anita. I personally replied to every single comment on my blog for a whole month before I realized that some of the addresses were 'no reply'. They were lumping the comments together on my gmail acct and I couldn't figure out why, dummy me finally noticed they all had the same return address....Caitlin noreply-comment@blogger.com Apparently Caitlin was my first no reply commenter and all the rest that came after her get lumped under her name.
    Whatever..I just want to know where all the comments I sent out to that address went.....I kid you not, I've sent out at least 50 emails to that address so far! lol

  4. I also reply but I find it easier to go into the blog comments.. takes a bit more time but I don't mind!
    good post!

  5. Just finished reading this post too.
    I love your template and style by the way! It's gorgeous!

  6. I'm like you, I email everyone back but I didn't know that it doesn't go through sometimes. I thought as long as they have a blogger account, it goes to them. I don't have a separate email account though. That would probably be a good idea but it is too late to change that. I will go and see how my blog is set up.

  7. Amen Anita. I was just thinking about how to approach this subject this morning. A tip about having an additional email address? I have a gmail account that is my blogger address, however, I have the mail from that account auto-magically sent to my main (private) gmail account, so I only log into one account and can read mail from both. The email from my blog has [Cottage960] in the subject line, so I know at a glance what mail is from that account. When you want to send an email there is a drop down menu to choose which account to use as the ‘from’.


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