Procrastination Isn't Always Bad

Well, For once it's looks like it was good that I procrastinated. Remember when I talked about recovering these cushions on this wicker?

With some of this. Great plan right?

Well, I was going to get started on that today. No, really I was. I have Donna's Gitter Done Challenge in the back of my mind. But then we saw this.

This is what happens with wicker that isn't protected. Ack! I suppose I could make a swing out of it but I have no place for a swing so sadly it's going in the trash. I have no other ideas for it. I'm just glad I didn't waste my time and fabric on the cushions. I may be able to use the chairs. I will inspect them better. I will just hang onto the cushions for something else. I did already repaint the little coffee table. It looks cute. I'll show that later. I still haven't found lounge chairs. But I do have an old metal chair that is primed and ready for some paint. Guess that will have to do for now.


  1. Thanks for your efforts to go see my new site. You are very sweet to keep trying. It is very odd huh? I know I also posted to Face book and my friends were able to go. Thanks again...and ohhh nooo sad little wicker! I hate that.

  2. Hi!
    I am so sorry about your loveseat!! Wahhhhhh!
    I suppose, like InnovativeMom said, you could try to repair it? Or get another off Craigslist?
    Good thing you checked it out first and weren't sitting on it while it broke! :)
    The rug I have in my post is actually a Pottery Barn rug, but I saw its twin at Old Time Pottery. Like for $200 less.
    Do you have an Old Time Pottery where you are?
    I have to see about this here Gitter Done challenge thingy-- I may qualify for that with my kitchen project :)

  3. There is quite a bit of rotting going on from being in the rain. I'm afraid it might not be worth the effort. :(

  4. I do have an old time pottery, I will need to go check to see what they have. Thanks.

  5. Oh Anita, it is a good thing that you didn't work on it and then see th broken foot!

  6. Poor "Wicker Love Seat"... hope you find
    a way to save it... you know there is
    a way... cut a 2 by 2 and gorilla glue it!
    who will notice,, but you!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog.. comment on
    the two "Old lamps"... time for you to get
    out the spray paint for your bd/rm lamps...


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