Really Old Window

I totally forgot about Donna's themed link being windows. So, the procrastinator that I am will have to do a quick post so I can link up my window.

This window was taken from my sister's house when they were renovating it years ago. I posted about it here. I've never wanted to do anything to it because I love the wavy glass and the chipped old paint. Ok, so there is probably lead in those chips but I don't have babies anymore so it's okay. The window is over 160 years old!

I just like using it as a backdrop for decorating. I had it hanging with a chain at my old house but here I have it propped up on my yet to be painted mantel. Yes, Donna it's on my Gitter Done list. I have a very high mantel which I think needs large items. I like it with my son's black and white photography and right now it's sporting some summery star fish. Mixing the old with the new. I like that. So while it may not be a good functioning window anymore, it functions just fine for me.

I will be linking up to Funky Junk Saturday Nite Special themed link


  1. Hi Anita!
    I love the window, it looks great as a layering piece. The black paint makes it more special too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love your window! I have been on the hunt for one at the thrift store. Yours looks great and love how you decorated with it!

  3. Your really old window looks fantastic on your mantel. I really like your hearth grate as well, beautifully vintage.

    Hope you're having a great weekend Anita!

  4. Luv this OLD window...really luv the look with the starfish:)


  5. Hi Anita,

    Love the old window! I also like the black and white photo with it, very cool! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  6. I'm likin' it! The black window is a nice changeup from everyone else's whites. Makes those starfish absolutely pop!

    Thanks for linking up to Old Windows SNS!

  7. Wow...who knew that a window could look so good after 160 years! It looks amazing on your mantle, and the star fish look perfect paired with it. GREAT job on the decor, it is BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. Ohh, I get a sick feeling when I see old window posts. Last time I moved I left behind 2 beautiful old windows, not even in bad shape, and still had their chains. I just didn't feel like lugging them around anymore. I hope I don't live to REALLY regret it. Now I just slightly regret it.


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