Tuuuuubing and A Coastal Charm Giveaway!

It was a beautiful day out on the water yesterday. Son #1 came into town for Father's Day. He went fishing with his dad early in the morning then #3 son and I met up with them so they could do a little tubing. They, not me.

#3 son showing his moves

Son #1 did stay on the longest until he finally wiped out.

We passed this wonderful house on the Boggy Bayou with these two cute little boys fishing on the dock. The house had this huge screened in porch on the bottom and a big deck up top. I just had to take their picture. Of the house and the kids. They probably thought I was some strange old lady. One still had his little baseball uniform on and they were yelling out Happy Fathers Day to us. I'd love to have a house right on the water like that. 

Then we went fishing again off the shore. Well, they did, I took pictures.

Another beautiful day on the Emerald Coast. So far so good with the oil. We did have some tar balls wash ashore on Okaloosa Island but the beaches are all still open and the boys were able to get through the pass to go into the gulf to fish during outgoing tides.

I also want to mention that Linda over at Coastal Charm is having a giveaway. A Coastal Living magazine subscription. Wow wonderful is that? Very! She also has some news about a free Jimmy Buffett concert that is going on July 1 on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores AL to bring awareness to this horrible BP mess. She may be in AL and I may be in FL but we are Gulf neighbors just the same. Just click on the Love the Gulf button below and it should bring you right to Linda's post. She has more info on what is going on down at the beach concert. You can enter the giveaway and spread the love of the gulf at the same time! So go, spread a little love today.

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  1. what a nice recounting of a day well spent out in nature...enjoying splashes and smiles all around!

    great photos...you sound like me, they went fishing..while I took photos! lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. Anita,
    Thanks sooo much for this wonderful post about OUR beautiful GULF COAST...yes...we both LOVE this area the same:) Looks like a FUN day out on the water...we no longer have a boat and seeing FUN pics like yours make me miss it! I'm hoping and praying that this mess is over SOON!


  3. Hi Anita,
    Love the sunset! Gorgeous. Glad to hear that you so far have not been too affected by the oil spill. Your comment cracked me up! I have been having a cruddy day (thankfully I don't have too many of those, I am a truly happy person!). I even managed to take some poor ladies grocery cart by mistake today at the store! I had spent an hour piling my cart to the brim, then I realized I had someone elses cart! And this is in a huge store! thankfully I found her, and my own cart! I was so embarrassed! I apologized profusely, and she was very nice about it! So you gave me a much needed laugh. We went out on our boat last night, about to go for a swim, and ended up having to get towed in! Hubby filled the boat with disel instead of gas :( So hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

  4. Hi!
    What a great day you had!
    Did you get sunburned?
    What a pretty sunset!
    Sigh...sometimes I really miss Florida.
    Guess what?
    I gifted my entry in Linda's giveaway to you!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful family day. I wouldn't mind living in that house either!! Gorgeous sunset photo.

  6. You know, even with all the crap going on in the gulf region, I'd say you are so lucky to live there! It's beautiful!

  7. Sounds like a great day! Glad that you are safe from the oil and I hope that it stays that way!


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