When To Let It Go

This is a chair my sister gave me.....well I don't remember when. It sat like this in our basement in GA for years. I would put blankets on it to cover it but really, it was mostly the boys and their friends down there playing video games and they could care less.

I loved the shape of it and the channel back but that back scared me. I had no clue how to recover that. Oh, and I googled it believe me, I. google. everything. How much is that silver dish worth? Google. Need a recipe for red snapper? Google. Funny rash on your arm? well you get the picture.

So, I released the need to do it myself and I compromised. I would redo the frame and have someone else reupholster it. There are times you must admit it is beyond your skill level. Or require more time that you can give to it. You see, I didn't get around to deciding this until just months before we were to move to FL. Hubby was already living there and I was the one left to get the house on the market. And I was a fanatic when it came to getting everything just so. It was probably good we weren't living together at the time because we might not be married now. He would come home on most weekends to help but I was the one on hands and knees cleaning baseboards, filling trim with caulk, fixing holes in drywall and cleaning, painting, and more painting. I didn't sleep much but the house sold in a week. Yeah buddy, a week.

I don't have any during photos since this was before the wonderful world of blogging took over entered my life. But I first removed every one of those darn nail heads so that I could get to the frame better. I then sanded the frame and painted it a creamy white. I then took some burnt umber and watered it down and brushed on and wiped off. I really just aimed it at all the engraved swirly parts. I fiddled with it a bit to get it where I wanted.

The fabric I got at Fabric and Fringe. Gosh I miss that store. Isles and isles of fabric. It was heaven. The table is in line for some paint. Probably in the cream. I need to find new knobs. There is a drawer on the other side with a mismatched one. I found the little pillow at Target the other day. Loved the colors. Need to work on some other pillows for the couch. And by "work on" I mean sew out of the fabric I have stashed. Or.... maybe I'll just buy some.

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  1. Beautiful chair. I know what you mean about when to say when. I have a great chair that was my mom's. Her home was severely vandalized and there is paint on the back of the fabric. It needs to be reupholstered and I just don't have the heart to mess it up. Someday I am paying someone to do it and I will be glad I did.

  2. What a gorgeous chair! I don't think I'd ever attempt a channel back, either. I think you did the right thing. The fabric is perfect!

    I have two tables that are VERY similar to your black one. I'm thinking I'll keep the two toned love going and re-do them dark on top, cream on the bottom.

  3. The chair looks great! I love it and I say BUY a pillow;-)

  4. Wow! It looks fantastic. I just put an orange chair just like this on my curb, because I thought it would be a stretch for my upholstery skills. A fellow blogger curb shopped it. :) Anyway, your chair looks so great.

  5. Your chair looks great Anita!! I would have had no clue how to redo that one!

  6. What a wonderful chair. Love the fabric you picked as well as the painted finish. I am not sure I would have the courage to try this either. Thanks for sharing a wonderful makeover.

  7. the chair has a great shape and style, the painting and new fabric really gave it an update

  8. Hi
    I love your chair! The shape is wonderful, and so is the lighter wood. Gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful chair!!!
    You gave me some ideas--remember my post where I have this chair with stinker nailhead trim that won't come off--could you give me some pointers to get the nailheads off?
    If you lived close to me, I'd hire you to work with me when I stage homes!!
    My homes sell in an average of a week, too!
    And only because I am SOOOOO picky, too!
    Sometimes, I have had homeowners even say bad words when i hand them the pre-staging list--so I had to laugh in agreement when you said it's a good thing your hubby was only around on the weekends!
    Well, I love your chair! Any ideas for mine?
    Thank you!

  10. I am amazed! I tried to do this to a chair on mine years ago and it didn't turn out nearly as well as your did. Superb! Lisa~

  11. Oh my gosh.. amazing transformation! I love the tones you've chosen. So pretty!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

  12. Oh my, your chair is simply gorgeous! I love the channels in the back, the creamy white you painted it and the new fabric is just dreamy.

  13. My parents have a set of chairs just like that! They had them recovered a few years ago, too.

    Yours turned out beautifully. I love the brown highlighting all the chair's pretty details.

  14. your workmanship looks really good from the pictures. love that close up of the welting.

  15. wow! that chair looks fabulous! great job.

  16. OMG I have this chair's cousin! I LOVE what you did with it! Thanks for leaving the nice comments. Here is the link to your questions http://cottageandvine.blogspot.com/2010/05/new-curtainssort-of.html#comments

  17. that chair turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like I need to do a tutorial on channel backs!!!

  18. Love the chair. I have another chair I'm working on. It has been stipped down to the frame for 2 weeks now. Diamond tufting looks scary!! I think in two weeks, I'll give it a go:)

  19. Wow, my mother has a chair that is quite similar. Wonder if she would like to part with it?

  20. Love that chair..and colors you chose. the cream color on the wood, brings out the trim...just lovely....


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