A Series of Unfortunate Boating Events

So we rescued some people from the channel this past weekend. The boating channel that is. I'll get back to that in a minute. Ever have one of those days when it all just feels very peculiar? Just one misstep after another. It started with a little fishing for some snapper. The season is so short and hubby wanted us all along so he could catch his limit. I'm sure he wanted our joyous company also. 

First order, get some bait fish. We see it everywhere. Hubby throws out the cast net with no success. Do you think there is a "cast netting for dummies" book out there? Oh, that doesn't sound good does it? Lets just say someone could use a little instruction in the art of cast netting but won't admit it. 

So, son #3 rigs up a pole with a jig to get larger bait fish. It's this long line with about 6 tiny hooks with rubber worm things and a small weight on the end. #3 son is getting frustrated as the jig keeps getting tangled and then makes it worse by flicking the rod and we have now have a tangled mess of line, hooks and sticky rubber worms.

We press on and head out to the reef. I'm thrilled because these guys are there and I am determined to get some pictures. Hubby is not so thrilled because they are eating his fish. The little buggers are playing hide and seek with my camera which is ticking me off. This is all I got.

Then hubby gets a bite. It's a big one! Oh wait, no it's not a fish, some young guys in a boat are trolling and his line is hooked up with hubby's line. And the young lad is not aware. Hubby's waving his arms, I'm yelling "you're snagged", #3 son is hiding in embarrassment at me yelling. Oh why oh why did I not take a picture of such madness, I do not know. I'm picturing hubby being yanked into the water by the idiot trolling boat. See the guy above with his butt in the air? He got stuck in the middle, idiot guy is not turning around and so he cut the line for fear of being decapitated. Finally, idiot guy turns around. Hubby had his lure.

The heat, MY GOD THE HEAT! Bait is being taken, fish are not being caught. We move to find another spot. Follow the bait fish. Oh crap, hubby yells. This can't be good. One does not like hearing oh crap, when one is miles from the shore and it's 212 degrees out. The water seems to be boiling. Oh right, it's just the bait fish which looks surprising like boiling water. I turn to get the meaning of, oh crap. It seems hubby wasn't watching his trolling line and it is now nicely wrapped around the prop. Hubby has to jump into the water to untangle the line. I'm on the look out for sharks as Flipper and his friend are no where to be seen now. I'm sure they are below having a good laugh. #3 son jumps in to help. They get the line off and we head in. Not a day for fishing my friends. Well, at least they got cooled off.

Okay, here is where the peculiarity rises just a bit. There is an area called crab island. A huge sand bar where boats park and people swim and there is lots of drinking. Pure craziness.

more crappy pictures

We are considering stopping and taking a dip to cool off. I will only swim where I can see through the water. The water was so super clear this day. 

The island was packed and as we are going through the channel we spot something in the water. Is that someone floating in the channel? Boats are all around. The floater is pretty far from the island. Wait, it's two people. I'm like, do you think they need help? What if they are doing something, ewww.  No one is waving their arms. Wait, that's not two people as in adults, that a person and a kid. Go over and lets see if they need help. No one else is stopping. We head over there, it's a very large woman and a very small boy. On nothing but a child size vest and a swim noodle! We ask, they say yes. They are stuck in this mass of seaweed and the current is taking them out. We grab the little boy, about 5yrs old. The woman is having trouble getting in. The swim ladder is tricky. Hubby is having to give her a hand. Lets just say she was very, very well endowed and the swim suit was lacking in the support department. I'm thinking those puppies are coming out and my 16 year old is going to have an eyeful any minute. Whew, dodged that bullet. We ask where her boat is and she just points to the gazillion boats on the island. She had no clue. She just wanted us to drop her off in the shallow area. What has happened to common sense? A swim noodle? Lady, you need a bit more than a noodle. You are not in a pool. And tie off to your boat next time will you? Okay, I didn't say these things but perhaps I should have.

Enough is enough of this madness. Let's just call it a day shall we. We decide to just cool off at home.



  1. Yeah, I'd say that's an off day!

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  2. Oh, my that's a funny story. And what is the deal with the lady and the noodle? with a child? Nuts. Good thing you guys stopped to help them. And that water sure looked inviting. It's as hot as can be here, and no water in sight.

  3. Oh my goodness! That woman and her child sure were lucky you came along! What were they thinking?! Sounds like you had one adventurous day!

  4. Oh gosh, that definitely qualifies as unfortunate to say the least. It must have killed you to keep quiet with that silly woman!
    Love your water pics, I can see why you love it so much.

  5. Oh you don't know how hard it is for me to be quiet! One time I was about 8 mons pregnant and hubby and I pulled up to get gas. In the car next to us was a baby sleeping in a car seat. No one around. I pulled my huge belly out of the car, marched into the gas station and said rather loudly, "who's red car is that outside?" I than proceeded to give her an earful about how I didn't care if the baby was sleeping and I didn't care if she was just running inside for a few things. I'm sure a lot of it was hormones but boy that ticked me off!

  6. Anita, Wow, what a day you had! Do you live in the Destin area? Crab island gave it away! Hubby & I lived on Navarre Beach for 11 years and I was an antique dealer in Destin.
    xo, Sherry

  7. I have been in Georgia (I know that you wish you were with me:) and it was nice and hot. I loved every minute of it but we had a pool to lay out by and get in. I was a happy girl!

  8. hee hee, what a day, you have a great style for writing, I laughed more than a few times! I live near the NJ shore, and luckily because of our weather, it is a quiet and desolate place from October to April. When all the people start showing up in May, I start my summer hibernation period.

    This is my first visit to your blog, found it by accident and stayed due to the coastal theme and vintage stuff, really like it so far....


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