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I have always had a love of the gulf. I was born and raised in Clearwater.  I grew up going to the beach with my family. We would spend the day there until the mid afternoon rains would come like clock work. On the way home we would go through Farm Stores drive thru for bread, milk and ice cream. It was a ritual. We didn't even have to get out of the car.

I married and moved away. My husband was in the Air Force and we would be traveling a lot. Something I had looked forward to doing. But I began to miss my coastline. The relaxed and calm feeling I got from just being near the water. The sand under my feet, the sounds of the sea and the smell of the salt air were all things I needed. We have lived near lakes but it was not the same. Not the same feeling.

We tried to get stationed in Florida but it never happened. We got close and moved to Ocean Springs MS. It was great to be near the water again. But still we did not have those beautiful beaches like in FL. We would have to take the boat to the islands just off the coast to get to the clear blue waters. But it was fantastic to be on the water. The beauty of the open sea. Nothing quite like it.

It wasn't until we retired and my husband found a job in FL that we made it back here to the beautiful gulf coast. We are on the emerald coast this time. Different than where I grew up but beautiful none the less. As much as I had wanted be back once again near the water I had a difficult time with this move. Leaving two of my sons back in GA was the hardest thing for me. It's still hard. But I love the gulf and what if offers us. And now I can share that with my kids.

The beautiful sunsets it gives to us. The amazing wildlife that is on its shores and in its waters. Fishing is a part of life for so many. It it something we enjoy as a family and something so many depend on as their livelihood. That is all now threatened. What happens now I do not know. It saddens me to know that the oil is right around the corner from us. It saddens me to know so many already have been affected by this horrible tragedy and so many more to come. 

It must be kept out of our marshes and bayous. It will destroy too much. I hope that a solution can be found. Not only to keep it out but to stop it altogether. For I want the beautiful gulf to be around to share its splendor with not only my children but my grandchild to come.


  1. I find it so hard to believe that NO ONE had a contingency plan~that NO ONE can figure out a solution to this problem. It must be so frustrating for the people who live there and are so affected by this.

  2. I hate it too. All we heard about was that Bush didn't take action fast enough after Katrina and now this and NOTHING is being done. They all need to get in gear and get it taken care of. You are lucky to live near the water. I wish I did

  3. Hi Anita, It breaks my heart what is happening to the water, the wildlife, and people's livelihoods. I sure hope something good happens soon. I love the picture of you when you were little. I used to wear my hair in braids just like that when I was a little girl. I am an aqua girl, too. We live on a lake, well not right on it, but about a 2 minute walk & have lake access. I can't imagine not being able to enjoy the water because of such a horrible tragedy.

  4. Well said! I'm just sooooo SICK about all of this...oue BP claims rep called today...it's going to be a lot work to get all our paperwork ready to file, but believe me...I will get it ready and they will pay us for our loss of income!


  5. You are so right. There is nothing like the beauty of the open sea. I am horrified with what is happening to our sea life.I am so afraid our grand babies will not be able to enjoy the water and wildlife like we have.

  6. What a beautiful part of the country. I have not had the pleasure of seeing it - yet! I am praying that a solution to the oil mess will be found soon.

  7. Our daughter just back from Ft Walton - we visited her a lot while she was there. The Emerald Coast is beautiful indeed.
    It is heart breaking what is happening.

    I hope your husband's dream for a Father's Day rug comes true...for you!!{{{wink!}}}

  8. Anita,
    Thank you for sharing. I too was raised in Clearwater so a smile came to my face when I read the Farm Store reference. One of my favorite memories was going to Clearwater Beach with my family and a bucket of fried chicken. We'd watch the sunset (best in the world) and all was right. Erin Shaw Street

  9. Erin, That's so funny because we did the same with the bucket of chicken. Forgot to add in that memory! Thanks for reminding me :)

    Rhonda, dreams can come true!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing your love of the gulf!

  10. Anita, thanks for stopping by. I love the Gulf coast too & am just sick about this mess down there. Those are some beautiful pics you posted.

  11. I am thinking I will be canceling my vacation to Siesta Key that I told you about. It is at the end of June and I think the oil will be there by then. What do you think?

  12. We are in wait... for the Oil!
    I live about 2 miles from the beach
    of Clearwater and everyone is 'waiting'...
    Stomach churning feeling!
    I lived off the Dead Sea when I was young..
    Kuwait. Once when an oil tanker lost it's
    load the beach was covered,, those sights
    remain with me forever. Can not imagain
    the lovely beaches of Florida covered that
    Say a prayer... BP needs to stop this, but I
    do understand 'how hard an operation this has
    been, and will be for years to come'.. I don't think most understand the impact this will have, for years! Shame!
    Nice photos of your memories.

  13. I feel your pain, such a lovely post. We wait, also for the oil. So sad, so depressing...
    Lamp Tramp

  14. Thank you for sharing your memories. This is BP's worst nightmare and our reality. Let's hope that we can save the wildlife and the coastline for future generations to enjoy.

  15. I was in a second hand antique store this week, and saw a small watercolor done in blues of a little house with what looked like water behind it...then, written on it in black calligraphy like letters (but not too fancy lettering) was this:

    Of the many things that life can bring,
    I ask but only three
    Bread for my need
    Books to read
    and a house
    by the sea...

    I didn't like the frame, and the painting of the house was very unimpressive. Since I am an artist, I decided I will find a suitable frame, paint a little cottage with water in the background, do the lettering, and basically make one for myself.


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