My Jewelry Hanger From The Purple Pea

I wanted to show you all the jewelry holder that I won from The Purple Pea. Isn't it cute? Kristina made it herself and she has many other great projects so please stop by and take a look. Thank you again Kristina for having the giveaway!

Son #1 took the photos for me. It was in a tight space and his talents out number mine in the photography department. As well as his camera equipment. But I do believe his creativity come from me. All those days of markers, crayons and glue sticks paid off.  You can check out his work at Justin Hadley Photography. He also has a blog which is on my blog list on the side bar.

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  1. It is absolutely adorable and your son did a great job with the pictures!

  2. I love it! And I'm tickled pink you do too! Enjoy!

  3. That is so cute! Plus I love the plug for your son. And, umm...hello...he rocks. I love his take on portraits. Fantastic.

  4. OH my! That is precious!!! So glad you won!!

  5. Well, lucky you! What a cool idea, and so cute. You son is quite talented, and soundsw like quite an interesting person. I’m sure he totally takes after you!


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