What A Pain In The Neck

So, I pinched something in my neck the other day. Not really sure how. I now feel like Dwight here. Hard to get the motion in a photo. He's a bobble head.

It could have been from all of this trim priming and painting. I am bending and squatting and twisting in all sorts of ways to get every little edge covered. And the sad part of it all, I haven't finished. I ran out of primer. I had to move on to the top coat. Which is fine, I have company coming in two days. One...Two. Do you know what my house looks like right now? Ack. Let's not go there.

My bobble head could be from the dreaded Shred video I've been trying to do. That Jillian chick is just evil.  Do you know what she said to me today? "I want you gargling your heart when this two minutes of cardio is up." Excuse me? Gargling my heart? What kind of person says this? Um, evil incarnate, that's who.

Let's just add a couple of more things to do today.What the heck. This is getting some paint.

Just a peak of this. It's on my porch but I may have to drag it inside. Mosquitoes are on attack.

And my son is still in bed. I better wake him up. It's almost time for dinner!


  1. See, I was right to be afraid of that Jillian chick. I think you should stop doing that shred right now! And you have a Dwight bobble head? Too funny! I just started watching that show (in re-runs) because I work evenings, so I never get to see any prime-time tv. No. I don't have a TiVo. And what are you doing blogging when you have company coming???? Paint, woman paint! See, if I lived closer, I would be over there helping you paint in exchange for you letting me enjoy your pool when my A/C was out. :)

  2. You have been a busy girl! I knew exercise wasn't good for you ; ) Hope your neck imrpoves and you get all that trim painted! xx

  3. I hope your neck gets better soon. I can NOT WAIT to see your trim. It is raining and stinking up my vacation and making the water too choppy. I have that Shred DVD...haven't done it yet. I tell ya running in the humidity here in Florida is like a Jillian.

  4. Be careful with your neck. I have had some problems and it is not fun. I feel your pain with company coming and you having the house a wreck. You will get it all done:) You have a pretty hand. No signs of aging on those!

  5. Ooh I HOPE you get over your kinked neck soon....That's an AWFUL thing to have to deal with.... :o( If I were closer I'd pop over & give you a hand with the painting....!

    ....hahahahaha....I LOVE Jillian....When it comes to exercise, there are NO EXCUSES....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  6. Hope your feeling better soon. The stress of company coming I'm sure isn't helping it either.

    Now take a deep breath...and relax. It will all work out :)

  7. I suffer a lot with my neck so I know how you feel....I hope you'll be better very soon, try to relax and rest if you can. Hugs xx

  8. OH no! Painting always does something to my neck..Hope you feel better!!! Thanks for your sweet visit :)

  9. Sorry about your neck.
    I used to recommend "Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue to my clients. Back when I had clients. It's a paper back book, so it's not expensive, and it will show you how to "unkink" your own neck.

    The "during" phase is always painful when you're painting~mostly because of the mess. Hang in there!

  10. I can relate to the neck pain. When I painted our living room last fall, the ceiling made my neck sore for a week! Horrible feeling.
    Good luck with getting it done for company. I got caught with a paintbrush in hand when Mike's family got here 10 minutes early yesterday. Oops! I mean, really, who comes early to a get together? jeesh!

  11. I hope your neck gets better soon. Those neck aches can make it difficult to relax.


  12. Sorry your neck is hurting... I hate it when that happens! Well... I know about the house thing... I think I told you... I'm painting, too. I believe it will be an all summer thing now... even the wreckage (ha).

    Anita... those horns on Jillian... pretty funny!!! But man... she gets results!

    My shock has subsided about the deer! Hopefully it was a one time thing... at least they could have cleaned up behind themselves!! :)



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