Looks Like Summer To Me

Look who is enjoying the cooler weather.

When I let Henry out this morning there it was.  Sitting in the corner soaking up the sun. It's hot pink petals almost screaming at me, take my picture!

So I did.

Then I started fooling around with photo shop and textures. This is what I do when I have a million things to do. I ignore it all and do something else completely. I need to work on that little problem.

This one I made for my friend Maureen over at Cottage 960. We spend way too many late nights chatting back and forth. She has a thing for purple. Among other things. But we won't go there. She has a flikr group called Happy Purple Tuesday. You can stop by and share photos. I have had nothing purple to share with her and her flickr group. So I just created one. Okay so I'm a cheater. I'll work on that little problem too. I promise.

see you later,


  1. It looks like a true purple to me. And it's just as pretty hot pink.
    Anita, your photos are gorgeous! I'm a little jealous! The only thing blooming around here is frost on the windows.

  2. Still giggling about the million things to do comment. I always do something else, too. Never want to leave something else out, haha. I like the flikr photos... the purple is beautiful! I would try it but don't think frost and brown grass would look quite as pretty.

    Take care!

  3. Um flowers? purple flowers? I'm sorry. I can't look at anything but that pool!!!
    *sigh* the pool looks like Heaven.
    okay. okay. back to my freezing cold reality.
    your photos are awesome my friend. And look at that tropical blue background in the third photo. Beautiful. Great job on the texture work. And? I l.o.v.e. the purple flower shot. You got bokeh!!! Beautiful blue bokeh!
    I hope to see it next Tuesday in the pool. heehee, the happy purple tuesday pool. :)
    I'm not even going to comment about the late nights and getting sidetracked when there are pumpkins on the porch.

  4. i do the same thing... a million things to do, but i'll pick something that has not a thing to do with those million things! the pictures are lovely and i am glad you took the time to stop and smell the flowers.

  5. I would be jumping in that pool right about now! Such pretty flowers, it sure is not looking like summer here in the Midwest!!

  6. Hi anita, thats funny; i do the same thing too! But photoshopping is just AMAZING! so much fun!
    Have a fantastic weekend!!
    laura c xx

  7. Beautiful pics! I love that his name is Henry! Looks more like a Madge to me! Just kidding! Very cute!

  8. Mmmm makes me think of summer...Lx

  9. Anita, your flowers and pool are torture for me. Oh, they are so pretty and summery.

    Btw, I have the same problem as you, messing around on the computer when I should be doing other things. Like right now...I should be sleeping.

  10. You are too much.
    Love your friend's blog. Wish I had photoshop!
    I love the Scarlett O'Hara attitude for life...

  11. Beautiful photos! The colors are so vivid. You are quite the photographer. I do the same...fiddle with something when I should be doing something else but it's fun. We need to do that every so often!

  12. Beautiful shots! I do the same thing. Avoidance is one of my best traits,lol

  13. People in Florida???? Really now! Come on! That is like some other reality during this time of the year!!! That's what I say!!!!!


    Oh my gosh. You thought I was serious???? NOH!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOve theSe PhotOs!

    You are very funny and make me laugh almost every time I read your blog! Except when you write about something serious of course!

    and I do that same thing when I have a million other things to do!!! no wonder I like ya!!!! we're not alone!!!! HAHAHA!



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