Wintery Welcome

Old man winter has arrived. In Florida where we are usually in flip flops and shorts we have been in sweaters, scarves and gloves. I know what you are thinking, you wimpy southern girl. But it will be 25 degrees tonight and it was colder then that over the weekend. In my post showing my mantel there was a bucket of logs all nicely staged on my hearth with some greens and a huge pine cone. Gone. Hubby promptly threw them in the fireplace when he got home from work.  A duraflame log doesn't look quite as pretty in the bucket.

I have a stack of baskets and right now they are holding pool towels. We won't be needing them anytime soon. But the top one I opened up and filled with my Christmas books, a wool blanket and a small pillow. 

I love my curly willow. I added some icy looking twigs to the bunch. Then stuck some greens inside the lamp. Which needs a bit of adjusting.

My old box got filled with an assortment of candles. There are really only 3 sizes. Here's a tip: use cans to change the height of the candles. One is on a real candle holder but some of the others are on tuna and water chestnuts. The greens hide the cans.

I have a storm door so I needed something rather flat to work between the two doors. This fit the bill. More greens, a red bow and a sparkly reindeer.

I pooped out when it came to my front porch and didn't really do much. Little Gourdman got put outside and my twig sign was put up in place of the iron scrolly thing.

My tree is sill naked. Well, it has lights. I suggested we decorate it tonight and son #3 said he wanted to wait for his brothers because it was a family thing to do it all together. Sweet I know. Need a tissue?  Don't let him fool you with his touching tale. He just didn't want to be stuck doing it. I've got news for him. Son #1 isn't getting here until Christmas eve and we aren't waiting until then. I'll keep out a few of their own ornaments and they can put them on when they get here. I think that sounds like a plan don't you?

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  1. Hi there Anita~boy, it is going to be cold at your place! We are warmed up a bit for now... but I know the snow is coming... ugh. I love your touches of Christmas-the curly willow is charming and the arrangement on your door looks lovely. I am planning on heading over to Sherry's party myself- see you there!

  2. Anita, everything looks so festive. I love all of your red and white decor with touches of greenery. Your front door looks so welcoming with the reindeer peeking out. You've done a nice job!

  3. Hi Anita :)

    I had a wee laugh at the 'beach' sign with the snowman underneath...but I have to admit that even though Christmas in New Zealand is the middle of summer (real beach weather!) we still decorate with snowflakes, snowmen and winter theme in general, silly isn't it!

    In fact just yesterday I bought a gorgeous book with a CD that is called 'A Kiwi Jingle Bells' and it is the classic tune with Kiwi (NZ) words, like 'Dashing to the beach, in a Kombi Camper Van, on a summer holiday, the family's master plan' and 'Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, Christmas in New Zealand on a sunny summer's day, ah!
    Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way
    Oh what fun it is to have a Kiwi holiday!

    The kids love it and so do we :)

    xx Karen

  4. My favorite is that twiggy tree thing with the red Christmas balls. I love that entire set up.

  5. Anita, I have so much to say because I've been gone for far too long, busy with company and I have missed my blog friends very much.

    First of all, guess where I'm typing this? I am sitting in my tub with my laptop on the stone surface that surrounds the tub. I know it's dangerous, my husband lectures me every time I do it, but I'm freezing and the steaming hot water is the only way I can warm up from this damn Florida chill. I'm careful enough.

    We had a freeze last week and we covered all the plants and then stupid me, once the weather warmed, I gathered up all the sheets and washed them and put them away, only to have to do it all over again this week.

    I love all your holiday photos of your house. I get so inspired by them and I will admit to stealing some of your fabulous ideas. I love your little tree.

    Oh, and this year, I've had a houseful of company all week, not to mention the constant trail of teenagers that flow through my house. I never look forward to trimming the tree. My tree is enormous and it takes quite a herculean effort to put all the ornaments and ribbon on it. My girls always start out with good intentions, but they never last long and I am left to finish the tree all by my lonesome and it takes an entire night.

    Last Saturday, there were about 12 teens in my house, along with my sister and her family. I announced they were all going to help me trim the tree and they did it gladly. One of my daughter's best friends, at 20 years old, had never trimmed a tree before. She was so excited because her family always had pre-decorated ones. (how sad) I didn't even have to get out my ladder because there were giant teenage boys who only needed a step stool to reach the top of my tree. We got that baby up and blinged out in a half hour's time. I'm making it an annual event from now on--trim the tree with the teens.

  6. Your Christmas touches are beautiful. Love the welcoming entry way. So happy to have found your blog! Can't wait to browse around some more. I'm your newest follower - #250, and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. As always, beautiful stuff! Why did he burn them? Did I miss something? It was so pretty.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. How could he not tell that they were just for decoration?? Men.

    I love your wooden box with the candles and the greenery. Thanks for the can tip~pretty smart!

  10. Beautiful! I love the twigs with the red ornaments as well! Great idea about adding the different height to the candles! :) Stay warm and hopefully you have more wood! :)

  11. Hi Anita, I don't think you are a whimpy Southern girl at all! I was a Floridian until two years ago when we moved to Viginia. I am freezing my butt off here. Thank you for sharing all your pretty decorations at my party. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  12. Anita- 25 is nothing. 25 below...well, then we can talk. No wonder so many Chicagoans are snow bird to your neck of the woods...

    I think 25 is warm. :)

    Anyway, love the red ornaments with the branches...vivid. And of course, Frosty's debut under than table...

    Great blog. Glad I found you!


  13. Hahahaha! I'm with Anita, but then I moved from Southwest Missouri 4 months ago to "SUNNY" Florida...yea right! I walked outside for my morning walk and came right back inside. I will wait for a couple of hours. I have become a wimp since moving here. I expect warm weather year-round. Well that is what I was told (slap the ole forehead for believing in Santa...err, warm weather in Florida).

    Love, love, love all your decorations. I am going to take pictures of my house, finally, and add to my blog. I have seen some beautiful stuff on blogs lately. Merry Christmas Anita...and all.

  14. LOVE that dresser! The white candles with the tree trimmings around it looks so simple and pretty.


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