Barn Light Electric Giveaway

I was so excited to hear about Barn Light Electric's fantastic giveaway.

They are giving away (1) $1,000 or (1) $500  Barn Light Electric gift certificate that you get to spend any way you’d like.

Barn Lights Online Contest

They have so many gorgeous options.
Barn Light Electric has both vintage and modern lighting.

Here are a few of my favorites.

This swing arm light would look great on either side of my son’s bed.
Frees up some space on the night stands too.

I can picture this pendant hanging above my table in the kitchen.
love the little touch of red.

I’m thinking this would be a good replacement for the light at the top of my stairs.

They also have some vintage furniture pieces.

How great would this be as a rolling island in your kitchen?
Gosh I love it!

So how can you enter?
I’m glad you asked. 
Here is what you need to do.
  1. Look around online at Barn Light Electric and pick lights you’d love to own
  2. Feature your lighting picks on your personal blog, and link to the lights if you can!
  3. Copy/Paste these rules at the bottom of your blog article so others can enter
  4. Once your personal article is up, you must email your blog link to: contest@barnlightelectric.com to be qualified to win. The contest ends Wednesday, October 12, 2011
  5. Don’t have a blog? Find out how you can enter by reading the Official Rules

Pretty simple. But you need to hurry. Time is almost up!
What would you buy?

PS. If you do NOT have a blog please follow the Official Rules link above for how to enter.



  1. Hello Anita~

    Those are some gorgeous picks! I can see why you love them, and I must say that even the name of the company catches my attention! Thanks for giving us the heads up on this! :)

    I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!


  2. I have always loved hanging pendant lights. Now where can I put one or two? I hope I get to find out because I win!!!

  3. Barn LIght Electric....you rock my world! I have had my eye on tons of your offerings, but really need some flush mount lighting for my upstairs in a modern nautical sort of style, so my choice would be the Roxanne 12" Surface Mount lights, maybe.....so many wonderful options!

    Fantastic giveaway... many thanks!

  4. TOTALLY frustrating... Have to have a blog to win.... why am I even following these blogs when I can't post finished pieces are win things unless I have a blog. I doesn't make sense to me


  5. Love pendants! These are all awesome!

  6. That is one cool giveaway. I'll never get a post done in time. :)

  7. Great picks! I hope someone I know wins!

  8. I love your picks too! Good luck in the drawing. That rolling cart is fab!


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