China Cabinet Reveal!

Are you ready to see the china cabinet? I’m sure you are all tired of me dragging this on and on.
I am so very thankful for everyone’s wonderful suggestions.

I thinned the paint just a bit like Emily suggested.
I kept the vacuum by my side when sanding like Debbie suggested.
I wish I had known about Kristy’s suggestion to use a wet scrubby sponge for sanding. 
Great idea to cut down on the dust.

Oh and just a warning, this is a long post so get comfy. :)

Here she is!

cabinet copy

And for a refresher of what she used to look like.


She’s quite a bit lighter and brighter now don’t you think?

creamer copy
left side copy 
right side copy

I had a few panicky moments along the way.

I ran out of paint. I had some knob issues.
It took me a lot longer then I had thought. 
Mostly because that shelf doesn’t come out so I had to have my head in the cabinet and cut in all those edges.

corner copy

I showed you the other day how we beefed up the molding on the top of the cabinet. 
It’s really very easy to do and can make a huge difference on lots of cabinets or shelving.

top copy

The knob problem was solved but cutting down the bolts and finding a thinner nut for the back. 
Then the little magnet assemble was moved forward just a bit.
Hubby discovered that late at night when we kept trying to get them to latch.

The idea to counter sink the nut was a great idea but I had forgotten that there was a metal plate behind the door and it was what was actually sticking to the magnet.
Not the screw head that I originally had said.

I still have not found anymore, there were only 6 in the box. So for now the rest stay wood.

knobs copy
floats copy

cabinet3 copy

I know I worried a lot of you that I did not cover up my floors.
No need. It all cleaned up very easily. I just wipe as I go. 
Even if some spots dried, it just scraped right off.  
Let me show you some of the tools that made things easier for me.

supplies copy

1. Sanding Blocks: top is 320 grit for between coats and the bottom one is heavier grit for distressing the edges if needed. 
2. An old sock slipped over your hand make it easy to buff out the wax.
3. Bolt cutter. I knew we had some tool in the garage for this!
4. My Pampered Chef scraper got those dried bits of stray paint right off the floor. I swear!
5. An emery board is great for getting the chalk paint off the hinges. I left them on thinking I would paint them and then changed my mind. So this got off where I wasn’t so careful.
6. A razor blade. I taped off only one side of the glass doors. It was much much easier to just scrape the paint off the other side then it was to carefully place the tape, then score it to get it to come away from the door.

tureen copy

Are you still with me?
Just checking.

I just want to mention a few things about my experience using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint.
The first can I ordered through Robyn Story Design. They are super fast with their orders. 
The second can I found locally.

I had a hard time deciding on getting the paint because of the higher cost. I had rationalized this in my head with not having to prime, dries fast and easy to sand back. Not priming being my biggest draw.

But using Pure White on top of a stained piece caused some coverage problems. I had some odd spots that bled through. You can see where I tried to cover them with multiple coats but it wasn’t until I spot primed it that they went away. I also had to use 3 coats in most places to get good coverage. Now, if you’re laying one color on top of another this won’t be needed. So keep that in mind if you are using any of the whites.

I loved the way it sanded. Smooth as a babies bottom. Smooth but yet you can still see my brush strokes. Odd? A bit. The brush strokes bothered me at first but then I got used to it.

bleeding copy
buffet copy

Would I use it again?


I might stick with pieces that aren’t so hard to paint. 
I would have to consider the cost factor. I used almost 2 cans of it on this one piece. 
Yes, I could have primed it then did another coat but for me that defeated the purpose of buying it in the first place.

I’m anxious to see how a color goes on. I haven’t used my French Linen sample yet.

cabinet2 copy

Thanks  much for sticking with me to the end.
I know I bombarded you with a ton of pictures.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Your photos and china cabinet are beautiful!

  2. holy moly, anita! i know it was a lot of work, but oh so worth it- it's beautiful!!!!

  3. I think it was sooo worth all of the trouble. It is so pretty and looks way more like your style than the before photo. I am thinking about mixing my versailles and graphite paint and using it on a side table. You have motivated me to try it sooner than later. So glad it all turned otu so wonderfully for you and your floor was safe!

  4. WOW, when all was said and done, it sure turned out fantastic. I can't believe that took two cans. Our two pieces of furniture took a can and half I would say. It looks awesome Anita.

  5. it looks fantastic!! i bet you're glad you painted it.

  6. Anita,

    The cabinet is so beautiful! You did an amazing job!

    I read your entire post! haaaa!


  7. It looks wonderful Anita!! I just painted a little something with French linen... loving it- but like you, needed to prime & use several coats to get even coverage. I do like the look- the wax STINKS... peee-eeewwww! So I was glad I painted outside. I have a big project up next- I really hope I have enough left to do it! Anyway- well done!! I love the lighter look of your cabinet and it is super charming how you have distressed it. (p.s. socks are some of my best friends when it comes to painting too lol! )

  8. What a wonderful job you did! The cabinet looks wonderful!!!
    Following your journey was fun and I'm so happy to know you did not ruin that wonderful floor..lol
    I've used Chalk Paint on a small project and the brush strokes were the only thing that bothered me also.. but like you, I got used to it!
    Great Job Anita

  9. You did a great job Anita - looks wonderful :)

  10. Anita-your china cabinet looks beautiful! It was well worth the wait!
    You have the cabinet (staged) decorated beautifully! Simply perfect!

  11. Oh gosh is that every pretty! I really love the light blue too! I would love to know the color of it since it is just perfect. I just received a can of the pure white too and can't wait to get started on something. I understand your frustration on having to use three coats. I've had to do the same on some pieces of furniture myself.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my Texture Tuesday!

  12. Wow, Anita, I am totally impressed! I was just thinking about you and your big paint job yesterday, and was surprised that you finished it so quickly! I love that you painted the backside blue, it is perfect! So good to hear your review on the chalk paint. I'm still not sure if I want to make the investment or not. Your cabinet looks amazing!!! Congrats:)

  13. Anita, is is gorgeous! You did a beautiful job! Such a stunning piece. What a feeling of accomplishment you must have! That is a big piece to paint and not an easy one. I love the soft blue you used on the back. Is that also chalk paint? The glass knobs are a lovely touch. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  14. I just knew it would turn out amazing and it did! Fabulous job, Anita. I hope it brings many, many years of joy to you.


  15. It's FABULOUS! You did a great job. I love it.

  16. Oh, it's gorgeous! I think I gasped! It went from a nice piece to an absolutely beautiful piece. You did good!

  17. It was totally worth all the pain and frustration. (With no frustration on my part, reading about it and seeing the pictures.)

    It's stunning and I'm jealous.


  18. Absolutely gorgeous Anita! She was definitely worth the effort!

  19. I love how it turned out. I'm desperately searching for my own china cabinet to make over.


  20. Looks great! I know EXACTLY what you mean with the ASCP, though! After really struggling with justifying the cost for a long time, I broke down and bought two cans yesterday (Old White and Louis Blue). I painted a picture frame with Old White that previously had been a black and gold finish. I was terribly frustrated as I put the two coats on and it looked AWFUL, but I love the sanded down result. I think I'd stick with smaller pieces for this paint, as well. I am still not convinced, however, that it lives up to this enormous hype that has been created over it, though...

  21. Wow, Anita,
    you should be very proud of yourself. The cabinet is gorgeous!!! Something that will last a life time!

  22. This looks so fresh and beautiful! You did a great job. A pretty cabinet full of beautiful things!

    Love your blog!

    Come by sometime if you'd like

  23. Oooh emm gee Anita! Could I be more jealous! That is gorgeous! It makes me wish all kinds of things: 1. that I had a cabinet that I could refinish just like that, 2. that I actually knew how to refinish just like that, and 3. that you would have a giveaway!...you know I'll keep trying to get you to give me your furniture! PS: I know if I was ever in your house, I would be so busy looking around at all your marvellous treasures and the beauty, I don't think I could even speak.

  24. That looks stunning - you should be very proud of yourself - it looks fantastic in white!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  25. You did a beautiful job! Thanks for all of the information on using the chalk paint. I've been thinking of trying it and your tutorial helps a lot.

    Great work!


  26. Anita~
    WOO HOO!
    Awesome job!!
    I have about 10 pieces that need to be done.. feel like coming to the Gulf?

  27. Takes my breath, it is soooooo beautiful!
    This was alot of work. It sure paid off. Gorgeous job!


  28. It is amazing, just like you. Absolutely beautiful.

  29. OOOHHHH I love!! Anita it turned out gorgeous!! I love the background and I know it was alot of work but it was so worth it! Your treasures look beautiful in it and the knobs turned out perfect!!! LOVE it girl!!!

  30. Anita, oh your cabinet is just awesome!! I love it! You put a lot of hard work and energy into this project and it shows! Just beautiful-enjoy!

  31. This is my first time visiting your blog - I found your blog via the beachcomber's blog list. I haven't been here to enjoy the build-up to the reveal of your china cabinet, but I do love how it turned out. I adore the glass knobs...I'm really into glass knobs right now.

  32. What a fantastic project, Anita! So gorgeous!

  33. Absolutely gorgeous. Painting it white really makes a difference. Great job, love the glass knobs.

  34. It looks gorgeous, Anita! What a transformation ... chalk paint is addictive, isn't it? And, thanks for the great tips!

  35. 1st- I apologize for being away for so long and now bombarding you with comments. That seems to be my MO lately.

    2nd- She looks lovely. I like all of her accessories too. Thanks for all the tips.

    3rd- I'm enjoying the pop-up commenting box because I can just close it and keep on reading and catch up. :)

  36. You did a fantastic job! I think I will try the paint now

  37. Just popping back by to say thanks for linking up and letting you know I am sharing this at the party tonight! :)

  38. It's really beautiful! What color did you use inside?

  39. This was a big job to tackle, Anita, but it looks wonderful! So far, I've stuck with small items to paint w/the ASCP. Would love to try my hand at a large buffet I have in the garage. You have certainly inspired me. :-) Sue


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