Is It Really Fall?

Well Helloooooo!

I know it’s been over a week. I am so behind with everyone and there is just no way to catch up. So forgive me if I have missed your birthday or anniversary. Mazel tov to everyone!

I’m going to have to click on the “mark all as read” in my reader. The number is scaring me.

I had a great visit with my mom. The week went way too fast. 
Even though she lives south, she had to travel north through Atlanta. We have the equivalent of a bus station here and there are no direct flights. Sorry Mom.

I’m getting my Fall things out and up. I will show you soon. I even picked up some mums.

mums2 copy
mums copy

I just need to get them planted along with some pansies.

pansy copy

I love that pansies last all winter and still look great come spring.
We still have hummingbirds around here. Are you still seeing them?

hummingbird copy

The purple lantana has gotten a second wind and the butterflies really love them.

butterfly copy

So much for squirrel proof feeders.  
How does he hang on by such tiny little feet?

squirrel copy

My white orchid is blooming again.
We get a late Fall around here.
My azaleas are even blooming.

orchid copy

And while I was hunched over getting the orchid shot this guy was eye balling me from above.

squirrel2 copy

I was so hoping he wasn’t going to pounce on my head.
He was making all sorts of grunting noises at me.

bees2 copy

The salvia is starting to fade but it is still covered in bees. I lost count.
I should probably trim it back but they really like it.

bee salvia copy

So what have I missed?
Who’s going to fill me in?



  1. Love your photos. I keep struggling with my white balance. Yours seems spot on. Pretty mum pics. Can't wait to see what you do for fall! Glad you enjoyed your visit. I don't think you missed much.

  2. Great photos! Don't think you have missed much of anything.

  3. Looks rather summery there still - same here - very sunny and warm.

  4. WOW, you took some awesome photos...I love the squirell shots. We are still here, nothings changed LOL!

  5. I love your pictures (plants) My flowers have suffered over the long, hot, dry summer. Thanks for giving me some pretties to look at!

  6. Beautiful pics Anita...happy to hear that you had a wonderful time with your mom. I'm having a giveaway that you just might like...come by and check it out!


  7. I could look at your pics all day long! Gorgeous! I love the squirels! Welcome to fall! Florida is starting to feel a little cooler!

  8. Stinking. Squirrel.
    Glad you are back and that you had a good time with Mom. I was thinking about mums (flowers) today as well. Not that I did anything about it...

  9. Such lovely photos! It looks very summery still.

  10. You've taken some beautiful shots. The mums are so bright and colorful. Mine all dried up and died after Irene blew through. The salt water in the air sometimes kills plants and it got those. Glad you had a nice visit with Mom. We Moms love having you too.

  11. So glad your visit with Mom went well.. I understand her plight of flying north to get east.. I'm going to my daughters in Palm Beach and all the airlines want to send me to GA or to Ft. Lauderdale.. so I went directly into SW airlines and they will fly from Tampa to Palm Beach direct.. might be easier to drive, with all the security requirements, for a 40 minute flight.
    Lovely Fall Mums.. I did get some on my porch this week but am still pumpkin hunting.
    Happy Fall

  12. Beautiful photos and flowers Anita! All our hummingbirds and butterflies are gone now, I miss them. :( But we have squirrels, so many squirrels!! :) Mine hang like that from the squirrel-proof feeder too, little snots! It is funny because we have our dog trained to go to the door and chase them away as soon as we say squirrel. :)
    So glad that you had a great time with your mom!

  13. Great pictures. Love the colors. We've got butterflies galore here and lots of squirrels too. I've been published twice now at In The Powder Room. That's what's new in my world. Good to hear from you and glad your Mom had a good visit.

  14. Great photos, Anita. Lucky you still having all those pretty flowers. Although, I should say that the weather here has been pretty summer this week too. Glad you had a good visit with your mom :)

  15. Gorgeous photos! You are so funny. I know the feeling of being behind with blogging. Don't think I'll ever catch up. I've just quit trying. You didn't miss anything from me! lol

  16. Love your photos. Have a great weekend.

  17. Your pictures just keep getting better and better, girl! That last one is awesome.

  18. Beware the squirrel Anita, he looks a little shady. If you find money or jewellery missing, I'd check his pockets. :) Glad you had a good visit with your mom!


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