Halloween Treats

I found these cute Halloween buckets at Target.
Also the little black cat bag. They were in the dollar section.
So I decided to fill them up and send them to some of the little cuties in my family.

buckets copy

I wrapped them up with some cellophane.
Not Saran wrap but the stuff by the wrapping paper.
But you probably knew that.
Saran wrap hates me.

kitty bag copy

I was in need of some tags so I did a little surfing.
I came across these cute ones over at Sherbert Blossom.
She does not have the blogspot in her url anymore so just follow the link above.

tags copy 
All you have to do is cut them out and then use a hole punch.

kitty buckets copy

I think they are pretty darn cute. I just wrote their names on the back.

cans copy 

kitty copy

Now I just need to get them in the mail before it’s Christmas!



  1. Those tags are cute! nice and easy, I love that. Your treat containters turned out realy cute. So, what kind of treats do your people like for Halloween? I have to buy Reeses PB pumpkins for my people.

  2. so cute and sweet! that will certainly make a nice surprise for your family members!

  3. Anita, those little pails and the cat purse is so cute!!! I love those tags. What a good person you are!! Have a good one!

  4. How adorable - some lucky little ones in your family.

  5. I bet there will be some delighted little people when they open the mail.
    Cute idea!

  6. This is such a great idea! Does it help if I say I'm little... ;-) Thanks for the link - I love the tags, too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Those are so adorable, Anita! I bet you will bring big smiles to your family members when they see those! Cute tags, too. Have a great weekend.

  8. Those are lovely! Some lucky cuties are going to enjoy those.

    I hate Saran Wrap, too, but cellophane? Now, we're good friends. Love how dressed up cellophane makes everything.

  9. ABSOLUTELY DARLING. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Cute, cute, cute, Anita!! I love your little tags too. I think saran wrap hates all of us :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. How cute are these, Anita? Did you need my address to mail me one?
    I have to ask-how did you get the "Pin it" button at the end of your posts? Great idea...

  12. Don't you LOVE Target!?! My love of Target and my fear of Saran Wrap pretty much balance each other out.



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